10 Signs you should invest in Wealthy Affiliate

10 signs you should join wealthy affiliate
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1. You have tried as many high ticket affiliate trainings as your bank account can withstand

“The most important investment you can make is in yourself.” -Warren Buffet

That’s what all the big names of the business industry preach and that might have been what you were telling yourself when you forked out over a thousand dollars to an “online marketing guru” when he promised you wealth and prosperity for almost no work required.

Unfortunately almost every one of these high ticket courses ends in heartbreak.

You spend all this money only to be met with failure, I want to reassure you that it isn’t your fault.

The supposed “guru” should have known better than to sell a high ticket high cost program to just anyone without knowing their previous business experience.

All they had their eyes on was your hard earned money and NOTHING else.

This type of learning experience happens to a lot of people online after they realised they had bitten off a little more than they could chew.

Don’t worry, this is just a sign to you that there are greener pastures out there that will not take advantage of you.

There WILL be a community of people that can support you, help you build a sustainable business online and give you all the tools you need to succeed.

This is where Wealthy Affiliate comes into the picture.

Wealthy Affiliate offer one of the highest rated affiliate marketing courses available online.

They have over 1 million members and a huge community of supportive people that are eager to help you succeed.

Not only succeed but in a way that’s honest, planned, and will be prosperous online.

The type of business that will pay you for years to come.

This brings us to the next sign you should invest in one of the greatest online trainings the internet has to offer.

2. You have tried multiple online business ventures, but not yet succeeded

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”  – Jack Canfield

Online business is no easy venture. It comes with failures, and hard lessons learned that can cost you a little or a lot of money.

If you have tried multiple online businesses and have yet to find one that has paid you any substantial returns, it is a good sign to invest in one that will. Wealthy Affiliate.

We need to acknowledge how far you have come so far, to get to this very point in time were opportunity has lead you to find this post about creating real sustainable online income.

If you can look at it in this way, it means you have the mindset that will help you succeed in online business.

Investing in another course may seem daunting or uncomfortable at first.

However once you are able to see the value in what  is being offered and experience how its built to help you succeed you will have a lot less doubt.

If you receive an offer completely free of charge to start to learn and to begin your journey, is that just another opportunity you’re willing to let slip away?

3. You want to create another income stream but not sure where to start

Creating multiple income streams is foreign territory for a majority of people on planet earth, but why ?

It might have been due to the conditioning you have had as a child growing up.

We are taught that to get ahead in life you must study and work hard at your education, study some more and get a higher education and then get a job that provides security and a stable income to buy yourself a house and live happily ever after.


You know about multiple streams of income and you’re just not sure where to get started.

Learning how to build another income stream that will increase your wealth and financial circumstances is one of the most powerful tools you can acquire.

This is a sign that you are ready to learn, and what better way to learn than to receive training from two people who have been doing this very strategy of multiple income streams for the past 13 years!

13 years leads to a very large amount of knowledge with an amazing opportunity to teach other people to thrive in their own online businesses. This is what Kyle and Carson have done.

The founders of Wealthy Affiliate knew they could give back to the community some how. What better way than to help other people succeed in building a profitable online business?

Giving countless other people the opportunity to grow and scale their own business over time into a long term income stream and perhaps even one that surpasses the income of that job you have sacrificed so many years of your life in.

It has happened to multiple members of the Wealthy Affiliate community.

There are zero reasons why you can’t be the next person to replace your full time income or add another income stream in your portfolio.


4. You have been saving money to invest in starting a business but not sure what business to start

This is a great way to start, you have some capital and you’re ready to dive into an online business but are not sure where to spend that capital.

If you were to invest in an online course and build your knowledge first, followed by using capital to help your online business scale and grow you have combined two very powerful tools to succeed.

Wealthy affiliate requires almost no capital to start with and gradually as your knowledge increases you can use your saved capital wisely and point it at the right kinds of tools and resources to help build long term sustainable income.

If this sounds like a good direction to pursue, it’s yet another sign you should invest in Wealthy Affiliate training.

5. You enjoy taking online courses and voicing your opinion on them

Conducting written reviews of online courses is a powerful way to earn income online.

If you enjoy doing this, then you have a place in the affiliate marketing world and can create your own income stream by reviewing these kinds of products.

Wealthy Affiliates online course guides you through the process of earning money online through many different avenues.

Affiliate marketing is just one route to take.

Writing compelling reviews of other online digital products/courses to help prospective buyers make a decision if it’s a good match for them.

This is an encouraging sign that you should invest in Wealthy Affiliate to pursue your passion of improving your knowledge online and helping others too, all whilst getting paid to do so.

6. Your passionate about a topic and want to earn real money from it, you’re just not sure how

Do you have a passionate that has stuck with you throughout your life?

For me it was marketing online, I consume everything I can find on the topic.

For you it might be something like a type of sport, a particular animal, a hobby or interest that you “light up” about when you start speaking about it with other people.

These kinds of passions can be monetized and it’s not as difficult as you might think.

so how do you do it ?

You build a website around it and create content that will serve other people on the internet who hold that same passion about the subject as you do.

Pretty simple right?

After offering your value to other people, you can give them a recommendation for a product or service that will really help them.

If you honestly enjoy that product and know it can improve your audiences passion you feel really good about the transaction because it benefits both parties. how great is that!

If you’re willing to learn more about how you can monetize the one thing your most passionate about, it’s a true sign you should invest in the Wealthy Affiliate online course.

7. You have a debt that you realise is going to take the next 10 years to pay off and you want to figure out how to pay it off quicker!

So you have debt, a lot of it and just the very thought of it makes you a little bit sick inside.

Don’t worry you’re not alone! A lot of people feel a very similar way about debt as well.

Now imagine for a moment you could pay that debt off in not 10 years but 5 or even 2?

Wouldn’t that be a massive burden lifted from your financial worries?

Well it’s entirely possible if you decide you want to build another income stream to your working life.

You’re are thinking about your debt in the right kind of way and you want to take action on doing something about it.

Starting an online business is the right way to start paying off that debt faster with little outlay of cash to get started.

It’s most definitely a sign that you, like I have, should invest in Wealthy Affiliates online course to guide you on the proper way to earn extra income and be rid of that debt in less time.

8. You want to build more wealth and have more free time to spend doing the important things in life e.g. not working all the time

I used to work 80 hours a week in a job that took every aspect of my free time and squished it into nonexistence.

I came to the realisation that I wanted things to change and not have to spend all this time on doing the things I didn’t enjoy like constantly working, and more of things I do enjoy such as spending time with my family and actually getting to enjoy life a little more.

If this resonates with you then it’s a true sign you should consider building an additional income stream to supplement your main income or replace is completely.

If you think of it long term, do you want to be working when you’re still 70? or would you rather retire much earlier than that and get to spend more time doing more of the things you love to do in life.

The path to get there is long, winding and presents many challenges but it’s possible.

It takes persistent actions taken by you every day toward your business in order for it to grow and succeed in the long term, theres no reason you can’t make it happen.

9. You have always wanted to start your own online business but have seen so many scams your not sure what to pursue

There are a lot of online business “opportunities” out there that are complete scams, so how do you filter out the good from the bad?

You start with the community that is tied to that opportunity, and you ask your self these questions.

are they active?

are they constantly contributing?

do they help each other succeed?

If the answer to all those questions is a resounding YES you know you have the opportunity to be apart of something special, and isn’t a scam.

In addition to this you look for positive results from other people who have taken the course to create their own online businesses, this is part of the reason reviews are so popular online.

People are looking for certainty that they are investing in the right kind of opportunity, not just another scam that wants to rob them of their time and money.

Couple these facts together and you have a system that is accurate in determining great from horrible online business opportunities.

Wealthy Affiliate has a community of over 1 million strong and they stay active, contribute to each others success, and provide support to new online business owners in order to nurture growth and success in the future.

In addition to this there are multiple success stories of students earning high returns with their business that they have written articles on in the community blog.

10.  You have seen other people succeed in running their own online business and want some of that success too!

There are many examples of online business success stories that you can use as fuel to create your very own success online too.

If you have a drive to do something great, starting your very own online business can help facilitate this greatness and wanting to build something that will last 10 years not a couple of months.

This is a true indication of the kind of people that are drawn to these kinds of business opportunities.

People that see others succeeding and believe they too can achieve success in the same business in their own way.

At the same time it’s what creates better value provided to users across the internet. If there was no competition there would be no need to constantly improve your business to better serve your audience.

If you can picture yourself starting, building and succeeding in online business it’s the tenth and very last sign that you should invest in Wealthy Affiliate.

I wish you all the success in your future ventures and will leave you with some questions.

What is stopping you from taking the leap into online business?

Have any of these signs been present in your life?

What is your passion and how do you plan to monetize it?


If you would like to try wealthy affiliate for FREE. Click the button below.






  1. Alexandra Novotny

    Hi, Will.

    First of all, thank you so much for this highly informative article. To be honest with you, I’ve been trying out a couple of companies before. They all promised you to take you by the hand and walk you right into your million-dollar-fortress. How naive was I?! Well, although I’m a little skeptical since then, I must say that this Wealthy Affiliates program does sound good.

    And you said, you get full training, too? I will really need that because I have been spending tons of money trying to find someone to help me create my own website. Unfortunately, everyone welcomed my money, but I only received little to no aid at all. My issue is that I am completely clueless on how to build a website. I’d get stuck instantly, again. It’s more like rocket science to me…LOL.

    Will Wealthy Affiliate really help me step-by-step regarding the above-mentioned topic? And you said there is a free trial. Well, if you can vouch for that they don’t let me hanging without any help, then I’d most likely be willing to give it a try.

    The price seems fair enough, compared to what others have made me spend in the past.

    Anyway, thank you very much for sharing this interesting and probably lucrative business opportunity with us.

    Warm wishes,


    1. Will

      Hi Alexandra,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment.
      Wealthy Affiliate provides full step by step training that you can check steps off as you go like you might if you made a to-do list every day. Its great!

      Having been through the training myself I can vouch for its quality.

      The price is very reasonable if you do decide to go premium but its completely free to begin with.
      All you need to do is put in your email, upload a picture and start the lessons 🙂 its that easy.
      If you create your free account through my link I can happily guide you and answer any questions you have.

      If you would like to create your free account and build your first website with step by step instructions on how to do so for FREE just click through this link 🙂

      Look forward to speaking with you inside Wealthy Affiliate if you decide to get started.

  2. Steve

    Will, you have a lot of good information here, thanks for posting it. I had one question for you, how long does it normally take to get a Wealthy Affiliate website up, running and profitable?


    1. Will

      Hey Steve,
      I’m going to be honest here. It takes time.

      You can have the website up and running in a couple of minutes.

      You need to populate it with the right pages and write an about me page. ( an hour or so)

      To start earning real money, a lot of members at wealthy affiliate have seen results after 1-3 months.

      Decent income comes after 6-12 months. It takes work though and consistency.

      Heres a link to some success stories in Wealthy Affiliate and how long their journeys were.

      Hope this helps.



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