11 Tips How to earn money from your blog

11 tips how to earn money from your blog
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Creating a blog is a major benefit for businesses due to the traffic it can produce for free.

Customers or readers looking for answers to their questions are typing into google to find solutions, wether that be through an answer, product, or service.

Here are some tactics to use in order to really profit from your blog.


11 Tips on how to really profit from your blog

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Affiliate marketing can help you really profit from your blog by making recommendations to your readers about products that have benefited you, and thus can provide them with benefit as well.

Affiliate marketing creates an income for you by earning commissions on products you recommend.

Here are some tips you can utilize in your affiliate marketing efforts:

Choose a product you are comfortable recommending and would have no hesitations in using yourself in your own business.

You begin earning income through affiliate marketing when readers click on linked piece of content or  visual advertisement that you have on your blog.

This link is unique to you and is provided by the product owner in order to identify you as the source of their new purchasing customers.

It’s important that the products your are recommending are genuine, not scams, and add real benefit to your readers.

“Don’t find customers for your product, find products for your customers” – Seth Godin

Only Endorse products or services you believe in and use your self.

Keep in mind, that your readers trust you. Do not recommend a product which can be destructive to your readers and cause them to lose their trust in you.

Do your due diligence and ensure that the item or service you are recommending is legitimate and helpful.

Create content that is interesting, personable and easy to consume.

Readers experience while on your blog is an important aspect to consider when trying to build an audience.

Some questions you can ask yourself to rank your sites customer experience include:

– how fast does your website load?

use the following tool for this: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/

– How easy is your content to consume? 

Ask friends and family to read through some writing you have produced to give you honest feed back. 

Just to be sure, you want them to be brutally honest with you in order for you to improve and grow as a blogger or business owner that is providing genuine value to your customers.

– Does my content spark curiosity ? 

Do you include lots of images, infographics, diagrams that make it interesting and provide a sense of keen interest?

– Is my website relatable? Do you include a thorough “About Me” page that introduces you to your reader and create a genuine connection with them on a human level?

– How is my writing different from other sites, what makes it special?

These questions will guide you in the right direction to becoming an authority in your niche and the “go to” blog for people who want answers and really interesting content to consume, learn and grow.


Email marketing - make money from your blog

2. Email Marketing


Email marketing is an extraordinary method to connect with your audience individually. 

To begin making income off of email marketing, you have to utilize it as an approach to recommend products that help your subscribers.

There is an art to email marketing, you don’t want to come off as too spammy yet you want to stay in touch with your subscribers often enough for them not to forget who you are.

Choosing a spread out time frame for sending your emails will ensure you don’t come off as to much of a salesman and rather more of service to your subscribers in offering them just the right amount of value.

A well formed email list is a powerful tool that keeps your audience engaged with your content and lets them know when you’re writing new content and will keep them coming back for more.




Google Adsense make money from your blog

3. Google Adsense

Sometimes Ads can be annoying to readers and will deter them from returning to your blog.

If however you have a large reader base and its something you want to try I recommend trialing it first.

The point of trialling it is to see if your traffic is taking numbers are taking a hit.

If it does you have to consider whats more important, earning money from that 

ad ? or retaining more traffic to your website.

A tough decision to make. Ultimately though you have to keep your business a float.

There are other ways of earning income then running ads which can be a distraction at the best of times..

After you apply for Google Ad sense and spot their code on your online site, Ad Sense consequently shows advertisements on your blog.

The advertisements are tailored towards the sort of content your readers have been browsing on the internet via retargeting a tricky algorithm based ad network google development to dangle the products you have been looking at in front of you on another site.



4. Banner Ads/selling Ad space

Advertisers can lease space on your blog or site to put a banner or ad with a connection to their site.

The sole reason for a banner ad is to get users who are browsing your site to click through, with the purpose of acquiring a sale.

Standard advertisements work much like customary advertisements in print (paper or magazine), however banner advertisements bring clients direct to the site that is being publicised.

Banner advertisements can come in all shapes and sizes and can earn you commissions month to month, all by just adding a banner to your blog.

The most popular Ad space company is Google Adsense for showing display ads on your website.

Most digital product owners will create banner ads for you to show on your website.

The banner ad you see above is for Wealthy Affiliate for whom I am an affiliate for.


digital product - earn money from your blog

5. Digital product creation

In case you’re selling a digital product or working with an affiliate who sells your own digital products, you need to consider how that will benefit your audience.

Selling items like digital books, recordings, courses, or programming, legitimately from your site will add an extra income to your blog and can create a sizeable income.

6. Online Digital Consultant

 You can charge your clients a monthly fee to provide them with recommendations on how to grow their businesses or marketing efforts in order to earn more money!

This kind of service if you can provide it will be one of the best returns on your time as these kinds of people who consult with businesses can charge a premium price.

Just make sure you can provide the client with real value before you take them on.

 This is the reason it’s critical to have an unmistakable specialty.

What can you provide that no one else can, why should people pay you to help them with their business or service.

It’s important to think about and write these things down in order to be clear on the kind of service you will provide.

 That way, you pull in readers who are keen on your specialty and are hoping to become familiar with it.

Consulting is an extraordinary method to show off your skill and gain credibility as a specialist in your field.

A great way to earn more clients is to ask your current ones to write you a short and sharp testimonial about the service you provided them.

This will gain other prospective readers trust when they considering hiring you.


7. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging can be an extraordinary route for you to earn additional funds. This may be somewhat troublesome at first, particularly as your growing your website and writing more content.

 As you develop your writing style and become more known in your niche, authority sites will start looking to you for new fresh content that will benefit their audiences, some paying a premium price for great writing.

 When that occurs, you can begin offering your services as a guest blogger, linking back to your site for  high quality backlinks and be paid in the process.


8. Acquire more readers/clients

Static sites  that aren’t updated regularly don’t attract new users and are hurt in google rankings as a result.

Regularly updated blogs can create a steady stream of good leads from all around the globe.  It’s important to keep your content up to date to best serve your audience.

Publishing in depth blog posts that help potential readers answer a problem they’re having, can ensure them that they may confide in you and regard you as an authority in the topic.

 In the event that they need more assistance than a blog post can offer, they can reach out to you for more more information or join your mailing list to learn more.

Alternatively they can become a client and you can provide a consulting type arrangement with them to improve their business.

“Determining influence is so critical to brands because this is what drives word of mouth validation – typically the most powerful and cost-effective marketing method available.” – Mark Schaefer

Putting it simply, businesses like to impact individuals with a positive solutions and blogging is the ideal approach to accomplish that.

More visitors to you site results in more eyes on your recommendations which in turn will lead to more income from your affiliate links which is why its one of key factors in earning money from your blog.


9. Improve Writing Quality

Spend an hour every day reading other bloggers in your niche who have a high level of authority and make this a habit every day before or after you have spent time on your business. Nevertheless, make the time it’s a vital way to keep improving.

In addition to this, create content on scale every day and don’t stop producing new content.

Just like getting better at any other  skill, practicing daily is a proven method to become a more proficient writer to get your point across succinctly and with purpose.

You’ll find that higher quality writing will keep users on your site for longer and will increase to more conversions for products you are recommending.

This is playing the long game here, but is well worth the payoff in the end.

This investment of time is perhaps one of the best you can make. While building upon the other strategies to earn income from your blog.


10. Take on Feedback from readers

Bloggers invest the vast majority of their time and energy offering their thoughts and  knowledge to their readers.

Be that as it may, reading questions your readers have left in comments will show you a direction to take within your writing to keep offering them the answers they desperately seek.

Undoubtably this is one of the most important points to consider, how best can you serve your readers and people who come to your site to find answers.

Thinking about your audience is paramount (this is the reason organizations invest so much money testing out their items in their focus groups).

As a blogger, retrieving this sort of knowledge is a byproduct  of responding to readers comments after your articles.

Your writing might have answered some of their questions but not all.

Once you find out what else they need to know you will have more subjects than you know what to do with.

Deliver on this consistently and you’ll find that your audience will grow more and more.


11. Build a network

“The richest people in the world build networks. Everyone else looks for work.” – Robert Kiyosaki

There are sure things you can (and should) do to make money off your blog.

A few different ways are simple, while others require exertion, time and care to execute with any kind of successful outcome.

Creating for yourself a network of other bloggers in your niche will benefit your site as much as it will your wallet.

You can use each others email lists to inform them of new products that have positively impacted on your business and as a result your audience can double or triple in a very short amount of time. 

Especially if you start to contribute to your networks websites, linking back to your own.

I hope you implement some of these techniques and enjoy the results.

I’ll leave you with some questions that perhaps we can talk about after you have implemented the above tips.

How have you monetised your blog?

What tips will you use first?

How long have you been building an audience?



  1. Ford

    Hi! Nice article you have here about earning money from your blog. There so much opportunities around the Internet special if you are a blogger.

    From your list, my most favorite way to earn is Affiliate marketing. The freedom that you have while doing what you love is the number key to success in my opinion. Like the phrase say, don’t follow success. Do what you love and success will follow.

    Two thumbs up to you!

    1. Will

      You’re right there is so many opportunities! Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money from your blog. I love that phrase, very true indeed.

  2. Ivan Brozincevic

    Thanks for sharing your 11 tips. Making money from blogging is something I didn’t believe that it’s possible before. As I move through this ‘make money online’ industry, I can see how wrong I was. There are so many ways to make cash that it’s ridiculous. I will take some of your tips with me, especially the tip #9. That’s something I work on to improve every single day.

    Thanks again. Ivan

    1. Will

      My pleasure Ivan, you’re right there are many ways to earn money through online ventures. I am glad to hear it has provided some value to you 🙂

  3. Moni

    Hi Will thank you for sharing these great tips to earn money from a blog. I really enjoyed reading the article and found it full of value.

    I am about to start email marketing and would appreciate your expert advice. Can you give me your best tips for growing my email list and how often should I email the list. Currently, I have a small and looking for ways to effective ways to grow my list without investing capital.

    Any input would be appreciated… keep up the good work!

    1. Will

      Hi Moni,
      The best advice I can give you is to create an account with Mail Chimp (email list building tool) which is free. Then think of something you can create that is a free gift to your readers. Either a short ebook, checklist, info graphic, report, a podcast of your article or even the main points of one of your posts condensed into a pdf. Once you have created this gift you can offer it on your website to readers in exchange for their email address. This strategy works well because instead of just trying to take email addresses from people with a pop up, you start with offering THEM something first in exchange for their email address. 🙂 I hope this helps it has helped many before and is a great strategy to start off with when building an email list. Thanks for the question 🙂

  4. Bhavik Mistry

    Hi Will, that is for the informative post. As an aspiring online entrepreneur I can see alot of value in this article. I think your quote from Robert Kiyosaki is an important one-day Networks are massively important, an area I definetly need to work on as well as an emailing list.

    1. Will

      Hi Bhavi, yes Robert Kiyosaki has many great pieces of advice I really enjoy it too. Email lists are very important and is best if you start building one as soon as you can. See my reply to Moni’s comment for some tips in starting you own. 🙂 All the best -Will

  5. Kimberleigh

    Hi Will,

    Thank you so much for a very informative post. Personally, out of your 11 tips to earn money online, I found tips 9, 10 and 11 very relevant to me and I was reminded to put them into action more often than I am doing at the moment, so a big thank you for the reminder.

    I wish you Massive Success in your Business

    Kind regards


  6. Donna Rayne

    Hi Will,
    Great article with sound information. I did the speed check for my website. My pc speed was 100% but my mobile was way off. How do I correct this? Is it something that I should worry about?

    You gave us a tool to check and could you provide the tool to help speed up the loading experience for our blogging websites?

    I have been blogging now for one month. And this article I learned a lot.

    Thank you for writing it and I am going to read more on your website!

    Thank you and God bless your work!

    Take care,
    Donna Rayne

    1. Will

      Hi Donna, thanks for the comment. I have a few suggestions in increasing your mobile page speed load time.

      1. Change your theme to a light weight WordPress theme. The more dynamic elements you have on your website: sliders, widgets, social icons, other shiny things the longer your site takes to load.

      2. Make sure you have an image optimiser plugin installed. Wealthy Affiliate recommends EWWW image optimiser.

      3. Minify your JS and CSS files that reduce page loading times. The simple way to do this is to install a plugin named Autoptimize

      4. Disable Pingbacks and Trackbacks this is what notifies your website whenever you receive a link from another site. This actually puts a lot of strain on the webserver hosting your site.

      You can use other tools to check links back to your site such as Google Webmaster tools to prevent this server strain.

      To disable pingbacks simply go to WP-Admin -> Settings -> Discussion. Just deselect “Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks).” This will help you speed up WordPress some more.

      Hope this helps.


  7. Derek Marshall

    Some great tips in here – I have noticed that some of those can be done at the same time – is this advisable?

    1. Will

      Hi Derek, yes absolutely if you can take action on some of these tips at the same time it will be a benefit to you and your online business.

  8. Joemer

    Hi Will!
    Thank you for sharing a very informative and useful tips about making money online.
    My thinking about making money online before requires skills and talent to succeed until I try myself in Affiliate Marketing
    I really learned a lot from this post.

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