12 Minute Affiliate: Can it Really Make You $460 a Day?

12 minute affiliate review
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12 Minute Affiliate is yet another site claiming to have stumbled upon a new system for making money online that no one yet knows about.


The site claims to help you pocket daily affiliate commissions using their secret 3-step system. 



Of course, we’d all love a secret 3-step system that would allow us to walk away from the computer for the day and return to more money – who wouldn’t?


But the fact is, claims like this (especially when the word “secret” is used) nearly always turn out to be fake. So, does 12 Minute Affiliate continue the trend, or is it a legitimate system?

What is the 12 Minute Affiliate?

12 Minute Affiliate is a “done for you” system with complete landing pages and pre-written emails designed to be so simple almost anyone can get to grips with the system, and earn their first affiliate commissions. 


Of course, it sounds great when it is laid out so clearly like this – unfortunately, the 12 Minute Affiliate website contains the same gimmicky, skepticism-inducing sales copy that turns most people off all other programs like it.


The creators of the 12 Minute Affiliate, Devon Brown and David Sloan pre-made sales funnels for the three main affiliate marketing niches (home improvement, weight loss, and personal development). 


Essentially, it helps you skip the learning curve of understanding how to sell affiliate products on your own site, but you do so at the expense of your rights of ownership to your own site.

How Much is 12 Minute Affiliate?

12 Minute Affiliate isn’t short of pricing options – in fact, it becomes a little overwhelming. First, you have the initial 14-day trial price of $9.95. 


Normal monthly pricing is $47 for the basic membership and $97 for the Gold membership. 


You can also opt to pay a one-time fee ($397 and $797 respectively) instead of continuing to pay monthly. 


The difference between the basic membership and the gold is that you only get the information for the basic level for one niche, whereas the gold gets you all three. 


There are also a couple of upsell options: 

  • 3x Your Results Blueprint $39

  • Done-for-you setup $67 

As with all ClickBank products, the program does have a 60-day money-back guarantee, so if you bought a month but changed your mind later, you could get a full refund within that time frame.

Does 12 Minute Affiliate Provide Training?

Yes, though it is a “done for you” program, so the training is minimal. The videos are all 2 minutes long, so it will only take you a short time to get through them. 

How Does 12 Minute Affiliate Work?

12 Minute Affiliate essentially guides you through each individual step of getting set up ready to sell affiliate products, as well as thinking about setting up and implementing a sales funnel. 


As with other programs like this, it simply takes the affiliate marketing formula and boils it down to its core components, teaches you those, and then takes the reins from you so they manage it.

The Big Problem with the 12 Minute Affiliate

The biggest problem with the 12 Minute Affiliate, and other programs like it, is that the success of someone’s business is down entirely to driving enough traffic to the site. 


Most people in online business would agree that getting enough traffic to your website is the most difficult part. 


Often, beginners don’t know where to start, and if they’ve already used up a chunk of their savings to buy in on the program, they won’t have much left over to work with for advertising.

What 12 Minute Affiliate Does Right

Despite 12 Minute Affiliate’s problems, it does do a lot right. 


Firstly, it’s based on affiliate marketing, which is a completely legitimate way of making money, and it can be one of the best ways to develop true passive income. 

It also has a dedicated Facebook group, which shows that it is a legit program where you can speak to other people about the course, and to get advice. 


Finally, the program is very affordable as long as you stay away from the upsells.

Who is 12 Minute Affiliate For?

If you are completely new to affiliate marketing and want to get started soon, you could do worse than 12 Minute Affiliate. 


However, you can also do much better, including free articles all over the internet. 

Even if you think you would rather not have the hassle of managing your own site, it really is worth learning and will pay off in the future.

Who is 12 Minute Affiliate NOT For?

Anyone with any experience in affiliate marketing. If you know how to use affiliate links on a site, you definitely don’t need this program.

Is 12 Minute Affiliate a Scam? 

No, it’s not, but it does have some “scammy” tendencies in the language it uses to try and get you to buy into the sales funnel. 


The claims 12 Minute Affiliate uses to entice you on how much money you may earn in a day or a week are also a big reason a lot of people are turned off the program.


 There are a lot of expensive upsells, and it’s difficult to be comfortable with – let alone recommend – a program that doesn’t encourage their members to create websites that are their own assets. 


Ultimately, it is up to you to decide whether 12 Minute Affiliate is the right course for you, or if you’d prefer to stay away from the “done for you” business programs (which I would recommend). 


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    Hi, I love this article thanks. I have read a heap of reviews all with differing opinions like this one, https://ezymoney.net/12-minute-affiliate-review/ which seem to like the 12 minute affiliate a bit too much, so not sure if they are just saying it’s great. Thanks once again for this enlightening article, I will continue to enjoy your content.

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