20 Tips For Affiliate Marketing Beginners

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I have compiled for you 20 tips for Affiliate marketing beginners that are sure to help you along the way to excelling in your business. I hope you enjoy these affiliate marketing tips beginners need to know, please feel free to leave a comment below if you have questions about any of the points mentioned.

AFFILIATE DISCLOSER: I love to share all the best affiliate marketing strategies with great people like you, as a result my content will contain affiliate links for products that I use and recommend. Decide one of these is for you (make a purchase) after clicking the link and I will earn some coffee money☕️which I promise to reinvest in more coffee and as a result create more insightful and valuable content for YOU my valued reader.

Table of Contents 20 Tips

 Before we get started, if you are a beginner to affiliate marketing and want the best online course available.

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1. Choose an industry and Niche Down

The first step is to brainstorm what industry you want to build a website related to some ideas for different industries that are most profitable in the Affiliate Marketing space are


Make Money Online

Self Help

-Consumer Products (Amazon)

Deciding upon the industry you are going to be building a business around is the next step is to focus your attention on a unique niche within that industry.

For examples sake lets say you decided you wanted to focus on the Consumer Product industry > Shopping Product > Motorcycle and Power-sports > Rain Jackets.

As you can see this product is within a unique niche and is classified as more of a specialty branded product that people are willing to pay more for due the brand recognition in this case “frogtoggs” and therefore purchase the product.

This Niche market has thousands of products available on Amazon to buy, review and give your opinion and recommendation on which people will want to read and will value before they decide to purchase.

2. Build a Website or Blog

Next up is building a website around the niche you have chosen in this case it will be Motorcycle and Power-sports Equipment or a Blog that focuses on writing about this niche and all products relating to it.

Wealthy Affiliate has the easiest website building platform that sets the back-end up for you and uses the well-known and trusted Website Software WordPress.

I personally use them to build and host my websites and have received the best support I’ve ever experienced from their team of professionals.

3. Research

Make sure that you conduct your own research into the industry your looking to enter and for your own sake decide on a niche that your interested in and have some acquired knowledge on.

This will make it easier to write about, talk about and give your valued opinion on when it comes time to create content within your website or blog.

4. How to Become an Affiliate

The best way to become and affiliate for a physical product such as the rain jacket and pants above is to become an Amazon Affiliate meaning you are marketing their products and anyone who lands on Amazon from your site to make a purchase will in turn earn you a commission.

The sign up process if quite easy for Amazon Affiliate the link to do so is here https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/welcome

Keep in mind that you don’t have to be an affiliate marketer for physical products alone.

Other info-products that are created and offered online such as e-books, training courses, and mentor-ship and coaching services are available too.

Not to mention Software that businesses value and can use to market their services to online customers as well.

To become an affiliate marketer for these other types of products that aren’t physical there are Affiliate marketplaces available for you to choose a product that is within your chosen Niche.

Some examples of these marketplaces are Clickbank, JVZoo, Warrior +, and Wealthy Affiliate that offer info-products, training courses, and online coaching that you can become and affiliate marketer for.

5. Start To Review Products In Your Niche

recommend that you buy the products yourself and test them, note down your opinion and include all the details you can muster into your written review or go one step further and make a YouTube video showing the product and trying it to go the extra mile.

If your on a budget you can use other reviews of the product online to formulate your own opinion, there’s nothing wrong with this just don’t be misleading in your review of the product if this is your chosen avenue.

For the wet weather gear above I would write about how they kept me dry in the rain on my motorbike riding adventures and note down any particular benefits I was impressed with in regard to the product.

How it fitted how easy it was to ride in and how heat proof it was (those exhaust pipes can get very hot) as you can imagine.

Don’t just limit your review to one though, keep creating reviews that are in depth and help the customer online make a buying decision or even a general decision whether the product will suit them.

Products that solve a particular problem sell through a lot easier in the case of wet weather gear “frogtoggs” not getting wet is the main problem solver in this case.

No one likes to get saturated on their ride home from work.

6. Ask Questions Before Promoting an Affiliate Product

Asking quality questions to info product, software product, or training course Merchants (people who created the product) is crucial before you decide to advertising or reviewing their product and making the choice to choose said product.

Questions reveal to you the quality of the product, how trusted it is, whether this product is in line with your niche and how well it will suite your audience.

Don’t recommend dodgy products or products that have nothing to do with your niche because you will not only lose the trust of your buyers but will confuse people that land on your website who were expecting something totally different.

7. Research and Join Other Affiliate Programs

Make a list of potential affiliate products in your niche and do your research. As mentioned in Tip 7 make sure and ask questions about the product and ensure its going to be a good deal to promote.

A good deal would look like a product that has a high commission rate some pay as high as 75% the cost of the product,

Quality marketing materials if its an info product, and a good support system if you need to raise any issues with the Vendor or Merchant.

Different Marketplaces have different guarantees on their products but Clickbank has always had a 30-day money back guarantee on which ever products are listed on their website to affiliates.

Others will be different but making sure its a legitimate product and one that offers value to your audience should be your number one priority.

8. Contact your favorite brands directly

A lot of smaller brands are happy to interact with you and set up a deal that benefits both parties involved.

Such interaction with brands can lead to longer lasting business relationships and ones that create better deals for your business and for your customers/readers of your website.

Larger brands take a little more persuading and will generally only give you the time if the benefit is mutual i.e. you are generating a lot of income regularly for their brand.

This is something to work towards though and should be a longer term goal.

9. Produce Excellent Content

Creating content that excites people and gives them value should be the number one consideration before you press that publish button on your website.

Excellent content can be defined as that which provides a lot of value and advice or guidance that will be remembered by the reader or viewer.

If its a tutorial you create on how to use a particular product, make it as interesting as possible and natural as possible.

People can tell if your just reading from a script, keeping it conversational if you create written or video tutorials will make it easier to digest by your customers/readers and have the added benefit of ranking well in search engines.

Take an idea for a post and do some comparison on Google. If its a post on how to do something the right way whether it be online or in the real world, try searching for it on Google and see what the top ranking post is for that search request.

If the number 1 result on Google is a post that its title reads “15 tips on how to successfully solve that problem” correctly.

Make it 30 tips and provide real examples with beautiful images and show that you care about giving the best answer to their problem.

Produce a piece of content that will be the only answer they need and will refer their friends/family or spouse to check it out as well.

10. Use Pretty Links

Links hold power in peoples opinion about whether to trust a website address to click through to.

With Pretty Links, a free to use plugin used by Word Press users you can change what the link text looks like and make sure it looks legit when people decide to click on it.

11. Optimize Page. Track Rankings in Google

Use Plug ins for your website to optimize posts to be recognized by search engines and rank you in Google. One such plugin that its free to use is called “all in one SEO”.

This plugin allows you to input your title and a brief description of your post and also to list keywords you’re targeting in your article.

Search engines display your work for users asking a question with your keyword as the main problem their having or answer their trying to find.

You can track your ranking in google for any given keyword easily by inputting your keyword and checking the first few pages of results.

Over time as your website gains credibility you will be given the top spot in Googles search results which can sometimes take 6 – 12 months depending on the competition for that keyword.

Some keywords are competed for by over 200 websites.

Not all keywords are ranked equal though and its finding those low competition high value keywords that can mean a big difference in how much traffic your website/blog receives.

12. Use analytic tools to better understand your audience

Data is more important than ever if you want to understand exactly who you audience is.

To receive such data Google has a tool named Google Analytics which will show you what country and for how long a user is on you website.

This kind of data is invaluable because you can craft paid advertising campaigns directed at these countries and groups of visitors who are regulars to your website.

To set up Google analytics you need a Google Gmail account and a simple process setup outlined in the link below.

Get Started With Google Analytics

13. Promote your website through social media

Social media drives a lot of interest to your websites content if you share what you have made on sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter to name a few.

Every time you write a post or create a video review of a product or service make sure you share that on every social platform available.

This will raise awareness quicker than waiting for search engines to pick up on it and is a streamline way to receive more traffic to your websites.

14. Build an email list

Having an email opt in form somewhere on you website is crucial for building an email list.

A lot of people require something in return for giving you their personal email though so think of something you can provide them with.

It could be a free e book, weekly newsletters notifying them of all the latest news related to your niche or even exclusive discounts only available to your email subscribers.

Some great tools to manage email campaigns are Aweber (paid) or Mailchimp (free)

15. Use live webinars to educate your audience and make sales

Webinars are incredibly valuable to you and your affiliate marketing business.

I want you to picture being shown a product on a website with some writing about it or being actually visually shown the product so you can see it working with your own eyes.

Which one would you see as more valuable, the live demonstration right?

This is were webinars come into their own, you can quite easily set up webinars with tools like LeadPages that make the process very simple.

Promote your webinar 2 weeks in advance and get people to sign up.

Then you can quite easily stream using Google Hangout which is free to your live audience.


Image Source YouTube

The main things you can do with a webinar are :

-show the products main features

-demonstrate the product

-talk about the pros and cons

-talk about your personal experience with the product

-discuss the product with your audience

Tip: Google hangout takes less than 10 minutes to learn how to use. Want some Proof? this video explains it well

Your audience can really get hyped up after you have showed all that the product can do.

Sending your audience at the end of the webinar to your affiliate is a soft sell because you have spent the last 60 minutes or so showing them the product.

Pro Tip: You can speak with the product creators (Merchant) of the product and let them know you will be running a webinar around their product meaning you will have a couple of hundred peoples attention.

They will most often give you a special link for your captive audience who are ready to buy and convert at a higher rate in this format.

16. Grow your affiliate marketing business with PPL and PPS

Pay Per Lead affiliate programs work by paying you commission based on actions a person takes while on their website.

Send someone over to their website and they request more information sign up to their email list or fill out an information for you get paid for those actions.


A huge platform for PPL is shareasale.com. This company works with businesses and brands globally providing a website were brands and affiliate marketers can interact and exchange services for a broad range of niche industries.

you can sign up to shareasale.com here

– Pay Per Sale (PPS)

means that you get paid from any sales your product merchant makes as a direct result from your marketing efforts (your affiliate links).

This is the most common form of affiliate marketing and is the most advertised in the affiliate marketing space.

17. Follow The Rules. Be Transparent

What is an affiliate disclosure?

An affiliate disclosure is a disclaimer statement that informs consumers or potential buyers that you are in a paid relationship with the company or person you’re linking to as an affiliate.

Affiliate disclosures keep you out of hot water with the Federal Trade Commission who can issue large fines if you are not clear that links listed on your website are in fact affiliate links and that you will earn a commission if someone clicks on them.

My disclosure looks like this:

AFFILIATE DISCLOSER: I love to share all the best affiliate marketing strategies with great people like you, as a result my content will contain affiliate links for products that I use and recommend. Decide one of these is for you (make a purchase) after clicking the link and I will earn some coffee money ☕️which I promise to reinvest in more coffee and as a result create more insightful and valuable content for YOU my valued reader.

You might have skimmed past it at the top of the page but if you didn’t you get a refresher 🙂

the most recent guidelines were released in 2013 along with a FAQ style section released in 2015.

In addition to following the rules, its a common courtesy to let your readers, listeners, or views know that you earn commissions from them clicking through your content to another website and people appreciate the heads up.

18. Become A Merchant

Another way to make an income online is to create your own product and bring other affiliate marketers on board to sell your product for you. Sounds pretty great right?

Merchant 4 step process:

First protocol is having a product idea. I’ll demonstrate for you a few simple steps to take in order to generate ideas off what is already popular in the next part of this Tip.

Second is validating that idea you came up with. You have to make sure that people want the thing your trying to build.

Generally if it solves a common problem people have it will do well, however the idea is only as good as the demand for that product in the market.

Third is product creation. Physical products come with large costs and risks. This is why I will be showing digital product creation to you as an example instead.

These are a great starting point as their not expensive and instead only require your time and little to no money.

Fourth is Finding affiliate program partners. This is were affiliate networks come into play and will be the most beneficial place to find those affiliates.

An example of a partner is Clickbank which lists a lot of digital products everything from woodworking to how to find love to tea that makes you drop unwanted weight.

Step 1 Brainstorm Product Idea

Don’t over complicate the process of coming up with an idea for a digital product. Ideas are easy if you approach them in the right way.

It doesn’t have to be produced out of the pure intelligent thinking of your mind, that its difficult to do.

If your intent is to make money with an affiliate marketing business, you can’t be too attached to your idea.

Alternatively look for services/products that are already out there, and how you can fix a problem those products have.

Some examples of digital product ideas:


If your passionate about taking photos and have a special ability to take great images why not be like Death to the stock photo a website that charges a monthly fee to send you beautiful images. Alternatively you can do a pay-per-download model.

Online Courses

Consider if you have something to teach, but your demographic is spread worldwide.

No problem, using videos, slides, and screen casts you can create a highly valuable online course that gives the people what they want and is perfect for your niche and your business income.


If you graduated law school you could help your audience stay protected with legal disclaimers to use in their own work.

Templates are need for other uses to such as full-blown contracts that need to be customized as well as copyright infringement text for the bottom of a website or blog.


You might be a talented home cook that has all the meals pre-planned for the week ahead, love to experiment with new ideas and flavors, why not create custom plans for your readers.

These could be delivered as s monthly subscription or one time downloads of all your best ideas to make cooking other peoples enjoyment as well.

Step 2 Validation

In order not to end spending a bunch of time creating meal plans and recipes that no one might buy first you need to validate and niche down your idea.

Find a specific market of people who need the solution your willing to provide.

I recommend running a Reddit poll to get a general interest response for the specific type of meal plan you will be creating and get some feedback.

If there’s enough interest you have the green light to continue with creating the digital product, if there isn’t much interest re-evaluate your angle there might be a different angle you need to target in this market.

Buzsumo is a site that tracks what is trending on social media and would be a great place to see what has been popular for the current year.

You can try their service for free just to conduct your research before getting started.

At this time of writing Keto diets are trending and would be a decent niche to target for meal plans.

19. Create Your Own Digital Product

Step 3 Creating the digital Product

This post is not an entrepreneurship training so I will keep the following brief. There are some great resources below to get you started in making great online courses and other types of digital products.

E books:

The Ultimate Guide to Publishing Your eBook on Amazon’s Kindle Platform

How to (Really Make $1,000,000 Selling E-books – Real-World Case Studies

How to Start to Write an eBook and Actually Finish it in 30 Days

Online Courses:

How to launch a course and make $220,750 in 10 days

SPI 136: How to Build an Online Course that Sells with David Siteman Garland


Podcasting for Beginners: The Complete Guide to Getting Started With Podcasts

How to Start a Podcast – Pat’s Complete Step-By-Step Podcasting Tutorial

Creating digital products is a lot easier than all its main cost involves time.

There will be a little financial investment but nothing compared to physical product manufacturing/design distribution costs will set you back.

The small investment is likely to be the software that will enable your product to be accessed and distributed online which is a small price to pay for something that has mostly been created solely by you.

Once your product is finished its time to start with approaching affiliate program partners.

Step 4: Locating Affiliate partners

The tech part is quite straight forward here.

Tools like Digital Product Delivery, can make setting up affiliate program partners really easy and allow those partners to collect commission on sales made.

Another Great tool to use is Gumroad which will provide a similar service.

Finding an audience that is interested in what you have to sell outside of your website or blog is the tough part.

Use the Keto Diet Meal Plan as an example.

If you enter learn to make Keto recipes into a search engine the first hits are from sites that sell recipes and diet meal plans.

Diet Doctor offers a huge array of recipes for keto specific diets but does not offer any kind of video series based on a meal plan and would be ideal to get them cooperate on a sale together.

The pitch would be fairly straight forward because your niche is a great fit for them as a business.

The more niche your digital product is, the easier it will be to approach and work with other merchants.

Get in contact with fellow merchants and pitch them on being a partner in a sale together were the profit will be shared.

Affiliate commissions of over 50% are common with digital products due to the low cost of creation.

It pays to stick to this figure or above as a lot of merchants are aware of these margins, and it will be win-win for everyone.

20. Stay Consistent

Consistency is one of the most under-rated tools in your success as an affiliate marketer.

Creating simple to do lists, checklists and goals for the day/week/month put you miles ahead of the rest.

I highly recommend you practice consistency because we can all benefit from it in one way or another.

One of the most helpful consistency hacks I found when I was first starting out is to write first think in the morning when your mind is fresh and there is little distraction.

This is different for everyone but I recommend trying this one simple thing out and leave me a comment below if it has given some benefit to you in your work.

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