2019 Wealthy Affiliate Review

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Welcome to my wealthy affiliate review.


What I have to say will help you make a choice whether this product is for you I’m all about helping people find tools that will help them succeed in business I look forward to assisting you on your own individual journey.



I have years of experience in the online marketing space and will leave nothing out in this comprehensive review leaving you informed and confident in making a decision that will be in your best interest.


Today however I will be giving it to you straight and leaving it up to you to make a decision (as it should be).



AFFILIATE DISCLOSER: Please acknowledge that there are links within this post directed to Wealthy Affiliate website and are affiliate links. This means I earn a commission – at no additional cost to you – if (and only if) you decide to purchase a membership after  following one of these links.

Acknowledge and understand I have used these products, services and tools mentioned described here; I don’t recommend products I don’t use myself and if you decide to buy them, just know that I wish them to be truly useful and helpful to you.



After spending literally weeks reviewing and analysing it (read what I found out below), I can confidently say Wealthy Affiliate is legitimate. 


They provide you with every tool and piece of information to get your online business up and running, with an amazing community with the support to back it up, its well suited for beginners and experienced marketers. 


It will be the best decision you have made so far in your quest for online success.




Wealthy Affiliate Walkthrough Video - How YOU Can Benefit From WA

Wealthy Affiliate Review Summary

This review is split in two main parts


1. Personal View – I have compiled my personal experience with Wealthy Affiliate so you understand what it’s like being a member of the family and tight-knit community.



2. Practical Review – providing all the information you need to make an informed decision right away.



(You can skip to whatever topic you would like to by clicking the links above, however if you want the full story please read on.)



Wealthy Affiliate Review



The following is my personal experience with Wealthy Affiliate… enjoy!



A Word Of Caution: Do Your Own research!


You might relate to this, you might not but in any case there might have been one point in time when you might have been taken back by an offer or product at a price that seemed too perfect, but you are thinking…. what’s the catch?


Its ingrained in all of us that small level of skepticism that leads us to look further for all the facts or any hidden fine print that can prove us right.


That’s why it’s so important to do your own research, read as many reviews as you can to distinguish whether that skepticism was warranted or if it can be laid to rest in order to be confident about your decision to move forward.


With the influx of scams that circulate through society in this day and age it pays to do your own research and find the truth about what your hard-earned money and precious value time is spent on.


*Word of caution: Do your own research if the offer looks sparkly, dazzling and sprinkled with copious amounts of sugar!*


Over time, I have developed a process to make a decision about an investment of time and money and how to come to a sound conclusion.


It goes something like this, check what you just read or listened to, do as much reading up on it as I can and sleep on it, just to make sure I’m making the right decision about spending my hard-earned money.


This might be why I’m so frustrating to be on the phone with if your a telemarketer! I would be frustrated too!


The Day It All Started To Click


After I spent years scouring internet forums and trying to find answers to my seemingly simple questions to how to build a sustainable online business I had a discussion with someone who I saw as a mentor.


He told me that generally when you’re not succeeding you just need to read more about the thing it is you’re failing at, try it again and again keep failing until you work out a way to do it. It might be a course, or just failing at it a bunch of times until it you figure out the right way to execute.


This really resonated for me and I found my answers when I got to become apart of the community at Wealthy Affiliate.


Before taking the leap of faith and signing up for a free account I was consuming the content on their home page which I found really valuable. It was explaining how affiliate marketing works including the details (which I’m all about).


Eventually after reading the content they had on offer I signed up for a free account entering just my name and email, made an easy to remember username and that was that I was inside the Wealthy Affiliate Program. (No payment needed!).


This initial step was the start of my journey and I couldn’t wait to see what else was lurking inside the platform as my skepticism meter was still high at this point and had to dig deeper to find out for myself if my worries would be validated.





Wealthy Affiliate University Deep Dive




I had arrived inside the dashboard of Wealthy Affiliate and first impressions where… well… it looked like a social media site such as Facebook or twitter. 


All these people interacting with each other, asking and answering each other’s questions and welcoming new members like they where you next door neighbors of this almost community type feeling.


Support was being offered to people and peoples queries where being answered, this to me was what marketing and growing as an internet marketer was all about. It was like a huge forum of people getting on board to support each other’s growth.


Instantly I received messages from Kyle one of the owners of Wealthy Affiliate as well as another friendly user who I had questions for… many questions in fact.


To my surprise they both responded and not just short sharp responses, detailed responses that where both helpful and guided me toward the start of my further development and training in the space of affiliate marketing.


I started straight away with the first task in the “getting started” module which was to add a picture my name and a bio all about me.


After completing this seemingly simple step the owners Kyle and Carson said hello and welcome! A personalized message that didn’t at all seem automated which impressed me.


I replied and asked a few questions and they didn’t follow up with a hard sell or anything that put me off it was as if they where happy to let me flounder around and find my own way eventually making my own choice if this was the kind of training I wanted to pursue.


I Had Found My Tribe!


You know when you find that group of people you seem to just click with? The kinds of people who don’t try to hard sell you anything or force your hand to make an uninformed decision you didn’t want to make. 


These are the kinds of people that reside in Wealthy Affiliate and it was a breath of fresh air I hadn’t yet experienced in the world of affiliate marketing and learning this business.


Wealthy affiliates task-based training takes free members through the foundations of the world of online income generation.


This task-based system is almost like those lists you sometimes make during the day that give you that hit of satisfaction when you get to cross them out like YES! I DID THAT!


Not only is this effective it makes you feel like you’re achieving more knowledge and with that control over you journey. 


In terms of ranking you get almost like a video game score to tell you how well you’re progressing and even get rewarded for helping other members on the platform out if you know detailed valuable answers to their questions.


Wealthy Affiliate Family/Community


Members I have interacted with are kind, helpful and supportive all the ingredients of people who make up a great community. 


They’re also open to offering any help you might need and seem to have an endless supply of encouragement which is easily welcomed.


This expanding community of people is one of the greatest points of value you will receive, I found it to be rewarding from day one and continue to enjoy helping other members as I have grown and developed more through undertaking their certifications and teachings, applying them in my own business.




If I Were In Your Shoes


As I mentioned earlier if I was in your position, sitting there reading this review with nothing but good things to say to far about Wealthy Affiliate I would still have that level of skepticism about it all, that doubt that is clouding my thoughts and feelings about it all.


The best part about this though is that you can head on over to Wealthy Affiliate and check the facts and information for myself.



You can also chat inside with other members to see what their experience has been with Wealthy Affiliate and they will happily respond and give you some insight.


I know because…. I definitely took the time to ask at least 5 people what they thought of it and any feed back they could offer! I asked them:


is the Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?


this was their response…


What Happens After Free Content


Personally I stayed on board for the full 7 days of the free trial, I wanted to extract as much information from it as I could and take it as a learning experience!


(Because who doesn’t enjoy free stuff right?!)


I consumed the content pretty quickly and made my way through the first 10 lessons without any hassle, was itching to learn more. 


At the time I was offered a 59% discount like a coupon code for the training to be a premium member if I took the time to consider it over the 7 days. 


This was such a relief because normally these sorts of offers give you minutes to decide not a whole week right? No pressure-cooking, scarcity, act now! marketing here, which made it easier to decide and more time to do my own research.



Wait, Can’t I Find All This For Free?

I gripped desperately onto this mentality for quite some time, years in fact and it wasn’t going to get any easier.


This is what I knew at this point:


  • I had made leaps and bounds to find all the relevant information I needed to keep growing my business and making the right kinds of choices with my time and not achieved my goals yet. 
  • The two guys who created Wealthy Affiliate had proven success and track records to back themselves and at the time of writing this the company is over 10 years old. (not many affiliate training companies can say that)


  • I was the guy who stumbled over countless other programs and high cost seminars and training and pulled out the cash to spend on them without any real results to show for it.


  • I had a lot of excuses before about not making it work, I was done with excuses if the solution could be laying right there in front of me


  • $19 is not a lot to pay to experience firsthand a training built by proven successful affiliate marketers and a community of thousands who will inspire, coach, advise, and give their time and advice to help me succeed.



At 19 bucks I could afford to make educated guess whether Wealthy Affiliate was a good fit for my continued learning in the internet marketing world. if it didn’t work out I would lose 20 bucks… not a major hit.



Premium Membership


I decided to upgrade to a premium membership and commit to learning more from the courses Wealthy Affiliate had on offer.


The added value premium offered was 10X and I sure was glad to have made the decision.


Unlocked features included but weren’t limited to direct messages with other premium members or mentors you have on the platform. 


They respond and help with anything you get stuck on! video and webinar training with 60 minute sessions of Q&A’s after the webinar is done. You also get free website hosting with a high level of security, loads of extras are included.


*(Click here to see the comparison table)*


Part 2 Practical Review of Wealthy Affiliate


What is Wealthy Affiliate?


Wealthy Affiliate (WA) www.wealthyaffiliate.com launched in 2005 is an online business training founded by Kyle and Carson (Affiliate Marketers) with a community of thousands of active members helping each other succeed.


Its focus is earning passive income with an affiliate marketing business model.





Founders Of Wealthy Affiliate

Kyle and Carson are the founders of Wealthy Affiliate.


Affiliate marketing is how they got started online, they are very active in the community and participate regularly in the WA, answering questions and welcoming new members.


A majority of their time is spent helping students and building and improving the quality of Wealthy Affiliate so that it has the most up to date content and stays relevant in the current online marketing business scene.


Both successful bloggers and entrepreneurs Kyle and Carson are sharing their knowledge daily.

Kyle/Carson have also created 2 helpful tools for Affiliate Marketing: Jaaxy (Keyword Research Tool) and SiteRubix Web Hosting)


SiteRubix is the Web Host for all websites created by their students on the Wealthy Affiliate Platform so you don’t have to pay for Web Hosting! 


Jaaxy is one the most powerful keyword research tools online and helps students find the right keywords to drive traffic to their new website using Search Engine Optimization (SEO).



What Is Wealthy Affiliate Training?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online Training that has every bit of information compiled in one place. It’s tasked based lesson approach teaches students methodically to become masters in their own given niches and earn money in the online affiliate marketing space.


The training is not only for beginners but intermediate and advances internet marketers will benefit from courses within Wealthy Affiliate as well. 


It teaches the beginning steps like building a website, setting up your website correctly and making it optimized to rank for keywords in Google, Bing and other search engines to begin receiving traffic organically (free).


It’s optimal learning environment makes it easy to follow and ask questions after every course lesson so that you don’t get stuck on something and can keep improving and making progress.



What Are Wealthy Affiliate Pros?

  • Free to learn as a starter member so you can experience the type of training and quality of content, support and how relevant the course material is


  • Large community who have access to the founding members for questions, support and guidance on their business building endeavors


  • When you join you have your own personal mentor whose link you signed up with who will answer your questions directly and make your feel welcome
  • Low cost for the learning phase of your business, as it should be
  • Enough content to help you decide what direction to take your online business in and how your going to build long term sustainable income from it ethically


  • No credit card needed to sign up and become a member who can ask questions of other members, enjoy free lessons and get an idea of what Wealthy Affiliate has on offer


  • Gives new students the opportunity to do their own research on the training and find out for themselves if it’s a good fit for their learning style, and if they will be supported during their learning


  • Lessons from successful internet marketers in the industry who generally care about their students


  • Once you are successfully earning income from your online business you want to stay with Wealthy Affiliate due to the rate at which they update their content and the community of like-minded individuals that stay around!


  • No time pressure on students you can learn at your own pace and in accordance with your own schedule


  • Content is accessible anywhere as long as you have your login details you can even check lessons out on your phone and do everything while your mobile!


  • Support structure is an industry leader with instant messaging, private message, forum chat and Webinars. All great platforms to have your questions answered to keep you progress moving


  • Task based learning is rewarding and really makes you consume the content faster due to the reward type feeling it gives you as your working through the lessons



What Are Wealthy Affiliate Cons?

  •  Due to the amount of courses on offer and broad range of information it can be a little overwhelming when you are first exposed to the Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard, but this passes pretty soon after your kindly greeted and are directed to the big green “Getting Started” button


  • Sometimes the conversations with other members can be distracting you really have to focus on doing your own course training material. It’s kind of like social media it’s good to limit your time with it.


  • I think the web design of the Wealthy Affiliate is starting to become a little old, perhaps a nice new fresh theme with clear icons and completely separate section for the social interactions to keep distractions while your learning to a minimum. That’s just my opinion you might find it the opposite!



Who is Wealthy Affiliate Made For?


Wealthy Affiliate university is for entrepreneurs who want to make income online, to learn in an environment that nurtures hard-working individuals who have questions who enjoy communicating and constantly learning efficient methods to build and improve upon their business.


Its important to be up to date in the world of internet marketing, Wealthy Affiliate surpasses all expectations in this department and continues to impress me at the content they keep producing for students become more educated.


The Wealthy Affiliate University is for:

  • People wanting to learn how to earn from affiliate marketing


  • Bloggers who want to monetize their work


  • Laid off employees


  • People who feel like they are working more than they should and want to enjoy more of life


  • Passive income seekers


  • People who love to go on vacations and still want to be earning while on those vacations


  • Baby boomers who are close to retirement and want some more money to retire with and even earn while retired!


  • People with large mortgages who want to pay them off quicker, internet marketing is a great supplemental income


  • Web enthusiasts who want to build their first website


  • Computer programmers who love building websites and want to monetize it


  • People who have an interest in business education


  • Students at university who would rather build a long term income than work a low wage job!


  • Local business owners who want to be more knowledgeable with SEO


  • Residents at business and internet marketing schools


  • People who want to build a brand for themselves and their business ethically


  • At Wealthy affiliate I have seen people from all walks of life with almost no experience in affiliate marketing, building websites or Search Engine Optimization who now have their very own websites/blogs businesses that are earning full time incomes with their online business.


  • Some are completely new to the scene and others’ have previously earned money from blogging or their own internet businesses and are seeing further education that’s a testament to the value provided by Wealthy Affiliate!



Support Structure At Wealthy Affiliate?


WA has a support structure that is both very quick to respond and supports all ranges and types of questions including:


  • I personally will help you with anything concerning WA and your goals to the best of my ability – if you use any of the links available on this page, I’ll get notified and I’ll be happy to assist you with anything you ask about if you sign up


  • Classroom comments


  • Direct Messaging Privately and Publicly to other members


  • Live Chat


  • Question and Answer Webinars


  • 24/7 365 Day Word Press Hosting Support System



What Available Training And Tools Is There?


Education Features & Benefits:


Online entrepreneur Certification (50 Lessons)


This 50 lesson is split into 5 phases 10 lessons are available to you as a starter and the full amount if your premium.


These lessons contain everything for you to develop a knowledge base to succeed in ANY category, niche or vertical online. Regular updates keep this training current and ahead of the industry trends and the competition!


12 Evolving Classrooms


There are MANY ways to monetize an online business and with the most diverse set of training in the world these classrooms are where you can achieve that.


Topics like Facebook Ads, SEO, e-commerce, drop-shipping, pay-per-click, lead generation, email marketing, and ad sense are going to be covered in classrooms within Wealthy Affiliate. 


2 Classrooms are available as a Starter the remaining 12 as a premium member.


Affiliate Bootcamp Training (70 Lessons)


Taking your progression from complete newbie in the “make-money” niche to a thriving successful entrepreneur. No stone is left unturned no piece of wisdom left out. Affiliates that have taken this course and are doing so successfully


Website Features & Benefits

Website That Grows With You


As your business expands and grows your website platform is going to have to adapt as well for higher traffic and more websites.


Wealthy Affiliate uses it’s in house platform SireRubix for all hosting and you won’t outgrow it as you can host up to 50 websites as a premium Member 2 websites if you’re a starter.


SiteContent Features & Benefits

Grammar and Spelling Perfection

Perfect grammar is something none of us possess or spelling. Built by linguists and experts in the field of web content, SiteContent Premium finds and corrects hundreds of complex writing errors so you don’t have to worry.


Its also adaptive so it learns your writing style the more you write with it and the more efficient it gets.





Main Differences Starter vs Premium?



How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?


Wealthy Affiliate comes in 3 price points


1. Starter member costs you $0 you are free to stay forever and learn what is available


2. Premium member Monthly costs $19 for your first month (you have to take the discount within the first 7 days of joining as a free member) and $49p/m thereafter for the following months. You can cancel anytime you wish.


3. Premium member Yearly costs you $359 for 12 months of membership. You save $229 compared to the monthly option

$49 x 12 months = $588

$359 for 12 months

Difference $229


Personal Recommendation, Opinion And Verdict


I see the value in Wealthy Affiliate and I hope by reading this post you have seen some value as well that could change your business operation or has inspired you to start your own business in the future.

Wealthy Affiliate has stood the test of time and is my one and only choice for anyone friends family or otherwise who want to learn how to start, build, and grow their online business that they can turn into a full time income.

For already successful entrepreneurs I would still encourage them to become apart of the Family at Wealthy Affiliate because that’s what it is ! you will make new connections and there is a hug number of courses to learn from to apply in your own business.

I can honestly say it’s one of the best investments I’ve made that has already paid off 10X. I wouldn’t even consider suggesting you should sign up if I didn’t believe in it.

You can stop searching from a legitimate Internet Business Building University/Training.

You have found it!

Sign up here and try it… FREE and please write to me with your experiences


Wealthy Affiliate Special Bonus


When you sign up for your FREE Starter membership… AND ONLY IF you decide that Premium membership is for you


In the first 7 days, you get a 59% discount on your first monthly fee for your first month!


It will be my great pleasure to welcome you and help you in any way you need explaining how things work, what your personal goals are and discuss with you and make the process as easy as possible for you to succeed.


Here is to your future!


Look forward to hearing from you, please feel free to leave a comment, like share this with your friends and family or for anyone you know that this could be a game changer for.


It gave me great enjoyment to write this review and I hope you gained some helpful inside into Wealthy Affiliate.







  1. Mike


    Very thorough introduction to this Wealthy Affiliate Program.

    I like it that you included some of your personal experiences.

    I’m a Business Broker and am tied to my local market… I’ve been looking for a way to have some sort of residual income so I could be more flexible to be free to move about the world. This is definitely a consideration. Better than most I’ve found.

    Worked MLMs from 1994 to 2014 and in every situation, never achieved my goals. 

    My hobby is cooking and have modified lots of recipes to my own tastes. Always considered writing a cookbook. Maybe publishing them one at a time with affiliate links to ingredients, herbs and spices, cookware and appliances could provide the desired ongoing income.

    So, what’s the next step in researching this? Where can I get more info? 

    Thanks for such a great write-up.

    Enjoy the best of success.


    1. admin

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for reading my review it means a lot!

      Very interesting occupation being a business broker I have a friend in my local town who does the same type of work, he has a lot of really interesting stories to tell. You have to have a lot of people skills to succeed in that industry Im sure.

      I really enjoy cooking as well, it sure is a great way to test your own ability and try new things and maybe even impress some friends an family in the process. That definitely sounds like a great idea to turn into a passive income based business with affiliate marketing.

      I’m sure that if you love to cook and try new things there would be a steady flow of content available to you to produce such as blogging about it or creating simple how to videos and would definitely provide value to someone, somewhere, who needs help on how to execute any kind of recipe they’re trying for the first time.

      I’m glad you asked were you kind find out more information. You can visit Wealthy Affiliate here to create a free account. It will help you learn more about turning your passion into a sustainable business, no payment required to start.

      Same to you Mike

      All the best


  2. Juan Saladin

    Thanks for such an informative post. I’ve been looking for something similar for a while. I’ve gotten stuck with a hosting re-seller provider that is too technical and old fashioned to tolerate it longer (Their Page builder use first generation HTML barely paginated and static). No support whatsoever after getting solutions like WordPress properly installed, you’re completely alone.

    Would you please confirm if there’s any time limit to become a premium member after initial sign-up?

    It seems to be all that I’m looking for, I’ll look forward to exploring the platform as much as possible before taking the decision of becoming a premium member

    Thanks a lot!

    1. admin

      Hi Juan,

      Sorry to hear about those difficulties with that hosting provider, I too myself have come across some low quality ones and they can be hard to deal with. 

      There is no time limit to upgrade to premium after becoming a free member. There is a 7 day limit to taking advantage of 1 month of premium at $19 but you are under no pressure to take this offer even after the 7 days are up. 

      You can stay a starter member for as long as your comfortable before progressing to the next stages of building your business online.

      No problem at all thats what I did when I first started with Wealthy Affiliate, taking your time to look around and get comfortable on what it is you want to achieve before taking the leap to premium and commiting to your goal.

      Thanks for the question. Please let me know if theres anything else you would like to know. 

      Happy to  help.

  3. Paul

    Dear Will,

    Indeed, doing our own research and reading as many reviews as possible is one of the best way to stay away from scams and products which under-delivers. Great advice from your mentor!

    Thanks a lot for the very thorough and comprehensive review post.

    Since 2008 I tried many make money online programs and products. To name a few… Online surveys, Captcha typing, Transcription job, Content writing, Data entry, Ad posting, Email reading, Paid to click etc., The list goes on… But still I failed to build a standard online income. Also, I lost money nearly $4000 to few scams which hurts me till to date.

    I came across Wealthy Affiliate on September 2016 and because of my past bad experiences I almost lost hope in making money online. But I wanted to give it a final try so I did my research for one month on WA. I joined WA on November 2016 but still I was afraid and skeptical.

    To cut the long story short…

    I am still with WA! Since December 2017 I am a full-time blogger working from home. All I did is just followed the WA training. WA is the best training platform I came across online. I too have read many comments and testimonials of people and wonder whether it is real or fake. What I am sharing here is my own story and experience.

    Whether anyone believes it or not, the truth remains as truth! Wealthy Affiliate training works!

    Much Success!


    1. admin

      Hi Paul,

      Thank you for your words and taking the time to read the review, mentors are a great way to stay focused and keep you on the right path. I have come across a few so far at Wealthy Affiliate who have amazing guidance and things that will add value to my business for a long time to come.

      It’s the failures in life that make us stronger and more knowledge the next time around. Sometimes we need to fail at something many times before we find the right answer. 

      It sounds like you have definitely done the hard yards to get to the point you are at now where you can earn consistent income online. What a journey !

      The training is great and is why I recommend it as the way to go for anyone who wants to build sustainable  passive income based businesses. 

      Thanks again for the comment.


  4. Alblue

    Thank you for the thorough review of Wealthy Affiliate. I was suggested to join this platform by a friend to make money online. I like the fact that this platform has a good community support. I always find technical training via online method is too much for me to absorb. How long usually we can start earning money? I’m, okay if It will need some time to earn money, because it will feel like a real business.

    1. admin

      Hi Adblue, thank you for your comment, generally you can make a few sales in your first month while your still learning but around 6 months into it you can expect to make $500 to $3000 per month. 12 months in and you can see even better returns. This training ia focused on long term quality business creation and  its all very dependent on how consistent you are with the work and learning and implementing what Wealthy Affiliate teaches. Thats great that you are prepared to put in the time! The support you receive from the WA community is also why its a great platform to build a sustainable online business. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. supportcme

    Really a great review and to say honestly you did a great job in reviewing wealthy affiliate because there are a lot of people who get confused to join to wealthy affiliate and I would also recommend wealthy affiliate because I am also a member of wealthy affiliate and it is the best platform for beginners to learn the affiliate marketing completely. 

    I definitely encourage people to join wealthy affiliate because wealthy affiliate can be a great opportunity for people who like to earn from home by making their passion as a profession.

    Thank you for sharing such useful information.

    1. admin

      Hi Supportcme, thanks for your thoughts on this post and for stopping by. I really like what you said about turning your passion into a profession, thats a great analogy for starting a business around what your really passionate about and should be the number 1 focus for new entrepreneurs wanting to get started in affiliate marketing.

  6. Stella

    Wealthy affiliate provide a conducive environment for both beginners and veteran affiliate marketer. It is a platform which offer free registration for new users. It is my top recommendation for those who doesn’t have a shiny object habit because it is not a get rich quick online business. Thanks for this detailed information about wealthy affiliate. This review will provide vital information about wealthy affiliate for the new users.

    1. admin

      Hi Stella, thank you for your comment! I agree it is great for all levels of experience and is one of the best affiliate marketing trainings to invest your time and money in. 

      1. Maggie

        Hey Will

        Your review is thorough and detailed.
        I had zero experience when I first joined WA. Yes, a person really need to do their own research before making any decision. I agree with you when you say there’s no pressure in upgrading to premium membership. That’s one of the reasons I decided to take the plunge and give it a try, after doing my own research of course. I have learnt a lot. I’m still learning and implementing as there are additional training done by experienced members within the community to help us improve and advance our websites. Thank you for sharing your experience with WA


  7. Khobayer Khan


    I’ve read lots of articles on this but yours is the first that you amazingly discribe everything. Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform for affiliate marketing. We all know that today’s one of the best online workplace is affiliate marketing. And the best site for affiliate marketing is Wealthy Affiliate.

    Let me add that I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate. The training there is second to none and I’ve never been a part of such a great community. The tools, training, and resources, are too good. When I join the first time that everyone helps me a lot. I am never feeling alone there because of there caring and support. Now I am successfully able to work there without any fair.

    Thanks for writing such a wonderful and helpful article.

    1. admin

      Hi Khobayer Khan, that really means a lot thank you for your kind words I really enjoyed writing the review. Thats great that you are a member and are enjoying the community so much while learning a business at the same time.

      Thanks for your comment!

  8. Zayn Hiew

    Hi Will,

    I endorse all the things you have said in this Wealthy Affiliate. It’s not the only very best platform for learning affiliate marketing but also provides the state of art technology to enable us to become successful in our online business. Every year, thousands of entrepreneurs have found success in Wealthy Affiliate.

    The other great thing is the huge active community which we can interact with each other in term of motivation, business discussion, etc. There are many successful entrepreneurs who have walked the path before you to provide advice and training as a ”payback” to the community. This “Pay It Forward” concept is well adapted within Wealthy Affiliate.

    As long as you put in your efforts and committed to doing it, you will find success too. l won’t hesitate to recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone, any day!

    Best wishes.

  9. MissusB

    It took me to experience almost being scammed before I joined Wealthy Affiliates. I was really planning to shed out my money but then there’s a nagging feeling inside so I did my research and look for reviews. It’s a good thing I was forewarned because if not, I will never stop believing that i will earn a of amount of money in not time. 

    That’s a good thing about joining Wealthy Affiliate, it’s free to join. I enjoyed all the training and decided to become a premium member. i don’t have to worry about being lost in affiliate marketing because the community is great, supportive and helpful. All resources, tool and training will be given to you. It’s all up to your hardwork to gain success.

    Thanks for your thorough explanation on how things work in Wealthy Affiliate. I am a proud and inspired member of this community.

  10. nasrin19


    Thanks a lot for the very thorough and comprehensive, informative review article. I like it that you included some of your personal experiences. I am an online marketer and I am trying to learn new topics every day about online affiliate marketing. I’ve been looking for a way to have some sort of residual income so I could be more flexible to be free to move about the world. This is definitely a consideration. Better than most I’ve found. I worked MLMs from 2016 to 2018 and in every situation, I never achieved my goals. It seems Wealthy Affiliate offers a great foundation for all types of successes in any potential business out there. What I am sharing here is my own story and experience. I’m, okay if It will need some time to earn money because it will feel like a real business.

    Anyway, thank once again for the in-depth review.

  11. Wayne

    Hello, Will.  You weren’t kidding when you said this was going to be long.  I don’t think you have missed anything in this review, not a thing.

    This is why I am a member.  When I was looking for ways to make money online, I came across review after review for other “Make Money Online NOW”.  You know… the ones that say you can have it all and you don’t have to do any work.

    In my search, I also found many, many reviews about Wealthy Affiliate.  All of them talked about the same things you speak of here.  Those “Make Money Online NOW” platforms made me skeptical but something inside me said that Wealthy Affiliate was different.

    I did the same as you.  First I read probably a dozen reviews. I came to the conclusion that these people were just like me.  Sure, they were members, they had seen it first hand and knew what they were talking about and they may have some bias towards the platform.  But more than that,  they seemed to be giving an honest review and that is what drew me in. 

    They didn’t hype it up as a make money fast kind of thing.  They said I would have to work for it.  They didn’t promise me the moon.

    I tried the 7-day free membership and I knew I was in the right place.  Signed up and haven’t looked back.

    I’ll be honest… I’m not there yet but I am determined to make it work because I know that it can. The evidence is in the number of people that have already found success by following the training and doing the work.  AND,  they all want to help others succeed as well.

    It’s just the best there is online today.  15 years and 1.4 + million members over the years and many improvements. You can’t go wrong with a platform like that.


  12. Russ Green

    A very thorough and in depth wealthy affiliate review, I enjoyed reading it, I didn’t realise the free membership only lasted 7 days, I read somewhere that you could be a free member for as long as you like, anyway, keep up the good work and take care.


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