5 years on Fiverr: What Lessons I Learned From Spending $2234 Outsourcing tasks for Online Business

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I started using Fiverr back in 2014, I had just started my first blog and written my first review on a product I had read and listened to all about the laws of attraction and manifesting success.


I started to spend money on gigs from Fiverr driving cold traffic to the blog and seeing if any sort of results followed. This was just the beginning of my journey with Fiverr and outsourcing tasks for my online business but I learned some crucial lessons along the way.

These are the 12 lessons that I wish I knew when I got started:


Lesson 1: Quality Varies A lot

When I first started ordering Fiverr gigs the main takeaway I found was that there is a broad spectrum of sellers on Fiverr from really great at what they do to really low performing.


Reading the number of positive reviews is a good sign that they can do the work, it’s just a matter of finding sellers who go above and beyond the tasks you outsource to them.

Lesson 2: If you find a good Fiverr Gig Stick with it!

Finding a good Fiverr Gig is like finding your favorite place for coffee, you might have 5-10 places in town with all very high reviews but there’s that 1 or 2 in particular that are just miles above the others, the same holds true for Fiverr sellers.


Once you find the right people who resonate with you and deliver the kind of work you have come to expect for your money you’ll be wise to look after them and they will reciprocate the gesture by putting your work higher on their list of priorities they will have other people who see them as their go-to sellers as well when they need work outsourced.


Lesson 3: Make sure you’re clear with your requirements

I had a few orders that came back on me in a bad way, this is where being absolutely clear with your requirements and deliverables is crucial to the success of your outsourcing tasks being done right on Fiverr.


Make sure you include all the fine details even ones you think they might not need to know, it’s better to provide too much information than too little.


Lesson 4: Keep track of your R.O.I

Outsourcing tasks such as setting up Ad campaigns for your conversion to your website I found out early need to make sense for your business. If they are bringing a positive return and bringing sales and conversions to your website or traffic goals you set out to achieve then keep them.


If however, the results aren’t there, it makes sense to cut them early and focus on either switching to do a different seller who has a better track record or can provide a better return on your investment.


Don’t be discouraged if the first few sellers aren’t a good fit. I went through at least 5 or 6 before I found one that was definitely a great fit for my business and provided a positive R.O.I


Lesson 5: Don’t always trust Fiverr sellers with the most reviews

I found that sellers with a huge number of reviews more than likely have a team of people working with them so the results you get back can be unpredictable. I found that up and coming Fiverr sellers can really over-deliver, they are willing to go the extra mile and produce great work.


This held true with content writers in particular with projects being delivered with not just quality but you could tell some thought was put into it as well.


Lesson 6: 1st-page results don’t always mean the best value

Quite often the best Fiverr gigs I’ve ordered haven’t been on the very first page but subsequent pages. You can often find great services in the later pages of the search results and for good reason.


The most popular search results can be over-saturated with orders and so you will be waiting a long time unless you pay the extra fee for a quick turn around.


Lesson 7: Some things shouldn’t be outsourced

To create an effective outsourcing plan requires determining what your company excels at doing first. Figure out your company or businesses core competencies and keep them in-house, your budget and bottom line will thank you.


The exception here is if you outsource support type services related to the core competencies.


Take inbound marketing for example if this is what your business specializes in, be sure that the person or team making the editorial decisions – what channels you are distributing content and the type of content covered stays in the house. You can easily outsource the writing aspect to freelance writers on Fiverr and even editing services for that written content.


Lesson 8: Communication is key

Freelancers on Fiverr or any platform need key information before they start to produce work for you. The better freelancers out there will give you a key set of questions to answer about a project before getting started but keep in mind not all of them do.


Keep in mind exactly want you to want and let it be known to them before the task or project begins to eliminate unnecessary errors ( I learned this the hard way).


Sending them just a general enquiry message about their service first can tell you a lot about what it’s going to be like working with them.


Lesson 9: When to use Fiverr

Fiverr should be used in my opinion when you need help to do the time-consuming tasks within your company or business. Your time is the number 1 commodity in your business and being aware of how much your spending on various tasks can catapult you forward down the road if you’re smart about it.


Making a list of every single task I had to do get done in my online business on a daily/weekly/monthly basis laid it down clearly in front of me what was taking up most of my time and what was necessary to outsource.


You definitely feel empowered when you can control how your time is spent and making sure that time you are spending is on the most important areas of your business and not on the menial boring things that are a drag on your business growth and the dollar per hour potential.

Lesson 10: Some of the best value for money Fiverr Gigs

In the time I have spent using Fiverr I have found that the content writing gigs are the best value for money. It can be blog posts, articles, e-books the list goes on and you have a selection of hundreds of freelancers who if given the chance can really produce great work for your business.


Other high-value gigs for me have been illustration services. I was writing an ebook a few years ago and found an illustrator who could literally draw anything, he was from Denmark he was just getting started on Fiverr but was SUPER talented you can see his work below. Highly recommend him if you need anything illustrated, the beauty of Fiverr is though, there are many such freelancers like him who can produce high-quality work.


ebook illustration (fiverr.com/loneanimator)


Lesson 11: How To Identify Red Flags on Fiverr

Over the years there have been some major red flags when using Fiverr. If you contact a blog post writing freelancer and their communication with you has spelling errors bad grammar and overall doesn’t make sense. Hot tip, don’t use them no matter how many raving reviews they may have.


You would think this was a given but you would be surprised sometimes, I now try and send a message to any prospective seller on Fiverr just to make sure that A) they speak English fluently and can form a general sentence and B) respond in a reasonable amount of time (24-48 hours)


Lesson 12: How Fiverr can help scale and grow your online business

The best way Fiverr has helped me scale my business is by doubling my efforts in producing online content. It takes time to produce blog content, you have to research, write, format it includes images and makes sure that it’s readable before you release it into the world.


Having another person working at the same time you are to produce exactly that is easily a smart business decision but a hurdle for many can be the cost associated.


The time-saving portion of ordering gigs on Fiverr has also been a big factor in helping grow my online business. After I created a list of tasks that were taking up way to much of my time that wasn’t making any money and delegated those tasks to Fiverr it made a BIG difference.


I hope these lessons have served you well and given you some insight into how using Fiverr can be both a learning experience and a place to help you grow and scale your business online.


It helped me double my efforts and be more successful in the long term. Who knows you might even find a freelancer that ends up being part of your team full time, it has been known to happen on occasion.


here is a quick recap of the lessons I learned:


1. Quality Varies A lot

2. If you find a good Fiverr Gig Stick with it!

3. Make sure you’re clear with your requirements

4. Keep track of your R.O.I

5. Don’t always trust Fiverr sellers with the most reviews

6. 1st-page results don’t always mean the best value

7. Some things shouldn’t be outsourced

8. Communication is key

9. When to use Fiverr

10. Some of the best value for money Fiverr Gigs

11. How to Identify Red Flags on Fiverr

12. How Fiverr can help scale and grow your online business


Check out Fiverr for all your outsourcing needs.








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