Advertsuite Review 2019

advert suite review 2019
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Today I’m reviewing Advertsuite, a piece of software that helps you find profitable ads to promote both physical products and digital products that you want to sell for a profit.

This tool takes the guess work out of trialing different ad combinations to see which is profitable and which loses you money by identifying already successful ad layouts from

other advertisers on Facebook. So how does it do this? Advertsuite scans Facebook for the most popular ads relating to the keyword you input into it. This product was created

by Luke Maguire who is well-known for developing popular social media tools to drive more sales. Today I’ll be giving a full review of Advertsuite and let you know if it’s worth your money.

Advertsuite Overview

Product Creator: Luke Maguire

Product:                Advertsuite

Launch Date:        08/21/2019

Front End Price:  $67

Product Website:  Click Here

Rating:                    7/10


how advertsuite works in 3 steps         advertsuite pros

about Luke Maguire                              advertsuite cons

who is advertsuite for                           advertsuite real results

who is advertsuite not for                     conclusion

advertsuite price                                   how I make money online

advertsuite guarantee


How Advertsuite Works In 3 Steps


Enter your target audience filters (age, audience, keywords, competitors)


View active and past campaigns, landing pages and results from any advertiser online


Copy and implement the ads that work so you don’t waste money on ads that don’t!

About Luke Maguire

Luke is an Aussie who has had number 1 selling social media software that have enabled him and his students to earn 6 & 7 figure incomes.

In this product he is offering a piece of software that prevents you from running ad campaigns on Facebook that won’t be profitable.

luke mcguire
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Who is Advertsuite For

Online business owners who want to promote their products for an e-commerce store, drop shipping store or any store with popular listed products.

Affiliate marketers who want to run profitable ad campaigns for products that are already selling successfully.


Who is Advertsuite Not For

People who have a very low budget who need to drive traffic to their website or products, this software doesn’t guarantee you money but it does tip the odds in your favor when running Facebook Ads that other successful businesses have already profited from.

If you are not interested in running ads on Facebook as part of your marketing budget for your business I would not suggest Advertsuite for this reason alone.

Advertsuite Price

Advertsuite is currently $67 and can be purchased directly from


Advertsuite Guarantee

Advertsuite comes with a 14 DAYS money back guarantee.

To top this off if you use the software for 60 days and work with the support team and Luke Maguire himself and still don’t get any results he states he will DOUBLE your money back.

I must admit I haven’t seen this type of guarantee before which is pretty impressive, and he must really believe in the quality of his software for there to be that kind of guarantee using this software will be profitable for you.

Advertsuite Pros

-Unlimited searches bookmarks and usage

-Competitor Breakdown

-Demographic and Engagement Filters

-Geo location filters

-Video & Image Ad integration

-Full Agency rights included (bonus)

-Onetime investment

-Quality guarantee on product

Advertsuite Cons

-You need an advertising budget to run ads (paid advertising)

Advertsuite Real Results

David J Woodbury claims to have made 600% return after using Advertsuite to run a successful ad campaign on Facebook to promote Tai Lopez products.

You can see his results in his Youtube video here

There are also some Testimonials on the sales page but I can’t guarantee they are real…

advert suite testimonials results



Overall Advertsuite can definitely be a worthy investment if you’re looking to profit from Facebook Ads consistently and is a real head start in the trial and error usually associated with finding a profitable ad campaign which can take months of testing.

This software really streamlines that process and saves you money if you’re considering going down the Facebook ad marketing route.

Click Here to try Advertsuite out for yourself today.


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