App Coiner Review

app coiner review
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If you’ve looked into easy ways to make money online – either for extra cash or for your full-time income – you’ll likely have seen various sites that proclaim that you can make good money (often $20-$30 an hour) reviewing and testing websites and apps. 

While some of these sites set realistic expectations of what you can hope to get out of signing up with them, others try to get as many people to sign on as possible with unrealistic promises. So, is App Coiner a legitimate way to make money online? 

What is App Coiner?

App Coiner [link:] is a site that pays you for testing applications and leaving each app a review about the experience. Reviews are vital for new applications to rank and show up on the various app stores, so understandably developers want to do all they can to help their apps succeed. 


App Coiner pays you for testing and reviewing each app, so you don’t have anything to lose by signing up with them… at least until you learn about the sign-up fee, and what is really involved.

You are in Demand!

App Coiner will tell you (no matter where you are in the world) that testers from your country are in demand. Once you’ve signed up, they’ll reiterate this fact and let you know that you can get a discount on the signup fee because they “need” you. 


If you try to leave the page (or make it look as though you are) you’ll get another $10 off. 

Why Does App Coiner Cost Me Money?

Most app and website testing sites don’t charge you to sign up with them. So why does App Coiner?


They say the cost is crucial to cover salaries, maintenance fees, website hosting, and other expenses – but if their users were really making good money, wouldn’t it be worth more to them to take a percentage out of the money they earn for being on the platform they work on? 


Yes – that’s how other sites work, so App Coiner’s choice to charge their users feels a little scammy, simply because it doesn’t seem to make good business sense if their users were – as they want us to believe – raking it in.

Is Making Money from App Coiner Simple?

Once you’ve entered your sign up details you are taken to another page that tells you all about how easy it is to test apps and make money with their site – as long as you have a basic grasp of English and a smartphone or tablet, you’re good to go. 

They go on to tell you how many apps are being created and how easy it is to make money this way because developers need you, and then you can play with an income calculator to find out the kind of money you could make through them, though it is completely inaccurate.

You are able to fiddle with all the settings, so it is completely up to you what figures are spit out the other end of the calculator. 


When you’re ready to actually start the work, you choose an application from the database and test it on your phone or tablet.

You then write a review on a designated site provided by App Coiner, and rinse and repeat. As you become more experienced you’ll be given a higher preference and be able to learn more. 

Where Do My Reviews Go?

Here’s the really strange thing about App Coiner – instead of leaving a review on the App Store or Google Play (you know, where these reviews are actually helpful), App Coiner provides you with your very own sub-domain website where your reviews appear. 


Why is that? Well, most of the reason is likely due to the fact that soliciting reviews on any of these major app platforms will get the developer banned pretty swiftly – regardless of whether the reviews are honest or not. 


To get around this App Coiner provide you with a subdomain website where your reviews will appear, which looks like every other App Coiner sign-up’s site.


This is a major problem because the fact that there are so many sub-par App Coiner sites will put Google off ranking yours, you don’t actually own the site (despite paying signup fees equivalent to buying your own), and not only are you competing against non-App Coiner reviewers all over the internet, but you also have to try and compete for rankings against other App Coiner reviewers.

How Do I Get Paid on App Coiner?

The shoddy websites wouldn’t be an issue for you if you were getting paid for your review regardless of whether or not anyone actually read it but… that’s not the case. How it really works is that App Coiner will monetize your reviews for you and pay you on a weekly basis. 

Firstly – why you would want to let someone have control over something that is genuinely being monetized and making money from your efforts is a little mystifying, but say you have no idea about how online marketing works and you don’t care to learn, then the monetization takes place because App Coiner places ads on your site’s pages. Each page contains two ads, and if a visitor clicks a link to go to an app store, they’ll be shown another ad for 10 seconds before they can continue. 


Display ads usually only make cents-per-click, but the ads App Coiner places on your site are often for ClickBank products (affiliate marketing), so there is a chance you may make a commission through these ads.

How to Make Money on App Coiner: Traffic

Yes – just like any other way of making money online through the volume of clicks, views or sales, your ability to make money on App Coiner relies totally on your site’s traffic. 

Due to the nature of these sites (a huge volume of sub-domains on one domain), the sites really don’t rank on their own, so organic SEO is pretty much out of the question. That leaves you with two avenues of promotion: social media and paid traffic. 


Paying for traffic to one of these sites simply isn’t viable – you will pay far more for the traffic than you’ll ever make in commissions unless you seriously know what you’re doing. (And if that’s the case, why are you looking at a site like App Coiner when you could set it up for yourself?)

The Verdict: Can You Actually Make Money with App Coiner?

The reality is, a huge percentage of people won’t make more than pennies with App Coiner. To see any traction or return, you’d have to be willing to put in a huge amount of time and effort and hope for luck.


Those who would be willing to put the money and time into driving traffic to their site would be better off creating their own site and pushing traffic to it instead. There isn’t anything App Coiner is doing that you couldn’t do on your own – and better! 


App Coiner is an opportunity that is best avoided.


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