Audience Toolkit Review 2019: Can This Really Help Your Business?

audience toolkit review 2019
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This is my complete review of Audience Toolkit a product created by the company Simple Social Tools.

I decided to try it for myself and see how it performed with managing social media marketing tasks that usually take up hours of my time.

Audience toolkit is designed to help you build an engaged audience within your niche or industry in business.

You can use it to research other businesses that are similar to yours and engage with their already large follower base.

Sending out masses of friend invites at a time to increase your customer base and benefit from engaging with the kinds of people who want to buy from you or learn about your service or offering is just one of the features of this software, saving you hours doing it yourself or relying on other people to find your facebook page out of the blue.

Product Details

Name : Audience Toolkit

Creator : Simple Social Tools

Date Launched: 13 November 2018

Special Offer : $27 for first month $47 thereafter

Current Price – $47 per month Optional Up-sells

Refund : Yes, 7 Day Money Back Guarantee

Review Score: 70/100


What is Audience Toolkit?

It’s a piece of software that you can add to Google chrome as an extension to help target your audience of ideal clients/customers and is very time effective.

A lot of the tasks it can perform are automated and protect your Facebook account from getting banned or violating any of Facebooks policies.


Is Audience Toolkit Safe To Use?

Yes, it’s designed to copy natural behaviour and automate the time consuming tasks involved with Social Networking, because we all know that sometimes that time can get blown out of proportion.


Can you use Audience Toolkit On PC and Mac?

The Audience Toolkit is a chrome extension so it works on all operating systems so you don’t have to worry about running into compatibility issues it works just fine on your PC or Mac.


Do You Need To Download Software To Use Audience Toolkit?

This tool is unique in that you don’t need to download anything, it’s completely online based as mentioned above it’s an extension for Google Chrome, the only pre-requisite is that you have Google Chrome installed on your computer.


After purchasing I received step by step instructions showing me installation instructions for the tool on to your web browser (Chrome)

Example video below of Audience Toolkit being used in real time.


Is Audience Toolkit Easy To Use?

Regardless of your experience the company simple social tools designed this software to be very straight forward to understand and use to be effective in your business.

How Can Audience Toolkit Help Your Business?

The main benefit is to free up time in your business in regard to keeping social networking posts and interactions with your followers all handled by Audience Toolkit.


If your business benefits from networking and connecting with people, clients, customers or business partners then this tool will be helpful to your business growth as a whole.



How Much Does Audience Toolkit Cost

You can pay a monthly rate of $37 or save 55% by paying yearly at $197


audience tool kit cost
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Refund Policy Audience Toolkit

There is a 7-Day No Questions Asked money back guarantee, so if you don’t feel like your getting the value you expected from this tool you can simply get a refund.


Simple Social Tools is confident they’ve made a good product here and a refund policy like this speaks for itself no matter what business you’re in.


Audience Toolkit Testimonials

audience toolkit testimonials


Audience Toolkit Special Offer $27

Check it out here 

Upsell 1 Marketing Bootcamp $197

Check it out here

audience toolkit bundle
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Upsell 2 $127

Check it out here

social media bootcamp
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Upsell 3 $497

Check it out here

audience toolkit unlimited membership
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-Quickly be able to grow an audience for your business

-Automated message and tasks to save hours on doing it manually

-Friend invites are delayed so you can’t be banned by facebook and still be able to amass lots of new followers to your Facebook page

-Software works while you sleep

-Free software upgrades

-New features being added by software creators to keep it up to date and relevant

-Like up to 100 posts on auto-pilot

-Auto like profile, groups and News feed posts


-No possible way to make conversations individualised especially when trying to converse with hundreds of people at a time.

-can’t filter the posts you like, could be a negative thing if the content groups are posting is inappropriate for some reason.


Overall I think that Audience Toolkit is great for online businesses to target new audiences on scale and no have to wait for customers/followers and clients to find them first.

You can literally benefit off the hard work other more established pages on facebook who have spent years building their audiences.

I think as long as your page has some posts and is populated with content and looks legitimate before using this tool, you have a decent chance of growing your follower base on Facebook quickly.

I think the up-sells are suited for people who are completely new to Facebook marketing and content creation but if you need other resources like my complete guide to facebook marketing make sure you check that out first before investing in one of these bootcamps.

Check it out for yourself here for just $27 and a 7 day money back guarantee!


The internet is full of money making opportunities. Depending on your interests some can work very well, others just flat out fail but almost EVERY SINGLE one is trading your time for money.

Creating your own affiliate website is one of the best ways to “make money while you sleep” and open new possibilities to earn money from literally anywhere on the planet.

Your website is active and working for you 24/7 365 and is easily accessed from any smartphone or computer.

Maintaining a super successful website in affiliate marketing isn’t a walk in the park, but it’s much more simple with step by step lessons from

this program.





  1. Janie

    Really cool tool kit you reviewed there! Thank you so much.
    It seems pretty handy for automating those processes of liking, asking friendships and posting mass posts.
    But on the other hand, that doesn’t really take too much time if you organize yourself a good plan. You’d still have to interact individually with you friends, can’t possibly automate that, can you? This is not a rethorical question, I’m truly ad awe and drawn to this thing, that is why all those questions pop up to in my mind.
    And as you say, it migh like something we do not like, or we would never consider liking.
    How precise is the Audiance Toolkit?
    Thank you so much for this precious information,
    grateful in advance also for your answers
    Kind regards ,

    1. Will

      Hi Janie, yes definitely hit the nail on the head there. As far as interacting with close personal friends on facebook I would probably wouldn’t rely on this tool but rather write the messages manually 🙂 Great question though thanks for asking.

  2. Sabrina

    This is a great review. I like how well read and informative it is. Every question I had was answered. Definitely made it easy to decide if it would be the right purchase for me or not. Thanks for the info!

  3. Jackie

    Hi Will

    Thanks for the review, it is nice to hear that you are using the Audience toolkit. It sounds like it is a good tool to really help increased and engaged your audience.
    It sounds even more wonderful to hear that it will work within your niche or industry. That is a big deal.

    I guess it is well designed if it can “protect your Facebook account from getting banned or violating any of Facebooks policies.”

    It is good to hear that the Software is not complicated and that you can return the product if you are not satisfied with it.

    The internet is definitely full of money-making opportunities, so tools like these will do well if they can help reduce the amount of work that is needed to build your online business.

    Well done.

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