Auto Chat Profits Review: Can You Really Make Money Fast?

auto chat profits
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The moment you arrive on Auto Chat Profits you will be bombarded with popups about unlocking free software tools and forfeiting your free license to use the software.


 What is it? You’ll have to watch the video on the home page to find out as there is no other information there.


 Actually – you won’t, as I’m here to clear up the fact and fiction surrounding Auto Chat Profits and whether any of the claims they make are actually legitimate. 

What is Auto Chat Profits?

Auto Chat Profits claims that you can make money online ($423.67 a day to be precise) using an automated piece of software. 


It’s creator, Samantha, claims the software will do all the work for you, and she’s not quite sure how you found her super-secret video. (Cue eyeroll.) 


She says that their software easily makes money online through affiliate marketing. 


Essentially what it is, is a training course that shows you how to make money from affiliate marketing using a ready-made website, email marketing, chatbots, and ads. 

If you do happen to purchase the car and decide to return it, you have a 60-day guarantee so you have plenty of time to return the program.

Who is Samantha?

Samantha Smith, the woman who narrates the promotional video, isn’t well known and is honestly, most likely, a fictional character created by the real people behind the site.

How Does Auto Chat Profits Work?

Auto Chat Profits is essentially affiliate marketing with a bot who essentially acts as your salesperson, and the whole program revolves around this. 


The chatbot will speak to your customers and attempt to convince them to purchase your product – which in this case is an affiliate link and you will earn your commission.

How Much is Auto Chat Profits?

The Auto Chat Profits software is $37 which builds you a “website chatbot”, which integrates with ClickBank and your email service provider. 


There are also monthly ongoing fees for the upkeep of your site that totals $22, and three up-sells: 

  • ACP Faster Profits $197 – a pre-made custom chatbot with a sales video, articles, and product reviews. 
  • ACP Double Your Profit Sites $187 – a pre-made chatbox website in a different niche and comes with a sales video, articles, and product reviews. 
  • ACP Traffic Tsunami $97 – this provides you with traffic strategies. 

Who is Auto Chat Profits For?

Ideally, no one. This is another site that is almost identical to a couple of others likely produced by the same people trying to scam beginners out of their hard-earned cash.

Who is Auto Chat Profits NOT For?

Everyone! If you aren’t convinced to move on and look at other legitimate ways of making money online, read the red flags listed below. 

Auto Chat Profits Huge Red Flags 

The biggest issue is that this is another one of those “done for you” money-making sites which claims to help you make money while still technically owning the site they give you. 


While there are a few legitimate programs out there that use this model, most are not. 

The next is that this is yet another program that lies to you with fake testimonials and preys on beginners who don’t understand that there isn’t a magical software which can essentially print you money. 


Another thing to be aware of is that Auto Chat Profits offers their affiliates 90% commission – meaning they are offering people a lot of incentive to promote the program (so it’s something of a wonder they are so overwhelmingly negative). 


And of course, you can’t mention red flags without mentioning the fact that the site is almost identical to a couple of other scam sites and filled to the brim with heavy-handed sales tactics and fake income claims. 


There are so many sites out there that do this, when will they learn? Unless the person showing the income statements is a known-name, income “proof” statements rarely do more than bring on more suspicion. 


The site you buy through them isn’t customizable, meaning whatever they buy is what you get, and anyone else who purchased the program has exactly the same website as you. 


Google is not a fan of cookie-cutter sites, so your site will probably be penalized by Google. 

Finally, the only way to actively drive traffic to your site is to pay for it, and they recommend Solo ads.


If you don’t know, this is essentially those emails that suddenly appear in your inbox when you have almost no idea when or even if you signed up to be contacted. 


This program promotes this kind of contact. 


Is Auto Chat Profits a Scam?

The intentions behind the site certainly seem to point in that direction. 


While the ideas behind the site of utilizing chatbots is a sound one, the website tells too many lies to be trusted, and the chatbots are extremely basic. 


These chatbots can only reply with a short list of predetermined responses. 

Steer clear of this one.

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