CB Passive Income Review: is it a scam?

cb passive income review 2019
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Passive income are two words we all dream about – can you imagine going about your life, barely working a minute as the money pours into your bank account. 


It is the stuff of dreams – but is it really possible? Patrick Chan, the man behind CB Passive Income, seems to believe so.

What is CB Passive Income?

CB Passive Income is a “business-in-a-box program” that claims to generate sustainable passive income for you. 


Though the true aim of the course is not clear at first glance, the course essentially tells you how to make money as a ClickBank affiliate. 


Each year or so Patrick updates the course, and as of this writing, the course is on iteration 5.0. 


The course is one of the highest-selling products on ClickBank, and many other big-name marketers promote the course.

Who is Patrick Chan?

There is no denying that Patrick Chan is a legitimate online entrepreneur. 


He is a highly successful online marketer who does seem to genuinely want to help others make money. CB Passive Income is his answer to hearing people say that starting an online business from scratch was too complicated.

How Does CB Passive Income Work?

CB Passive Income takes most of the responsibility of setting up your business from you – as you’ll read if you take a glance at the sales page. 


It says that you won’t have to write any copy or design web pages, and that is because the program takes care of it for you. 

CB Passive Income works because you send traffic to a landing page, created by CB Passive income, with professional design and a free gift offer to visitors. 


The visitor can exchange the free download in return for their email address, which the program’s autoresponders take care of. 


CB Passive Income takes care of everything that isn’t driving traffic to your landing pages.

But if Everything is Done for Me is it My Business?

That’s up to you – and this is one of the main reasons CB Passive Income isn’t for everyone. 


If you are looking to start your own business from scratch and grow it, you won’t like the program. 


However, if you don’t care how you attain the passive income but only that you get it, the program may well be for you.

What’s Included in the Training?

When you get into the members’ area it will guide you through where everything is and then you can jump straight into the training. 


There are two things you need to do before moving on – you need to create an account with ClickBank.


Clickbank is the affiliate site through which you will actually make your money. 

They recommend three different types of advertising: Solo Advertising (which comes in a 35-page eBook), Bing Ads (two 30 minute videos), and organic traffic from sources like YouTube.

Who is CB Passive Income For?

As mentioned previously, CB Passive Income will likely only appeal to people who are eager to make passive income online and are prepared to pay for someone else to set it up for them. 

Who is CB Passive Income NOT For?

If you need full control over your business, have a desire to build a business from the ground up, or are not interested in earning money from affiliate marketing, this program isn’t for you.


How Much does CB Passive Income Cost?

The starting price of the program is $47 a month, or a one-time payment of $497. There are also a couple of upsells which are features that make your life easier. These are: 

  • Inbox Pro Version – connects your CB Passive Income account with your autoresponder.
  • Mass Bot Profits – an automated chatbot which promotes digital products on Facebook Messenger. 
  • Internet to Income Insider – Patrick regularly sends emails with further opportunities. 
  • There are no nasty surprises in store for those who decide to sign up.


You have the ClickBank 60-day guarantee, so if you dislike the course or decide it isn’t for you, you can get your money back. 

Is CB Passive Income a Scam?

No, it’s not, but nor is it the golden ticket to your very own money-making machine. 

CB Passive Income is on its fifth iteration for a reason – the program is legitimate, the training is sound, and the price point is good. 

One of the strongest things going for CB Passive income is that the man behind it, Patrick Chan, is an experienced internet marketer who knows what he is talking about.


He understands exactly how to break it down so the least experienced people in his audience can get to grips with his methods and start making money.


The Verdict?

If you like the sound of the course and you are looking for a hands-off way to make money online, this program may be it for you. 


The price point of this program – for all it promises – is cheap which means you are much more likely to have money left over in your budget to pay for what makes this business model work for you: traffic. 

If you are on a tight budget and if you think after purchasing that you may have trouble finding the money to drive traffic to your landing pages, you either need to double-down on the organic traffic or find a different online business to start. 


The success of this program really does hinge on whether or not you can follow Patrick’s steps to a T and have the budget to drive traffic to your site.


Try CB Passive Income system out.


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