Clickbank University 2.0 Review – Worth your time and money?

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Product Name : Clickbank University 2.0


Product Owners: Justin Atlan, Matt Hulett, Adam Horwitz


Advertised Price: $47 per month


Upsells: Product: Clickbank Builder $597 Advanced Training $97
Rating: 80/100

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Introduction – Clickbank University


First impressions of this training was that it was all about creating your own info products on a topic that you can talk with someone for hours about.

It could be a hobby of yours that you do in your spare time or a type of product that you know everything about, so much so that you can explain all its flaws and things that make it so interesting for you to talk about.

Well Clickbank University is definitely just that, more directed at the kinds of people that have a great idea for a business but are not sure how to execute it. 

Affiliate marketing training is really more of an afterthought for this company who has left out a lot of crucial information and examples of how to create effective affiliate marketing strategies.

Affiliate marketing is not explained in a way anyone who has never attempted this business before can take action on and build a source of income themselves from this type of business.

If you want to create and sell your own product or service online Clickbank university is for you, however if you prefer to dive down the rabbit hole of affiliate marketing then this training is not hitting all the right targets.

Instead I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate. This company has stood the test of time, offering premium training by successful internet marketers who are walking the walk when it comes to executing and earning large commissions from Affiliate Marketing.

Generally this type of program is one that throws up-sell after up-sell at you while you are spun through the sales funnel that at times is really giving you the hard sell, adding more $ signs to your checkout.

I would advise you to keep reading in order to find out what you should and shouldn’t be tempted into buying from CBU if you decide its worth the investment.

I will also be covering in depth the affiliate training that CBU offers and the reasons why Wealthy Affiliate is the better choice.


What Is Clickbank University 2.0

A community of people who know a lot about creating your very own info products and marketing your own creation in the best way possible.

A very limited resource for learning to market already created products by other vendors looking to sell their creations via the clickbank marketplace.


Review in short

This is a high ticket online program directed at entrepreneurs looking to create and market their own info product.

The community adds a large chunk of value to the high price tag and in addition to the training is worth the investment.

If you’re looking to jump into affiliate marketing and only affiliate marketing (selling other peoples products) there are better trainings out there. 

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Considerations Before You Purchase CBU


Clickbanks sales page was easy to understand and they gave you an inside look at the members area of CBU 2.0 so you can see what you will be getting.

1. Offering upsells without showing you real value first in my eyes is a no no. $600 for a product before I can access the $47 one you just sold me is a little disconcerting.

2. Their fear inducing pitch to you goes like this: Googles Deep Mind robots are going to snatch everyones 9-5 jobs and to stay ahead of the game we

need to work out home.

In reality the robotic evolution is inevitable and I like to view it as improving our lives rather than taking over society.

Look for example at the improvements in the medical industry, car manufacturing and production lines how robots have made them more efficient and safe for each industry.


Software: Builder 2.0 Explained

For $600 you get a product that creates pages in the easiest way for a newbie to this type of marketing.

Personally I would prefer to use LeadPages which has a great free trial and is just a similiar cost for the pro version but you get a lot more value and customisable features that you need out of it.

With Builder 2.0 you are obligated to host at Clickbank, so you’re stuck in a bit of a pickle for life if you choose this upsell!


Inside Clickbank University 2.0 Members Dashboard


Within the course dashboard you will see a few tabs, to unlock access to all the content and lessons you have to fill out a form and request it.

The main training involves learning how to become a “vendor” on Clickbank where you will learn how to design your own landing/sales pages and sales funnel, featuring your product on Clickbank, and scaling your business to grow and make money.

Training videos are 3 minutes to 25 minutes long and the content is full of good information to help you succeed.

Clickbank University Forum is included in the program and you can exchange ideas, ask for help and make great connections with other budding entrepreneurs in the digital product space.

The forums main focus is on product creators so more discussions take place on this topic.

The affiliate marketing side of the program is not as popular in the forums and there for isn’t as much of a focus.

Clickbank University is a great community of product creators, the affiliate marketing training is an added bonus and is important to know about since you will be eventually creating tools for affiliates to market your own product on Clickbank.

If your on the fence and not sure if you want to be a creator or an affiliate, Personally I think there are advantages to both but if your just starting out with not a lot of capital affiliate marketing is the best way to go.

It doesn’t have quite the excitement of owning your own product, it does however get you one step closer to acquiring a passive income.


10 Parts I valued in CBU 2.0


Product creation can be a very good return on investment if you have a high quality product that solves a problem and can’t be bought easily off sites like ebay and Amazon.

Another must is knowing how to drive targeted traffic to your website.

Couple this with a well thought out email marketing campaign and attractive incentives for affiliate marketers and the money making potential is quite high.

After consuming the course I found that the quality remained high for every lesson and there where some great takeaways from the course.

These included: how to think of a product to sell, driving the right kind of traffic to your websites, and a look into how to Clickbanks affiliate market engine works.

Online marketers at every level will benefit from this course from just beginners to intermediate and experienced there will be some beneficial takeaways for anyone who completes all the lessons applicable to them.


1. Focused product creation lessons of High Quality


CBU contains hundreds of hours of content for you to go through. A combination of over the shoulder and face-to-face video.

If you prefer there is a pdf of the lesson available to download so you may read or skim over the lesson covered as a refresher instead of having to sit through the hole video once again.

I prefer to read over the lessons when returning to them, this was my preferred learning style when returning to the content to make sure I didn’t miss anything covered or interpret the information the wrong way.


2. High quality videos


The video quality was high as well as the production of the video, was impressed with this aspect of the course. Video is used in so many avenues of teaching these days even most medical fields use it to teach medical students in training.


3. Website Builder 2.0


Although this had a high price tag it is beneficial for new product creators to use as a tool in their marketing strategy.

It has a pre-built funnel strategy and landing page build function that helps creators stay on the right track, as this is a vital part of selling your own product a well put together funnel means more conversions and more sales.

I’m a believer in having the correct tools for business and if this helps you create a solid selling strategy that makes its cost back in sales then its a worthwhile investment especially due to how straight forward it is to utilise.


4. Active Community


The creators of courses such as these are busy people, so understandably they have a community of people who can answer each others queries.

The community is quite fast in their response rate to questions and the quality of answers by members can be very informative.

Including screenshots and in depth explanations for issues you might get hung up on.

It’s a part of the course I was excited to see and benefited personally from also.


5. Weekly Q&A Webinars


After attending one of the webinars i was impressed with the quality of answers that where being given to peoples questions and how the layout of the Q&A was designed.

Most of the time many people are struggling with the same kinds of problems.

Even if you don’t have a question about the course you will most definitely learn from others who might have come up against problems your yet to experience.

It’s a worthwhile investment of your time to attend these Q&A’s.


6. YouTube Ads Course


YouTube is one of the most powerful advertising mediums on the internet today and Clickbank University has lessons on how to create your on YouTube Ads to market your product or website.

Implementing this to your advertising strategy is a powerful tool that not a lot of people utilise well.


7. Copywriting Course


Copywriting is taught within the YouTube Ads module in your “Library” and is a nice addition.

Learning to write persuasive ad copy is a great skill to have and is a major part of increasing you conversion rate.

Copywriting increases sales made from your ads as well as CTR (click through rate).

CTR is how often a person clicks on your Ad or call to action to buy the product your selling.


8. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


This product is backed by a 30 Day Guarantee if you decide within those 30 days that its not for you, Clickbank will refund you money.


9. No prior technical skills required


A lot of online courses require extensive technical knowledge.

Clickbank University is not one of them, all the training is very beginner orientated and you will be clear on what steps you need to take and how to follow along without an issue.


10. Created by successful Internet Marketers

The training is created by three successful marketers Matt Hulett, Adam Horwitz and Justin Atlan each in their own right successful at what they do.

Quite often product creators have a vision for seeing other people have similar success to what they have had as their way of giving back and I think these guys had that in mind.

You can tell they have crafted a course that has had a lot of pre planning and thought put into it to make it what it is.


1 Part I disliked about CBU 2.0

1. Traffic Sources Lacking


Traffic to your website or landing page is one of the main key points to being profitable. If no one sees what your selling you won’t sell much at all.

Clickbank University limits thier sources to Facebook and Instagram but could be expanded upon for example:

  • Quality content creation, Blogging and utilising Keywords
  • PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising on platforms such as Bing and Google
  • Organic Traffic through search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo,,, Baidu, Wolframalpha, DuckDuckGo, Internet Archive, and
  • Facebook Fan Pages
  • Social media platforms such as tumblr, twitter, Reddit, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Medium

As you can clearly see they could have expanded more with their traffic generation section of their website.

You could ask about these other sources in the Weekly Q&A Webinars which would provide with you with the answers.


Why the Affiliate Training Comes Up Short


  • Outdated content
  • length of course could be done in 3 weeks not 8
  • no comparison for email marketing providers e.g. mailchimp and Aweber.
  • no examples of squeeze pages
  • no in depth explanation of how it works

Don’t get me wrong there was a lot of information to be received  from this online course.

It is perfectly tailored for the product creators out there who are looking to get started, when it comes to affiliate marketing training I would direct my attention to other trusted products out there.

Final Thoughts and Recommendation


Clickbank University is a well put together product worthy of the $47 monthly cost if your goal is to create and sell your own info product online. 

Click Here to Sign up for ClickBank University 2.0


If however you want the best course online for learning Affiliate Marketing I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate University.

Thanks for reading this review


“ClickBank University does not own or operate this website and is not responsible for its contents. It is owned by an independent marketing affiliate.”

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