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commission hero review
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commission hero



Review Summary


Commission Hero


Founder: Robby Blanchard


Product Type: Course


Price: $997


Best for: Affiliate Marketers


Robby Blanchard



What is Commission Hero?


A course teaching you paid traffic methods with Facebook Ads.

Teaches you how to make affiliate commissions without needing a product, email list, or website.


Inside Commission Hero


1. Getting started section

-You can book a 1 on 1 consultation call with Robby Blanchard where he analyses your business and gives you a plan to grow further and overcome any problems you’re facing.


-explains what affiliate marketing is

-recommends you purchase a subscription to Click Funnels to create you landing pages to promote offers.

– gives you a 7 step launch checklist to get you going.


 2. Choose the right offer


-Robby guides you through choosing the right offer to promote within CPA networks and other affiliate networks available to you.


He favours Health related offers to promote, not internet marketing offers that over populate other affiliate platforms like Warrior + and JvZoo


-As a member of Commission Hero you receive customer commission rates that are higher than normal for products listed on Click Bank.


commission hero Facebook Ad


 3. Ad Image/ Landing Page Creation


The sales funnel taught by commission hero works like this:

You post a Facebook ad that sends people to a Pre-sell page leading them to a product offer.


Robby has had most success with image ads instead of video ads, therefore the done for you templates are all image based.


Next is creating a Landing Page for your sales funnel. He uses ClickFunnels as the page builder for this step.


You then insert your affiliate links (the ones that earn you a commission) into the areas of the pre-built pages that he has pre-made.


4. Facebook Pixel Creation and Facebook Setup


Due to the heavy focus on facebook ads for the main source of traffic to your affiliate offers, Commission Hero teaches only this method to earn affiliate commissions.


You have to setup Facebook and tracking before you start your advertising campaigns in order to receive back the right data to tweak and change your campaigns until they are profitable.


Costs associated with running ads can get out of control very quickly.


Robby shows you his facebook ads dashboard and what campaigns have been most profitable for him that he has scaled (increased ad spend) for ads that perform well and have a high conversion rates.


Implementing a Facebook Pixel enables you to setup additional campaigns that re-target Facebook users who have interacted with your ads.


This makes sure you can test more ad sets and provides you with more data to tweak your ad design until it starts to convert well.


5. Scaling up your Facebook Ad Campaigns Tracking Metrics


After testing your ads you will soon find some that have a positive return for example you spend $1 on ads and make $2.


Once you reach this point it’s time to scale, Robby walks you through this process in one of his video tutorials.


6. Facebook Add Accounts Banned


After running these kinds of offers, theres a high probability they will get banned due to being against Facebooks advertising policy.


Robby actually tells you that this is expected to happen  and how to make a strategy to ensure this has a very small effect on your business.


Basically a work around for having your facebook ad accounts banned is to create just another ad account in its place.


7. Bonuses


Done for you Ad copy

This is the text written within your ads that has a high conversion rate and has a very sale orientated voice behind the style of writing.


Paying someone to write this style of copy can cost you hundreds from services like Upwork and Fiverr.


Also included is done for you Ad images for Weight Loss/Health and Battery Saver Niches.


Ad images are pre-made and tested for you to use that have been proven to convert.


Done for you Landing Pages


These pages can be uploaded into ClickFunnels straight away or you can edit them first inserting your affiliate links and upload them to your WordPress sites server.


This process can get pretty technical so Robby explains it in detail.


Who is Commission Hero for?


In my opinion, experienced affiliate marketers who are not having any success with creating high converting pre-sell pages.


These are already created for you in Commission Hero, making it a plug and play system.



Another type of buyer for this program is marketers who can’t create converting image ads for Facebook and would prefer to use “done for you” ad images.


Commission Hero Ugly truths revealed


Unfortunately Commission Hero doesn’t teach any free traffic methods, which if utilized can drive even more sales to your affiliate offers.


Unfortunately Robby doesn’t include in his free webinar the associated high cost of advertising on facebook.


One of the students testimonials clearly stated that he was spending $300-$350 on Ads for around a $900-1000 return on ad spend.


Yes that’s a decent profit but the simple fact is a lot of people can’t afford t be spending that much every day on ads.


What I like about Commission Hero


The experience of the course creator shines through the course content.


It’s structured and well presented material you can take action on right away.


Is Commission Hero a Scam?


No its legit, there are high costs associated with the course, you need to weigh up the options such as the pros and cons before you purchase this high cost program.


The course creator is a legitimate business owner (Blanchard Media) and has made many people more money through his Facebook Ads strategy methods.


This course can offer you genuine value, but it comes in at a high price tag. 


Just think of a product you recently spent almost a thousand dollars on and what value it provided you.


Reading the facts from this course can you see a similar value?



Pros and Cons of Commission Hero



– Training is easy to follow and gives you actionable information


– Strategy call 1 on 1 can be booked so you receive extra support


– Done for you ad copy, audience targeting, ad images


– 12 months success guarantee program


– Quicker acceptance from CPA networks you can apply to


– Stays away from recommending you run ads for internet marketing niche


– Higher commissions for 2 affiliate programs (flat belly fix, Lean Belly Breakthrough)



  • Extra money you have to spend whilst learning profitable facebook advertising campaigns methods.
  • High Ticket Program cost

Income Proof Robby Blanchard Youtube Video



Student Testimonial Proof


The main sales page for Commission Hero shows 2 course members achieving results and 1 client of Blanchard Media who has achieved more sales with Blanchard medias strategies with Facebook marketing.





Interview with Robby Blanchard Youtube Video



What Support is available from Commission Hero?


Commission Hero has a private Facebook group for members only where you can ask questions and compare results and strategies within the training.


You can pay $500 for a one on one session with Robby Blanchard himself where he will analyse your online business and help you moving forward.


Here is a comparison between this high ticket program and Wealthy Affiliate, a free to start affiliate marketing training that will teach you how to get started online without all the risk of such a high cost program to begin with.


Commission Hero Vs Wealthy Affiliate Comparison Table








I think this course has a lot of value to give people looking for a “done for you” style Facebook paid ads strategy to generate commissions as an affiliate marketer.


It takes a lot of the guess work out of it, using ads that a number 1 ranked Clickbank affiliate has used to generate a lot of money.


Keep a few things in mind though before you purchase Commission Hero.


You have to spend money to make money. The student making $1,000 dollars a day disclosed how much he was spending on ads to generate that income. $300 – $350 per day was producing $1000 days.


Now not everyone can start at this level you need a considerable budget to be making those kind of figures.


So who is this program really suited for?


If you wish to earn the kind of commissions it promises in 30 days.


I believe it’s for affiliate marketers who are already generated income from running campaigns or niche websites that generate enough income to justify a larger advertising budget.


If you aren’t making enough money to justify spending at least $100 on facebook ads this course is not for you.


If you don’t have that kind of money to spend on paid advertising there is an alternative to start building an online business.


Earning affiliate commissions over time and lets you scale slowly without the risk of a high ticket program like Commission Hero.


I have written a full review of this alternate method to building an online business, just click the link below to see it for yourself.



Click Here for a full review of my no:1 recommended Affiliate Training that is FREE to join


If you wish to sign up for Commission Hero Click the button below





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