Flipping Domains! With Domain Elite Pro 2019 Version: Complete 2019 Review

domainer elite pro
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domain elite pro


This is my complete review of Domainer Elite PRO created by Jamie Lewis.


Jamie Lewis is known for his talent for flipping expired domains similarly to how people buy and flip other items on the internet.


Domainer Elite PRO contains domain flipping tips, tricks and how to guides for flipping low cost domains  for substantially large profit.


Jamie has been flipping domains for a long time and he claims to have earned a lot of money doing so, somewhere in the hundreds of thousands range.


He says his course can really benefit the average joe who is looking for real results in his industry, so is it worth all the hype he gives it?


I signed up and used the course myself and this is what I found….


Read on to find out if it’s worth your time…


Product Name: Domain Elite PRO

Creator: Jamie Lewis

Website: https://domainerelite.com/pro/

Price: $67 with 6x up sells

Money Back Guarantee: 14 Days

My Rating: 7/10

Recommended: Yes


Version 4 2019 Re-vamped


What is Domainer Elite Pro?

Domainer Elite Pro is an online software aimed at the domain flipping industry.

It shows you available domains that have expired recently or are available that you can buy and flip for a huge profit.


It was created to be the number one resource for someone looking for a tool to make the research side of domain flipping a lot easier and time effective.


So how does it fair?


domainer elite pro testimonials
image: domainerelite.com/pro

What is Domain Flipping?

Domain flipping is the process of purchasing a domain name with the intent of quickly selling it at a significantly higher cost.


For example bestdomains.com was available at $20 from a domain purchasing site such as Godaddy. You purchase this domain and re-list it for $100.


Now given that you have done your research and found that this domain name is high value


you would then sell it on to someone who wants that domain given its higher value, banking you a profit in the process of $80.


Domainer Elite helps you find high value domains, list them, and make a profit in the process.


That… in layman’s terms is what the softwares main purpose is.


Domainer Elite Pro provides members with lessons on “selling” your newly purchased domains in addition to actually locating the right kinds of domains that have real value to buyers.


Domainer Elite Pros predecessor Domainer Elite was launched in January of 2016 and was a success in terms of sales due to the popularity of domain buying and selling at that time.


So is it still popular….


The short answer is YES, people still see the value in having domains that are in demand and this software provides an entry point for anyone looking to get into the business.


Some of Domainer Elite PROs features are:

  • Training from Jamie himself
  • Locate in-demand domains with easy to use software
  • Be given lists of expired domains that have high appraised values of $3k – $50k
  • Receive an over the shoulder approach to learning how Jamie has been successful
  • Lean the sales process of flipping domains the right way
  • Done for you templates to list and sell your domains



Domainer Elite Pro Price?

The cost of Domainer Elite Pro is $67 but there are a number of upsells, 4 in total that give you more resources if you feel like you need them moving forward with domain flipping.


Domainer Elite Pro Software ($67)


Base product consisting of:

  • video and written lessons teaching you about domain flipping to make a profit
  • all features listed above
  • software that finds you expired domains as well as available domains that can be flipped
  • 3 domain listings at a time on the Domainer Elite marketplace (platform to buy and sell domains)


domainer elite pro members area

screenshot of members area


Upsell 1 $47

With this upgraded version of domainer elite pro you now have unlimited domain listings on the marketplace.


Meaning you can sell as many as you would like at any one time without having to be limited to only 3 at a time as with the standard product.


If you have made 3 sales and are looking to upgrade this would be a great option to take full advantage of the softwares potential.


I wouldn’t upgrade unless you’re confident in the system or have at least made some sales with the standard product first.


Upsell 2 $147


This gives you access to 2 live webinars weekly on Tue and Wed. In these 3-5 hour long webinars Jamie imparts his knowledge of domain flipping and you can ask him questions live.


I think that this rate is pretty decent given Jamie has been doing this a long time, he has a lot of knowledge on the topic and you could certainly pick up some good advice for such a small price.


These webinars have been going since 2011 so you know they will be there for the foreseeable future.


Upsell 4 $497


A business in a box, basically describes this product upgrade. Jamies business in a box to be more specific.


Jamie will build a website for you and do the branding, sales written copy and affiliate pages according to his video on the sales page.


He claims to have done this for multiple businesses listed on popular online digital product marketplaces such as Clickbank and JvZoo which have gone on to make them six figures consistently.


He provided list of websites he had built but 75% of them were no longer active, probably something I would have checked before listing it on the sales page, but that’s just me.




Some of the features of this basic package that are done for you are:

  • Coordinated Niche Research
  • Domain Concept & Search
  • Domain Purchase and Register
  • Product Concept & Production Strategy
  • Full Graphic Design


Upsell 5 $997

This is another built for you type business in a box complete with everything you get from the

basic package +

  • Full Converting Copywriting
  • Include Hosting Charge and Setup
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Domain Management & Setup
  • FTP Account Setup
  • Aweber or GetRespnse Integration
  • $200 Free Social Media Traffic

Listed on the sales page is Earning Potential: $5,000 / Month for this pre-built website.


Upsell 6 $1497

Proffessional Package +

Again everything from the basic and Upsell 5 is included but you also get:

  • Google Analytics & Search Console Setup
  • Reveal 2 Awesome Traffic Sources
  • 24/7 Email Support
  • Help with JVZoo & ClickBank Marketing
  • $400 Free Social Media Traffic

Listed here is Earning Potential: Unlimited/Month

Now you might be thinking, far out thats a lot of up sells and they’re pretty expensive as well,

don’t worry I thought the exact same thing.



-Great information on buying and selling domains

-Support team is very responsive and helpful

-Learn from a veteran in the industry

-Software works well, no bugs.



-Members area is a little confusing, theres a lot of sections that can be a little hard to navigate

-Proportion of Time spent/Money Earned seems skewed in the wrong direction

-Pricey Up sells that don’t appear to have the value or credibility

-Results are through a lot of trial and error, not instantaneous or easy to achieve

-Selling your domain names to other Domainer Elite PRO members seems a little bit strange to me.



You can choose to go down this “done for you” type route but you really aren’t learning how it works or how easy it is to setup for yourself.

If you are interested in creating your own business check out the review of Wealthy Affiliate I did here.

They are a website that teaches Affiliate Marketing and creating your own business online on a budget, with a big community and lots of already successful marketers who help each other out and share their knowledge with you.


Online Business Comparison Chart




I think that Domainer Elite PRO isn’t a scam and people have definitely made money of flipping domains with this software but I just don’t know if your time and effort is worth the pay off.


The points that made me a little skeptical are that the so called “marketplace” where you list your domains has 8,000 other people who are Domain Elite PRO users as well. So basically you’re relying on a community of people who have bought the same software as you to sell your domain to.


Now there are other methods of flipping domains by listing them on Etsy but the example given by Jamie was he flipped a domain in 4 days for just a $20-$30 profit nothing too crazy.


I think that Jamie definitely has some great knowledge to share about flipping domains and if you’re eager to learn the ropes then he is the guy to learn off, I just wouldn’t be dropping a thousand bucks to have a website made instead of trying to flip domains that has a low cost barrier to entry.


This isn’t a scam but it won’t be replacing your full time income like other online business models can or at least not that I have seen.


I like to rely on real results from students and or people that have been successful with a digital product or software such as this before I jump in the deep end spending all my time and effort to learn.


But if you’re the kind of person who loves the chase of flipping something as simple as a domain name for a profit and you are into learning all about it you can check out Domainer Elite PRO here.


Otherwise there is another option.


I have been running an online business for a while now and I learned a substantial amount from the team over at Wealthy Affiliate, an online university to learn Affiliate Marketing.


If you want a review of them you can check mine out here.


Or if you would like to sign up for a free trial you can sign up here, I will be there once you do to support you with answering questions or any advice you need in getting started.




  1. Cathy

    Domainer Elite Pro sounds like an excellent program for the savvy investor. Sadly, I’m not very savvy. I can definitely see how someone with motivation could make really good money with this. I’d probably go with the next-to-last option. Let someone else do the really difficult work. I’m glad you reviewed this! Thank you so much for showing another cool way to earn extra income!

  2. Dr. SD

    Hi Will,

    Never thought of starting a domain business before reading this review on Domain Elite Pro. Flipping domain looks a pretty interesting business. But many people like me will get deprived by the upsells within this platform. This is the biggest negative for me which diminished all my interest in Domain Elite Pro. It looks like, if I join this program, my money will flow away at a higher rate than my profit.

    Thanks for sharing this information.

  3. Enrique

    Hi, Will,

    Very interesting indeed. I didn’t know domain flipping was a thing. I always wondered what happened to those that expired, now I see they can be sold for a profit. Your review gave me more insight about it. It definitely seems legit, although at a first glance one might be tempted to just think of it as another scam. It seems like a good option for those interested in creating an online business. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Nathan Briggs

    Hey Will,

    Thanks for providing this domainer elite pro 2019 review. I’ve seen Jamie Lewis name come up a few times, he’s pretty well known and respected in the online business world as far as I can tell.

    This sounds interesting to me, I may look at joining at the entry stage and seeing how I get on, I guess even if I can flip a couple of domains, I’ll likely make my initial investment back.

  5. Stefanie Taylor

    Hi Will, thanks for taking the time and effort to actually purchase and trial run the products you review for yourself. It really shows you know what you’re talking about and have an insider view of it.
    It all sounds great, flipping domains, but U dot like the sound of all those upsells!! I would much prefer to build out my business on a platform like Wealthy Affilate and have something that will be a long term moneymaker, as opposed to a business that magnet be profitable long term.

  6. JRandZen

    Hi Will,

    Thank you for this very informative post. Just like its counterpart in the real property business, flipping could be a source of quick bucks. But they are not necessarily sustainable and carries quite a bit of risk. The Wealthy Affiliate alternative is something we would prefer. All the best.

  7. Viviana Munoz

    Hey, there Will thank you so much for putting in the time with the comparison of Wealthy Affiliate and Elite Domainer. I am familiar with domain flipping and understand the concept of how it works.

    It does take time to scale some money because of the research that is involved. But that is with any new business venture.

    As a Wealthy Affiliate member and my experience you definitely get more for your money. Starting from the tutorials and instant access to customer service and tech support. I truly appreciate everything that went into this.

    Anyone looking to earn some online income and solidify their digital footprint should definitely give Wealthy Affiliate a try.

  8. Rabia | Entrepreneur Friend

    Hi Will

    Awesome review on Domainer Elite Pro. I must say this is the first time I have heard of them.

    The software appears to have a lot of features as you described, not to mention the number of upsells included. Enough to make me run miles away.

    In all honesty, with your extensive experience and knowledge of Internet Marketing and the Flipping domain Industry, do you think people can make money with this sort of business.

    Can you rely on it to make a passive income like Affiliate Marketing? Just wondering.

    My gut feeling is telling me, perhaps it is better to invest with Wealthy Affiliates as you have recommended. At least, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that you are dealing with a reputable company that has been around for a long time.

    I would love to hear your feedback. It helps us to be more informed so we don’t get scammed and lose our hard-earned money.

    Keep up the good work Will.

    Thank you for sharing.

  9. suzanne

    Hi Will,
    Thanks for sharing your experience with Domainer Elite Pro.
    This system seems to have its
    merits, but I can’t justify the price.
    I agree that domain flipping is a real way to make money, and I know Jamie is very experienced, but I just don’t like his style of promoting, lol. It’s so full of hype and over the top.
    And trying to sell domains on a platform of other users seems ridiculous to me!
    As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I highly recommend them to your readers. It’s the best way to learn how to create your own passive income.

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