Honest Legendary Marketer Review: Worth Your Money and Time?

legendary marketer review
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Who created Legendary Marketer?

David Sharpe is CEO and creator of Legendary Marketer, a program he claims is designed to help people grow an online business or grow an online business using cutting edge marketing strategies.

Davids back story is told with nothing held back on the Legendary Marketer website.

He tells of his early childhood growing up and rebelling throughout highschool leading him toward the rebellious path of drugs and alcohol consumption at a ripe age of 12.

Unfortunately those bad habits permeated into harder drugs following the next 10 years of his life including heroin use.  

After getting clean in 2008 and working construction for 18 months, David found another avenue to pay his way in life.

The first company he started and co-founded with David Wood was called Empower Network a fully blown MLM (multi level marketing) business.


The only full write up I could find on David Sharpe was from a Forbes article namedWhat Is Internet Marketing? Advice From An Eight-Figure Earner”


The interviewer in question is R.L Adams who had a phone conversation with Sharpe and this is what came of that interview.


Sharpe shared with the interview the 4 main steps to follow when considering if you want dive into the world of internet marketing.

1. What is happening online ( pretty broad if you ask me) and how much money is there to be made

2. Pick what you want to do

3. Decide how you will communicate with people

4. Decide what your passionate about and pick a niche. 

Sound advice indeed but I needed more information on Sharpe before I made my decision on just what kind of person he was and why anyone should take his advice.

legendary marketer book

So I read his 228 page book to find out.

4 hours later and after taking some notes this is what I discovered.

Sharpe started his journey in internet marketing after becoming a teenage father, broke,  homeless and broken as a person at age 24.

He claims to have made his first $1, $10,000, $100,000 using just his cellphone and laptop.

Following his success he bought a big house for his family to provide them with a life he saw as better than what he had experienced and wanted for them.

According to his bio he loves to fish and has a family who he adores. As a fellow lover of fishing he’s starting to sound like someone I wouldn’t mind wetting the line with.


Sharpe claims to have made nearly 200 million in sales and is going to pass on this knowledge to readers of his book.

He touches on the value people have is proportionate to how well they understand the internet and if they have tech skills to accompany that knowledge.

His main point being that business owners that do not have an online presence will be left behind or will be completely out of business in the near future.


University degrees and debt are a complete waste of time according to Sharpe, name dropping multiple successful business entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates, Oprah, and Mark Zukerberg all as individuals who bailed on university studies to pursue business ventures.

To be honest, he has a point there worth taking on board.


After training 300,000 people through his marketing and online business training, Sharpe claims to helped his students make over 100 million dollars in commissions.


Of those 300,000 just 15 have become millionaires, thats 0.005%. It’s worth reviewing that figure and just what a trial it is to earn your first million online.

Even under the expert tuition of someone as successful as David Sharpe.


This figure drops considerably when you try to do it without and experts advice.


Coaching and support is a vital part of any make money online system, thereby Sharpe has hired multiple 6 and 7 figure earning coaches.


Guiding new students of his Legendary Marketer course to help them succeed.

There are high cost programs available online also termed high-ticket as well as low cost programs (low-ticket).


Sharpe compares selling both and recommends that you opt for selling only high ticket programs due to the reduced number of sales you need in order to return a profit on you advertising efforts.


This is all well and good but with higher cost programs comes increased difficulty in getting customers to hand over that amount of cash (over a thousand dollars in some instances)



Traffic, Sharpe states is the first thing business owners need in order to generate income.

There are 2 main methods of traffic, paid and free. Paid termed as PPC (Pay Per Click) comes from sources such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Twitter.


Free traffic is generated by blogging, video creation and comes from people searching for information on Google or Youtube.

sales funnel


Next comes a high converting funnel



The funnel Sharpe states must have a quality sales video and front end offer that will offer as almost a bait to catch the fish with the hook (the customer being the fish).

value ladder







which represents selling different products at different price points for example a low cost, medium cost, and high cost (high ticket) item.

Set this up and run traffic to the front end of your sales funnel, and you have your primary focus for making sales.

At least this is what Sharpe claims to be an effective strategy.

I found the following quotes to be great take aways from Sharpes Book.


“Working smarter means more money. “

This quote is actually from the author Allen F. Mogenson the creator of work simplification.


Having leverage means more money.

Creating automation means more money.

Building a great sales funnel means more money.

Assembling a great value ladder means more money.

Producing a great system means more money.


Within the book I learnt of Business Models specifically tailored for Digital Products. The primary purpose of a business model is to give you a clear indication of what is needed to sell your profucts and deliver you services to your customer.


You then have to select a niche that is profitable and proven to be popular online.

There are 3 main parts of your business model for a Digital Product.

1. Product

2. Sales and Marketing

3. System

In addition to this Digital products hold some benefits over traditional physical product based businesses including:


-the ability to track where your sales are coming from, which advertising is delivering those sales

Benefits of Digital Product business

-can track your advertising efforts to see how to grow and scale you advertising efforts and in turn you business.


-Digital Product businesses have Scaleability. Once you target which advertising medium is working best you can increase your spend or effort in that area to deliver more income quickly.


Digital products come with their own costs just like physical products come with cost of each unit, shipping, insurance, and handling.

These costs incurred are maintenance that your platform needs where you sell your product:

-online membership services such as ClickFunnels or LeadPages, and Weebly .

-Streaming costs usually charged per megabyte, these can add up quickly.



Sharpe recommends an online business built on selling digital products. This coupled with his recommendations of using a value ladder included within your product suite.


This is your golden ticket transitioning from selling low ticket to high ticket products.

Selecting a Niche


Jay Abraham a well respected name in marketing says there are 3 ways to make money in your business:


First, you can get more customers.


Second, you can increase the average transaction of each customer, which means you’re getting each customer to spend more every time they do business with you.


Third, you can increase the frequency at which your customers buy from you. So basically you’re getting each customer to buy more and more often.


Sharpe recommends the Make Money Online Niche due to the return on investment people receive when they spend the money learning your taught strategies.

Sharpe recommends you use his own digital product and market it due to all aspects of the business content already being created.


Says a lot of new online business owners get stuck in the setup phase. This is why it’s better to swipe his turn key system.

He talks you out of creating your own digital product due to the related costs such as hiring a team, paying a specialised ad copywriter, software costs and platforms to build your business on.


Sharpe advertises his own “Licensing Program and Digital Marketing System” which only sets you back $30 a month to have access to the low ticket offer on his own individual value ladder.


The carrots he dangles in front of you in the form of already created products include:

“done for you products”

“done for you email sequence software and follow up emails”

“done for you ad creative”


claiming the only thing you will have to focus on is driving traffic to his already highly optimised sales funnels that turn leads into sales.

Detailed cost analysis he outlines within the book of starting and running your own online business:

  1. “corporate style website” cost : $2000


  1. “ongoing maintenance and running of your website


  1. “high converting sales funnel” $50,000 plus $3,000 per month to keep it fresh and updated


  1. “Develope your own technical expertise to create your own product” $50,000 + $5,000 per month coaching and mentoring


  1. “copywriting for your ads, landing pages, sales letters” $2,000 per month minimum


  1. “tech support team” $30,000 per month


  1. “merchant services” $10,000 per month


  1. “website hosting” $4,000  up front following by $4,000 per month

Total: $184,000 per month + ongoing $61,000 per month


I decided to research these figures for myself and these are my findings:

My Cost Analysis for running your own online business.

Realistic cost analysis

  1. “Corporate Website Design” according to 3 seperate sources 10,000-35,000. This is unnecessary for selling digital online products you could get away with an already setup them for much less.

I would go with Gumroad If you use the Free version of Gumroad, the fee is just 8.5% + 30 cents per transaction. If you get the Premium version of Gumroad for $10(USD)/month, the fee is 3.5% + 30 cents per sale. A lot less than 10k-30k per month dont you think?


  1. On-going site maintenance 2,000 — 15,000 (corporate)

Realistically : 200 hundred dollars  to pay someone to back up your site and make sure it’s running smoothly if you didn’t know how to do it yourself. There are many resources online to help you achieve this for free.


  1. I found 3 sales copy writers on upwork who charge under $100 per hour and have worked for names such as Russel Brunson who Sharpe mentions in his book as being an authority in Marketing.

This lead me to believe this $50,000 figure was unrealistic. I don’t think these copy writers are going to take 500 + hours to write you some compelling ad copy.


Couple this with an online software service such as Convertkit or Leadpages and you are 75% of the way to creating your own sales funnel.


  1. Considering these days all you need is to know the fundamentals and a profitable strategy that has made you money online, $50,000 to acquire some knowledge when a majority of it is available for free is totally unrealistic.


I think a more realistic figure here depending on your  time available would be $5,000 or 6/12 months of free research if you opted not to take multiple courses?


5. Copywriting for the pages he mentions would take less than 5 hours coming in a $500 or less if you utilized a freelancer with a proven track record on a site like Upwork.


6. Tech support 24/7/365 is more like $1750, – $2450 p/m (webfx) $1600 (complete cloud), or $1750 p/m (imagineit). Those are 3 highly rated companies I found through Google. A little different from Sharpes 30k per month projected price tag.

7. Merchant services (high volume) Stripe is useful for this but they do charge $25 per charge back unless the customers bank resolves it in your favour.

Stripe are quite competitive with a 2.9% charge per transaction as long as your doing under 1 million per year which is likely remember my 0.005% statistic from all of Sharpes accumulated students?


8. Website Hosting options even for large scale business do not come in at this price point. Blue host which is one of the most trusted hosting services online comes in at $119 p/m for dedicated hosting which can handle large scale traffic.


As you can see from a small amount of independent research you can run a high volume online digital product business for a lot less than 184k per month.

The Cashflow Quadrant

Another piece of wisdom that was in the book was an example Sharpe referenced from the business guru Robert Kiyosaki that I had read once before years ago and it was a nice opportunity to revisit it.


It is the Cashflow Quadrant as seen below


The left side of the quadrant pays the most taxes and trade their time for money.

B is for employees whenever employees seek more money they just look for a high paying job.

S is for self employed people, the dentists, lawyers, accountants service based businesses and consultants due to their very high standards they find it difficult to delegate any work to other people.

The right side of the quadrant these are the B’s and I’s who invest in assets that pay them even when they are sleeping and also pay the least amount of tax.

B stands for business owners who look to hire other people who specialise in skills that allow the business to run well. When business owners seek more money they look to create another product or acquire an additional system that earns them more money.

I is for investor.

Investors are adept in finding assets that increase their income and often use OPM (other peoples money) to purchase those assets. They don’t have to deal with employees and as a general statistic 70% of their income is acquired from assets and the remaining 30% is made up of wages.


When an investor seeks more money they look to diversify and seek out other income producing assets that boost their passive income.

A Statistic that stood out

80% of sales are made between the 5th and 12 contact

Meaning that if you are offering a high ticket product over $1,000 on average people will only look to purchase some where between the 5th and 12th contact.

Some other interesting statistics I came whilst confirming this fact for high ticket sales conversion metric is that according to a research study conducted by Gong (a research company specializing in sales)

-25% of sales emails aren’t even opened.

-videos about product features, followed by reviews and how to’s are the most popular in terms of content.

-at least 50% of your prospects are not a good fit for the product you sell

This research was based on 1 million sales calls analysed by Gong research.


To conclude:

The book goes into detail about email marketing and how an email list of leads will turn into your long term source of income in this business.


The reasoning behind this is that your email subscribers are basically your customers, that you can sell products to over and over again remember that 80% of people buy high ticket products between the 5th and 12th time they are contacted.

Your email campaigns could be up to 40 emails in length so eventually that statistic will start to work in your favour leading to more sales over time.


That is all the value I found within the book, now onto a general overview of the digital product itself and its offerings that may or may not tempt you into investing in this Dave Sharpes Program.

Legendary Marketer puts forward an enticing proposition; it provides the “Netflix of marketing training”, an exclusive membership subscription packed full of trainings, information, and resources to start and grow your online business, all for just $30 a month.

Sounds great, right? Well, maybe. Thing is, the membership isn’t the only thing Legendary Marketer offers, it also offers a range of online courses (blueprints and bundles) that cost $2,500 a pop.


With price tags like that, the content better be good. But is it?  

What is Legendary Marketer?

While Legendary Marketing claims to offer informational content to help you start and scale your very own business, they actually spend most of their time teaching you how to be an affiliate for the very membership or training you purchased.


There is good content to be found, but any good content is put behind a paywall or an upsell.

How Does Legendary Marketer Work?

Legendary Marketer starts out by telling you that your new business idea is doomed to fail.

Upbeat, right? Instead of trying to beat the odds to be the 1 in 10 businesses who survives (according to them), you should join the heaps of franchised businesses who are succeeding (apparently that’s 9 in 10).

Legendary Marketer claims to have a sales funnel that works almost every time – and he’s willing to give you the key to his secret if you choose to be part of his online franchise.


In essence, all you need to do to make money online is to follow his footsteps. Sounds great!


Heres a Youtube Video on Legendary Marketer



The Ugly Truths of Legendary Marketer Revealed

Butttt it’s not – (great, that is) you see, there is a major flaw in Legendary Marketer’s business model.

Though some of their training on internet marketing is genuinely good, and you can make money with them.

Most of the social proof is entirely down to their own affiliates, not people who have taken that knowledge and gone on to create their own online businesses.


Most of the tools Legendary Marketer provides is geared toward helping you induct – sorry, recruit more people into their community, instead of pushing you to create something for yourself.

The Legendary Marketer Product Line

Legendary Marketer offers a range of products, the first is their affordable no-brainer membership for $30 a month.

This allows you access to their database of videos and trainings.

Next is their “Traffic Rolodex Bundle”, which teaches you how to succeed with your online ads, for a one-time cost of $247.


The remaining courses, “Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint”, “Digital Products Business Blueprint”, “Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint”, and “Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint” are all available for a one-time purchase of $2,500.

The Good and The Bad

So, what are the pros and cons of Legendary Marketer?

The Good:


  • The monthly membership is good value and gives you access to a ton of great videos that contain valuable content on various forms of internet marketing. That’s not to say you can’t find the same information elsewhere, but you will find this information valuable.
  • The content is broken down step-by-step, and you are assigned a coach when you join, so you have plenty of direction on what you should be doing. The downside of this, of course, is that these “coaches” are affiliates who have an agenda.
  • It is just affiliate marketing (which is completely legitimate) and not an MLM (pyramid scheme).
  • If you do a great job as an affiliate of Legendary Marketer, you will make great money. You can make $1,000 if you sell one of the big blueprints.
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee does mean that you can jump ship if it doesn’t work for you.

The Bad:


  • The $2,500 price tag for each course is insane.
  • They focus on paid ads which incur additional costs.
  • Facebook is cracking down on “make money quick” ads.
  • It’s a bit incestuous and cult-like – essentially most people make money by promoting it to others who then promote it, and so on and so on.
  • If you read the fine print, they don’t even believe you will make back the cost of one of the big programs through their affiliate scheme.

So, is Legendary Marketer a Scam?

Is Legendary Marketer a scam? No, it’s not. Is it predatory? Maybe.

While it does provide plenty of legitimate training resources, and it is possible to make money with them, the odds of being successful are stacked against you.

Especially when you spend so much money on their major blueprints that you may find yourself out of money before you’ve gotten your business off the ground.


Start at the low ticket product he offers and only when you are profitable at that level do I recommend purchasing any higher ticket products from Legendary Marketer.

Who is Legendary Marketer For?

Anyone completely new to online affiliate marketing and wants a course that will do a lot of the heavy lifting for you.

The amount of already “done for you” tools that help you succeed makes this program one of the most helpful online.


Be aware of the extra costs associated with Paid Advertising though.

Does Legendary Marketer Have A Community?

The Legendary Marketer has a community in the form of a Facebook Group of members who have signed up to the program.


Final Thoughts

If you have money saved up and wish to invest in an online program that focuses heavily on paid advertising then this is for you.

I would have at least 2-5k set aside before undertaking Legendary Affiliate to accomodate for mistakes in your paid advertising efforts.

It’s not as easy as even the pros say, you need time and money to test a lot of different ad sets.

See what performs and what doesn’t before you go spending more and more money on paid advertising.


If however you are starting with little to no money I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate University.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you to advertise through free traffic generating methods such as blogging, video creation, social media to get you started with very little cost.

My Advice

If you wish to learn more about online marketing from someone who has helped thousands of people generate an income from selling David Sharpes own digital products then this is the course for you.


If you want to create your own digital product and have other people sell it for you (affiliates) or you wish to become an affiliate marketer with little to no investment of money then I recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

The choice is up to you. I do not recommend putting yourself into financial difficulty and overextending your finances to purchase a program like Sharpe suggests in his book.

This is both irresponsible on your behalf and to those you’re responsible for if you have a family to support.

Instead, start small and learn as much as you can, put the money aside if you can find areas of your budget that can be pointed towards savings if you wish to purchase the Legendary Marketer course.


$30 isn’t much if you want a taste of what is on offer within Legendary Marketer, it does come with a 30 day guarantee as well. Click below to see my review of

Wealthy Affiliate if you would prefer the low cost option to getting started earning money with free traffic methods online.


  1. Mecyll Gaspary

    Hello, Will.

    Do you the real formula for these gurus have in common? I’ve read tons of personal development books and they’re telling the same thing. Why? Because they know the key to succeed like that is to break the fence.

    People, like them, know what is on the other side of the fence. It’s $$$. They know the secrets. So, they thought of earning an income from what they discovered. Even me, if I would be a bit greedy, I would. They populate their programs with people, who wanted to know how to get to the other side of the fence.

    Well, in fact, they could simply do what they’re afraid of. Yet, people choose to pay to hear what they want to hear, not what they already know and accept it. For example, this person name Will, for example, is a banker. He wants to quit his job and build his own business.

    He leaves with his remaining money and started searching online for whatever opportunities out there. Now, he doesn’t know what to do. So, he pays someone to coach him. That coach will tell him this and that. Still Jim didn’t see success. So, he pays another coach. The same things over and over again.

    Legendary Marketer is just like that.

    1. Will

      I would have to agree with you there Mecyll, theres a lot of gurus spinning the same information over and over again.

      It’s that need that drives people to want to find that quick fix that they think will lead to success that draws many in.

      You can only go so far on advice, it all comes down to the actions you take that will determine if you succeed or fail.

      Thanks for your comment. 🙂

  2. Nate

    Hi Will,

    Thanks for providing such an in depth review of the Legendary Marketer. I pretty much agree with your good and bad assessment, it sounds like the membership is potentially worth signing up for but the additional training I agree $2500 is way, way too much!

    You’ve mentioned Wealthy Affiliate as an alternative, in your experience does it cover everything that Legendary Marketer does?

    1. Will

      Hi Nate, glad you enjoyed the review. Wealthy Affiliate does cover how to become a successful affiliate marketer but maybe doesn’t offer as much of a focus on paid advertising as Affiliate Legend does.

  3. Rizza

    Hi Will,
    Thank you for sharing all the information about Legendary Marketer I have been thinking of enrolling to their courses because I badly wanted to create money and make a business online.

    I decided to start through wealthy affiliate and is going to try out Legendary Marketer the coming month but now I am not so sure anymore.

    What kind of program would you suggest instead of doing Legendary Marketer and something that will actually give me true value?

    Hope to hear from you soon,

    1. Will

      Hi Rizza,

      My advice to you is to keep going through the training at Wealthy Affiliate and slowly build up your affiliate marketing business.

      Trusting the training takes time and consistency, like building an kind of business.

      Just keep learning, growing, failing and make sure you ask plenty of questions within the Wealthy Affiliate platform. They always get answered, usually by people who have been running affiliate marketing businesses for many years.

      Good luck


  4. Ivan Brozincevic

    I usually don’t mind if a company teaches how to sell the very same program to others, but only if they provide more value. In other words, if they teach broad techniques and methods that can be applied to various niches and products.
    I don’t like what I’ve read about Legendary Marketer. Kudos to the owner for making it. But I’ll pass. Thanks for the review, mate!

  5. Ivan

    Hi Will, I’ve been circling around Legendary Marketer a while ago, and even did some extensive research on this program. I completely agree with you. It’s not a scam but it is predatory. I mean, it would be much better if the price is fixed and affordable to everyone. Thanks for sharing this review!

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