Is Survey Junkie a Legit way to make money online? Survey Junki Review 2019

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So you have landed here looking for an answer for is Survey Junkie a legit way to make money online. You might have read other Survey Junkie reviews before this one but haven’t found what you were searching for. Well after this review, you will have your answer and information to help your decision moving forward.

There are so many opportunities online and to earn cash online, surveys are just one option of many, hundreds, thousands of opportunities grasping at your attention online.

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Is Survey Junkie for Real?

It is for real but the earning potential per hour is very low. From my own personal experience, it worked out to be just $2 per hour of my time.

How Does Survey Junkie Work?

You fill out surveys giving information about your buying habits in return for points that later can be exchanged for money. 100 points = $1

Take surveys, earn points, then redeem them for cash or popular e-Gift cards.

How Does Survey Junkie Pay?

Your first payout occurs when you reach 500 points = $5

As an experiment, I timed myself to see how long it took to reach 500 points and these were the results:

Screenshot: Will Lawson,

Total points earned:222

The number of surveys taken: 18

Total Time Taken: 1 hour

Total money earned: $2.22

After trying survey after survey, many of them kept telling me I didn’t qualify, there was one in particular that made me answer questions for

20 minutes only to tell me right at the completion of it that I didn’t qualify…. very frustrating!

The first survey I tried for 95 points came back after the first few questions as I didn’t qualify

As you can imagine for me at this point I was not willing to go any further as $2 an hour is borderline slave labor.

Screenshot: Will Lawson,

So instead I took the Technology Profile survey for 10 points

Survey Junkie Complaints

Here are some complaints I found from TrustPilot about Survey Junkie which were not all that encouraging for new users. There is however a much higher number of positive reviews compared to the complaints.

Screenshot:Will Lawson,
Screenshot:Will Lawson,
Screenshot:Will Lawson,
Screenshot:Will Lawson,
Screenshot:Will Lawson,
Screenshot:Will Lawson,

What rating is Survey Junkie on bbb?

Survey Junkie has a 4 1/2 star rating on the BBB website and have been accredited for 2 years.

screenshot: Will Lawson,

There is a total of 319 customer complaints on their BBB profile page and the most recent one states that they have spent over 100 hours filling out surveys and made only $30!


What is Survey Junkie: Review of Main Points

Survey Junkie Testimonials

There where an overwhelming amount of testimonials on their website as well as TrustPilot.

Survey Junkie Sign Up Process

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Step 1 Head over to Survey Junkie and hit Join Now as seen below

survey junkie sign up
Screenshot: Will Lawson,


Step 2 Click Start Now

Screenshot: Will Lawson,


Step 3 Enter Your PostCode

Screenshot: Will Lawson,


Step 5

Enter your date of birth

Step 6

Select your gender and hit log in and start earning

Step 7

Set up your profile

Screenshot: Will Lawson,


Step 8

Complete 16 questions to set up your profile

Screenshot: Will Lawson,


Step 9

Verify your identity to start earning points


Your dashboard will look like the screenshot below. You can earn additional points by setting up your remaining profiles

for different areas of your life such as Technology, Shopping, Health, Household, Interests, and Travel.

Screenshot: Will Lawson,’




I think that if you have a lot of time on your hands and you want to solely dedicate it to filling out surveys for a low per hour cash reward then this site might be for you.

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However, if you want an opportunity that is both more interesting, fulfilling and can have a lot higher money earning potential I recommend you look at starting an online business.

I have learned how to build and grow a sustainable online business from a company called Wealthy Affiliate. You can look at my full review of them here.

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I will be greeting you once you make a free account and will be helping you get started. There is no obligation to begin with until you are confident that this way of earning

money online is right for you and you want to proceed with your training.


Survey Junkie VS Wealthy Affiliate




  1. Erick Darke

    These survey companies are the same low paying garbage that is really time and energy wasting. I have been with a company called And they pay in prizes . But their surveys are rally short and they tell you straight away if you qualify.

    Excellent blog post .Comparing Wealthy Affiliate to these low ticket surveys really like day and night. These surveys really for making side money .

    Good luck in your endeavors with your online business!

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