Jaaxy Review 2019: INSANELY Great Keyword Tool?

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Finding keywords to target when your writing an in depth, valuable, interesting piece of content can sometimes be a test of patience, especially if you don’t have the right tool for the job.

I use Jaaxy for my keyword research to remove the doubt I might have on how effective a keyword is ranking.

Its simplistic design and easy to understand interface makes it the ultimate tool to target the right keywords lightning fast.

Jaaxy is an  online tool and is easily accessed on your smartphone, Mac, and PC computer. You don’t have to download anything which makes the process even more streamline.

I recommend Jaaxy because I use it every day to find the right  keywords that people are searching for and need answers too.

The main goal of keyword research is to find those low competition high search traffic keywords and this is what Jaaxy excels in.

Jaaxys keyword tool does two main tasks extremely accurately. The first is to find keywords you are  targeting and show how much traffic it receives from Google searches.

The second is analysing those keywords to see how many websites you are competing with.

The second task makes sure you stay competitive and have a chance to rank for any given keyword. This kind of advantage is what will drive more traffic to your site and turn into more conversions and sales.

Businesses, Bloggers, Marketers, and Brands all rely on Search Engine Optimization to receive traffic to their sites.

Jaaxy is so effective at improving your rank in Google because it literally GIVES you the right keywords to target you just have to make sure it passes the right criteria e.g. low competition, high traffic searches.

In seconds, it spits out hundreds of keywords for every search you do, receiving instant data from Jaaxy telling you which keywords are the best to target and which ones you should leave alone.

If you want ultimate search engine visibility and success with your marketing you need to combine two of the most powerful tools on the market today. Jaaxy is one of them, Wealthy Affiliate University the other.

Wealthy affiliate not only teaches you the right way to use Jaaxy to its full potential it trains you step by step on how to write, publish, articles that will attract visitors.

Not only that you receive a solid foundation to make money online through writing articles and creating content on other platforms (Youtube, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram) to maximise your leverage within your online business

Table of Contents

Jaaxy Review



  • Laser like Accuracy for Keyword Searches
  • Simplistic interface and layout allows you to work FAST
  • Online based, no downloads or installs required
  • Domain search is available within Jaaxy
  • Data you receive is clear and not overcrowded with useless metrics
  • Customer support is effective, fast, and helpful
  • Mobile friendly: use it while your on the move
  • Great for finding valuable niches and low-competition keywords
  • You can get it free (light versions) if you join Wealthy Affiliate even as a starter member


  • No language selection for any other languages than English
  • Local searches cannot be targeted. Only Global Searches. ( which is important for local business) not so much for online business.


Jaaxy is a valuable tool that will add value to your SEO strategy plan and can be used by any skill levels of online marketers, business owners, bloggers to see results.


Below is the Jaaxy tool widget that you can search for any keyword and see the results within a few seconds of waiting.It’s easy just enter your keyword and press “Find Keywords” you then will be taken to the Jaaxy website where you can create a free account to see your keyword search results.

Jaaxy Alternatives


1. Jaaxy VS Long Tail Pro


Long Tail Pro is a popular keyword tool, lets take look at its advantages:

Great for local searches, which means great for local area focused businesses.

It gives you suggested bids for Ads which is relevant for Pay Per Click (Google Adsense)

Competition status for each keyword you search for.

If your not using PPC Jaaxy is the best tool for keyword searching and it gives you more data than Long Tail Pro, which is extremely helpful for SEO.



2. Jaaxy VS Market Samurai


Market Samurai offers similar options to Long Tail pro with suggested PPC bids for keywords.

Although It lacks relevant information about SEO competition.

This means its up to you to dig deeper and find your own analysis.

Jaaxy doesn’t have this problem at all, it shows competition metrics for 3 of the major search engines, Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Why spend more time on research than you need to?

If you want less time researching keywords and more time creating valuable content, Jaaxy is a wise choice.


3. Jaaxy VS Google Keyword Planner


Google Keyword Planner is free to use but has some major downfalls that can affect how accurately you can find top performing keywords.

It’s major flaws include the number of searches for any given keyword. Instead of an EXACT number it gives you a range e.g. 2K-20K per month.

Jaaxy not only gives you an exact number of monthly searches, it provides you with the number of competing sites and how powerful that keyword is.

Using a simple system called SEO rank to indicate if its a good or bad choice.

All research tools in Google Keyword Planner are well suited for PPC advertising which is not what Jaaxy focuses on.

If you want the right tool for SEO Jaaxy excels in this!


4. Jaaxy VS Google Correlate


“Google Correlate” is used for trends and patterns over time for a focused analysis of historical performance for keywords.

This kind of tool is suitable for seeing how keywords have performed over time.

An ideal piece of data for identifying keywords that are trending higher, that you can take advantage of.

You can also use this tool for seeing popularity of products or searches in different states of a country.

This would be useful in finding out which states to target your PPC campaigns as they would have the highest number of searches.

Jaaxy doesn’t track trends but it does track the top ranking posts in google with “Site Search”, giving you a complete analysis of what the competition is doing that you can improve upon.

In turn this creates valuable information for you to take action on and  rank above your competitors.



5. Jaaxy VS Wordtracker Scout


Wordtracker scout can be used to extract potential keywords on any given webpage by clicking on its own browser plugin that you need to install.

You will get pop up with a window that shows a cloud of all the potential keywords you can search within a page that would be helpful to add to your SEO plugin.

Wordtracker gathers its keyword data from another online tool called SEMrush and a major search engine advertising network.

Jaaxy in my opinion gives you more accurate data because it is from 3 major search engines which gives you a more realistic figure of how many searches keywords receive per month.


What Jaaxy Is


Jaaxy is an online research tool that streamlines the process of finding keywords for your niche.

If your new to blogging, online business or trying to find a profitable niche Jaaxy is right for you.

Google, Bing, and Yahoo provide Jaaxy with data  to give you the right metrics for keywords which include Power, Traffic searches, and competition score.

Competition is important to know about especially when it comes to keywords.

You want your content efforts to have a positive result right?

Especially before you start putting in the hours to create niche content, its nice to have Jaaxy there to confirm your doing the right thing targeting high traffic low competition keywords.

Implementing keyword research in your SEO strategy plan is crucial to your success as an online business owner and Jaaxy allows you to execute your plan without wasting valuable time.

Before writing your next piece of content or creating your next video and uploading it to YouTube, you would be wise to conduct some keyword research.


What Jaaxy is Not


Jaaxy will not magically give you the best performing  keywords with a simple click of a button.

If it could everyone would have it, the market for keywords would become oversaturated and your dreams of ranking number 1 on google for free traffic would quickly be nonexistent.

Instead of this impossible dreamed up scenario, Jaaxy provides you with a tool that has the power to find the  keywords related to your search  and providing speed and efficiency to the process.

Similar to a game, your on a mission to find the best keywords in sometimes hidden search terms.

Once you find them, you can reap the rewards of more visitors to your website.

If you like puzzles then this could turn into a passion of yours very quickly.

A similar mindset requires an ability to find solutions i.e. the words that perform the best, receive the most searches.

Similar to finding the correct pieces to a puzzle.


What Jaaxy Is really for


Jaaxy can be used for any of the following tasks:

  • See where your website posts ranking in Google/Bing/Yahoo
  • Brainstorming new ideas and niche topics
  • Finding Niches that have high traffic and an audience to serve
  • Creating keyword lists
  • Finding out traffic search amount for keywords
  • Gathering Keyword data that will help catapult your SEO strategy
  • Help you decide if a niche is profitable.
  • See competition for keywords your targeting
  • Take advantage of the Google Alphabet Soup method to import keywords straight into a list
  • Find out the money making potential for niches traffic metrics for searched niche topics
  • Enable you to find low competition keywords that will get you on the first page of Google.
  • Saving keywords into organised lists

Who is Jaaxy For


Jaaxy is really versatile, accomodating for many different types of online businesses and experience levels.

who can benefit from Jaaxy?

  • Affiliate marketers
  • People who want to ‘Spy’ on their competitors
  • Youtube Creators
  • Site Flippers
  • Article Marketers
  • Niche Marketers
  • Freelance writers
  • Professional bloggers
  • Email marketers who need ideas to write about for their audience
  • Freelance SEO writers
  • News websites who target viral content and trends
  • Niche Pursuers
  • Internet marketers who need to find out how well their posts are ranked in Google/Bing/Yahoo
  • Pay Per Click Advertisers

Who Owns/Founded Jaaxy


Jaaxy was founded by Kyle and Carson who saw how much benefit a tool like this would be in their affiliate marketing company Wealthy Affiliate University.

Both Founders have been within the industry of Affiliate marketing for over 13 years.

Jaaxy is the brain child Kyle/Carson who have stayed consistent in product quality products and training for their 1 million + students at Wealthy Affiliate University.

Jaaxy is so effective in what it does due to the simple user friendly design Kyle and Carson created it to be.

It’s one of the main tools that drives free traffic and organic growth to their website/blogs.

They have earned a lot of income between them using the same tool you have access to as well, in addition to their group of Super Affiliates who use it daily.

They keep the software updated and current as well as providing updates to ensure the data is accurate and effective.

How Good is Jaaxy’s Support/Training

Kyle and Carson are known for providing top level training courses for Affiliate Marketing.Jaaxy is no exception. It’s reliability coupled with professional support team who are fast to respond to your questions.The answers they provide are useful and they keep their interaction with you polite and to the point.Training is a high quality with instructional videos explaining how Jaaxy works.  
How Jaaxy Tools Work

The main tool Jaaxy focuses on is Keyword research.

Providing an array of information that is important to understand in order to use Jaaxy to its full potential.

Below is a detailed explanation of each feature within the Jaaxy dashboard:

Brainstorm: A helpful feature to pick up on the latest trends from Twitter, Amazon Best Sellers, Yahoo!, Alexa Topics, and Google.

If you’re experiencing some difficulty with idea generation Brainstorm is your go to tool for that very purpose, brainstorming!

Affiliate Programs: A keyword is only as good as its niche, this tool lets you find which affiliate programs or products suite your related niche for you to promote and earn commissions from.

Search Analysis: Quickly analyse the top 10 ranks for the keyword you’re targeting on Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

This tool acts like a private investigator doing the research on your competitors content and sites.

Spy relevant data such as:

  • Title, meta description, meta keywords, URL
  • Outbound Links
  • Google Adsense
  • Word Count
  • Alex Rank
  • Backlinks counter (Backlinks increase your sites rank)

Search History: Helpful if you forget to save your lists of researched keywords.

Similar to a browser history but it works off your previous Jaaxy Keyword searches.

Saved Lists: Organise your research into each topic of keywords you are searching.

As you go through your research you can mark which keywords to save by ticking the respective boxes next to the search results.

This works great for analysing your lists later on and filtering out which keywords you are going to choose to write about. Competition and traffic being the main to key metrics to filter down your list of keywords.

Saved lists can also be exported in .TXT or .CSV. Well suited for offline analysis of your keyword lists.

Any list that you save can be modified reopened and change after you have created it.

Alphabet Soup: This is like your very own Google instant feature, displaying to you all the letters of the alphabet related to your keyword or phrase for keyword idea generation.

It gathers search data in real time and displays to you the most relevant searches people are making on Google.

Valuable for locating long tail keywords with low competition and high traffic.

Domain Search: Conducts a search for available domain names you can buy to create websites for. Displaying 8 domain extension types (.org, .com, .net ect) that are available matching your keyword.

As a general rule .com sites hold the most trust and authority with Google and other search engines.

SEO Power: A metric that tells you based off a rank of 0-100 how “powerful” your keyword is.

100 being great and 0 being useless. The higher this number the better it is for SEO and how likely it is you will rank for that given keyword and receive a generous amount of visitors.

Over 85 is best to aim for.


Keywords Tool


Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI):  

There is a colour indicator besides this number that shows you a traffic light style system indicator for the quality of your keyword search.

It ranks how much competition there is for your keyword and gives it a ranking:

Green = very good

Yellow = Ok but with some competition

Red = too much competition for that keyword.

Quoted Search Results (QSR): Shows you how many competing sites there are for your keyword/phrase in Google.

Jaaxy uses data from google to analyse and determine with precision, the exact competition to give you a figure to rank your search.

The low competition keywords are the best to aim for here usually below 100 the lower the better.

I will be talking about Long Tail Keywords later in this article which normally have a low QSR number (less competing websites).

If the number is higher than 100 it will make it more difficult to rank for if you are a new website.

If your site is more than 6 months old you have a good chance to rank for keywords with a QSR of 200.

Estimated Traffic: This is an estimate number of monthly visitors to your site if your URL ranks on Googles first page of results.

These estimates are generally conservative, as a result you could receive more traffic than it predicts which is a nice surprise.

Avg. (Monthly Searches): Amount of monthly searches a keyword receives. This is the total amount of  search traffic from Yahoo, Google, and Bing.

Site Rank: Shows you if your website posts have ranked in the first pages of Google, Bing, or Yahoo. This is a helpful tool to keep track of how well your content is ranking and what changes or updates to content you need to make in order to keep your posts relevant.



Jaaxy’s Overview Video



How Much Does Jaaxy Cost


Jaaxy has 3 versions of its Keyword tool and they come in a different prices.

The differences are listed here:

Free Version $0

You can make up to 30 searches of any of the available types within Jaaxy which include

  • Keyword search
  • Alphabet Soup
  • Search Analysis
  • Affiliate Program Search

Pro Version $49/month

The pro version is well suited for users who are quite new to internet marketing in addition to veteran marketers who can also find benefit.

If you are experienced and have multiple sites going Enterprise is more suited for your needs.

$49/month will include:

  • SEO Power Analysis
  • Unlimited Keyword search queries
  • Complete QSR Keyword Competition with 1 click
  • On demand Domain Search Availability
  • Brainstorm feature
  • ‘Spy’ on your competitors analysis
  • Speed boost 3 times the speed of Free Jaaxy
  • To-do lists
  • Site Rankings Individual URL rankings for your posts and pages
  • Simultaneous Searches with 2 tabs open at once.

Enterprise Plan $99/month

Enterprise  is for users who want all the bells and whistles, the power and extra features to take your keyword research game to an entirely new level. If this  sounds in line with your business goals Enterprise might be your best play.

It was built for internet markets who are in the “advanced” stages of their journey who need the power hungry tasks fulfilled such as extremely large keywords lists compiled for their own websites as well as for their customers.

It has every feature listed within the Pro Version plus the following:

  • 5 tabbed search option
  • Alphabet search option shows a whopping 50 results instead of 15
  • 5 times faster than the free version leading to insanely quicker allotted research time
  • Instant competitor analysis to see what your rivals are up to
  • Instant Domain search feature
  • Data Sorting feature

Jaaxys’s Pricing Plans Comparison Chart


The Value in Long Tail Keywords


Most often, keywords that are short will be  targeted by a large number of marketers writing articles.

They are targeted because people find them easily and so does every other marketer writing in the same niche.

This quickly builds a large competitive arena where everyone is trying to grab the attention of the reader for the same keywords over and over again, leading to market saturation.

This is where long tail keywords come in to play.

Long tail keywords hold extreme value because they are not often targeted by marketers due to a little more research or thinking style involved in finding them.

Instead of 3 to 4 words these long tail keywords can be double the amount.

People are looking for those longer phrases regularly in the search engines to find valuable results for their queries on Google.

What should you do with Long Tail Keywords?

When you’re first starting out in the blogging industry these long tail keywords have little competition and make it easier for you to rank on search engines.

Jaaxys QSR rating (how many competing sites there are) is a key metric in identifying these long tailed keywords.

Less than 100 QSR will have a high probability of ranking in the search engines after you site has endured Googles Sandbox Period (3-6 months) and should be added to your SEO strategy when your first starting out.

Long tail keywords generally have the following attributes:

  • Contain 3+ words
  • low number of monthly searches
  • Very relevant to your specific niche
  • High conversion rate and bring targeted visitors

After your website has gained more authority by producing more content and has been around for a while you can start to target more competitive keywords in your niche and expect to rank for them in Google.

You have to be careful which keywords you choose, making sure that they can easily be inserted into your writing is paramount! It must make sense for your readers and seem natural when reading over your article.

If it isn’t natural sounding Google picks up on it and so do your readers! beware!

I have found that reading your content aloud helps to quickly distinguish if its going to be valuable and understood to your audience.

You will find that keywords are suggested to you with mistakes in them, grammatical mistakes.

Thats due to a lot of people typing their search into Google incorrectly.

These grammatically incorrect pop up in Google instant suggest as well due to their popularity among users.

Trying to write with grammatically incorrect keywords will lead you no where, so its best not to even try to include them in your articles.

Domain Search


The domain industry currently sits at a net value of around a billion dollars and for good reason.

A lot of money has been made with domains, buying and selling them to people who need to start and run their online businesses.

It’s more professional to have the name of your company/business in your domain name which is why there is a large demand for shorter domain names.

If you include a keyword in your website domain it can actually add benefit to your SEO.

Domains are like buying online realestate for your business.

Visitors makes an enquiry on Google and see your domain name is the same name as your business name you instantly gain some trust from that visitor, more than likely clicking through to your site to find answers.

If you website domain has a keyword related to an internet users problem, they are going to click on it!

Jaaxy has a feature called “Domain Search” that allows your to instantly find domain names that you are considering for your online business.

Some people go as far as writing a review for a product and will search for the domain “product-review.com” for the sole purpose of promoting that product!

If your in the market for domain buying and selling otherwise known as “domain flipping”

Jaaxy can be a tool to help you pin point domain names relevant to your niche with “instant search”.



Try Jaaxy Before You Buy


I used the free version while I was building my business up and so can you.

Theres no harm in trying before you make an investment in a new resource for your online business.

This is why I recommend trying the free version for yourself and give it a trial run, it’s a great way to find out if it suits your plan to deliver great content, consistently to your visitors and grow your traffic with organic SEO methods.



Personal Opinion


Jaaxy has been a great investment for my business and continues to pay off over and over again.

Not only does it save me time, but is a crucial part of my plan to stay competitive in my niche.

Getting a quality keyword tool will be one of the best investments you can make in your SEO plan for your business.

Having a reason behind what you write about is paramount in getting to the top of the search engine rankings and keywords help you get there. After quality content that holds value of course.

Jaaxy provides you with right information (keywords) to point you in the right direction in creating content that best serves your visitors who need answers and recommendations every day.

Not doing keyword research before you write is a step backwards and can hurt your chances of earning more quality free traffic from Google, Yahoo, Bing who all operate on a similar strategy. Helping people find the right answers to their searches.

Keywords attract people and people convert to sales which means more income generation.

Jaaxy has served me well and continues to help me serve others too. One of my favourite parts about the platform is how quickly you can get valuable data!

Conclusion and Verdict

I spent many hours pouring over the finer details of Jaaxy to provide you with a review that I hope has left you with insight into the product and helped you make an informed decision wether or not this tool can add value to your business.From personal experience I can confirm that it holds the following benefits:
  • Response time is FAST after making a search query
  • User experience is enjoyable and even fun at times due to the kinds of information you are presented
  • Reliability is high, never has it crashed or broken down under heavy use of the platform
  • Adds value to my business and connects my services with customers by improving SEO
I’m excited to recommend this tool because of the value it provides.So it should come at no surprise that I think Jaaxy can help anyone who is looking to make money online with organic traffic growth.This is to tool you should be using if you want to drive more traffic to your site with SEO methods.Why don’t you try it now? Just Click the button below to get started.

Special Bonus

After signing up for the PRO or Enterprise Plansyou are rewarded with 2 high value bonus material:
  • 2 exclusive training videos
  • keyword rich PDF file with A LOT of high value keywords that you can make use of.
Subscribe HERE to get those 2 high value bonuses now! Or click the button below

Lets Talk!

What other keyword research tools have you used in the past?

Which keyword tool do you think is the best?

Are you thinking about signing up with Jaaxy?

Let me know your answers and any questions you have,

or stories about your own keyword research!

I will try to respond within 24 hours 🙂

Thank you for reading this Jaaxy Review. I value you!

I had a lot of fun creating it for you benefit. Please share it if you know someone who can benefit

from Jaaxy!

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