Super Affiliate System 2.0 Review

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What IS The Super Affiliate System?


Super Affiliate System was 100% Re-Created from the Ground up for this 2019 Release.
The 2019 Release of Super Affiliate System has been completely remade and updated from older versions to provide the best value to students learning internet marketing as an affiliate.
NEW training lessons are detailed and easy to follow with topics including:

  • Targeting Data
  • Ad Swipes
  • PreSell Pages
  • $895.00 of Network Coupons for Paid Traffic
  • AND much, much more…

The Super Affiliate System provides a course that provides huge value and is easy to follow and its goal is to make you a successful paid traffic affiliate marketer in just 6 weeks.

He claims by the time you’re done you will feel confident and have a level of mastery to take advantage of the following Ad platforms:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Native Ads
  • Youtube Ads
  • and much more!

But Ads cost money right?, correct but by starting with SMALL ad spends ($5 a day), and scaling ONLY once it’s profitable, You can make it work on a small budget!

The way John explains lessons makes each step EASY to follow that a complete newcomer to affiliate marketing can understand.

The course includes ‘done for you’ templates of audiences, ads AND landing pages to use in your advertising promotions, to convert customers and make sales.

There is 50 hours of videos that explain to you clearly the affiliate marketing business from start to finish, all in one place so you don’t have to spend hours scouring the internet to find the information you need.



Week 1 – 2


The business model is broken down and explained so you understand how you will be making money. Mentality and how you can change the way you think throughout the training course into a mindset that will enable you to succeed. Website Domains such as .com will be taught how to create and setup along with landing pages for offers you want to advertise and promote.

Week 2 – 4


Traffic Sources:Social Media traffic, Google, YouTube and other MAJOR Traffic sources are taught how to be used in order to bring traffic to your offer including

  • Facebook
  • Adwords
  • Native Advertising
  • YouTube Ads
  • Etc

Week 4 – 6


Optimization, scaling and scaling affiliate campaigns to 10k per DAY, and how to hire labor and contractors to do the menial work for you.

Sneak Peek Inside The Members Area


Factor 1 – Training

Knowing the course is 6 weeks long and has 50 hours of video content is definitely an investment of your time and effort, it’s almost like being back at school with the homework assignments.

Unlike school though, you get to make money instead of loose money sitting in a classroom all day long
Good things take time, and this is course is no exception make sure you spend the time to watch and rewatch videos you are not understanding the concept of the first go around. I rewatched the course again after completing it just to get a firm grasp of the concepts.

You can easily see the man hours spent on creating this guide to affiliate marketing. An accountability type system is in place as well so that you can be held accountable for your learning throughout the course.

When success turns to failure its generally due to the course material not being completed and the same goes for Super Affiliate System. Students they have had in the past that were not successful did NOT complete the course !


On TOP of this, you also get FREE Access to John’s Free Traffic Training Course, Internet Jetset (normally $47.00 per month) as a member.

FREE Access to John Crestani’s Traffic Generating Course named “Internet Jetset” valued at $47 per month as a member but yours free for joining up.These video trainings cover everything you need to know about acquiring FREE Traffic from Google, Youtube and FaceBook.

Factor 2 – Done For You Ad Campaigns


Ready2Launch Ad campaigns made by the team at Super Affiliate 2.0 are included that give you everything you need to set up ad campaigns including

  • Audience Targeting (Facebook)
  • Affiliate Ads
  • Landing Pages
  • Top Offers to Promote
  • Added extras…

All these great tools are matched with highly profitable niches from Skin care, Weight Loss, Diet, Muscle Growth & more

Factor 3 – The Community


One the most important parts of a course is the community attached to it. A free Private Facebook group with like minded individuals all aiming to add value and answers each others questions is another helpful addition to the course.

You also feel part of a helpful community that has Q&A’s, notifications when training is updated and many more features. John loves answering students questions and is passionate about following students journeys posting success stories every other day in the facebook group.

Factor 4 – The Weekly Group Coaching Training (Live)


John does live webinars for 2-3hrs every Friday at 3pm PST where he has people share their ad campaigns with him, and he helps optimize/create ads/etc, or just answer general questions).

Live webinars are held for 2 – 3 hours every Friday 3pm PST where students share their ad campaigns to analysed by John, so he can make suggestions to optimise them, answer any questions students have that they might be struggling with in regard to areas of the business.

Students rave about these info sessions and I get on them regularly as theres usually a few golden nuggets of wisdom in each Q&A.


  • High ticket item with a lot of information
  • 30-day money back guarantee (Clickbank)
  • Beginner friendly with step by step videos
  • $895 worth of media credit for $75
  • Great Facebook Community
  • Q&A Sessions with John himself


  • Expensive
  • Income claims are unrealistic
  • Tools needed are 3rd party companies with additional costs
  • A steep learning curve for beginners
  • Need large advertising budget
  • No free trial

Cost Break Down

His training course is learning about, and not limited to paid advertising. This would include added costs for that advertising, for solo ads, and buyers data.Therefore, expect costs of:

  • Super Affiliate System – $997
  • Upsell – $187 (case studies)
  • Domain name – $15/year – no mention of this but you can’t build a website without one
  • Cost of website hosting – $14.99/mo. John recommends click funnels $97/month
  • Solo ads – $200 (average)Paid advertising on various platforms – $1-2K. John offers a $75 for $895’s worth to start

My Super Affiliate System Review

In my opinion the course is over priced for the offer your getting.

If you have already made a substantial amount of money online with affiliate marketing this might be for you if you needed to tweak your strategies but I’m honestly not seeing the value match the content for $997.

If you want to take an online course that teaches you every thing from how to start a website all the way to advanced marketing strategies for a fraction of the price I recommend reading my Wealthy Affiliate University Review here.

If however you still want to try Super Affiliate System 2.0 the link is below.

Join here: 


Disclosure: Results from this course are due to hard work required by students that consume the course material and take consistent action the be able to receive life altering results! Please do not be fooled, this is not a get rich quick scheme and should not be seen as one. The opinions below are written as a result of my own experience and shouldn’t be taken as advice. If you do decide to purchase this online training, receives compensation, which provides means for this website to keep testing other courses that may provide value to you the reader.

Thank you for reading this review,

– Will

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