Mike Williams Youtube Secrets Review: 10k per month? or Just Another Scam

mike williams youtube secrets review
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We’ve all seen those YouTube stars who hit it big and seem to be rolling in cash – it’s enough to make anyone jealous.


However, when we actually think about what it takes to become a star (years of videos, being on camera, dealing with negative comments) we often decide that it isn’t for us.


Enter YouTube Secrets: they claim you can earn big monthly payments direct to your bank account with no filming, no website, and no marketing. According to the homepage, you can make $10,000 a month and that a niche channel making a million dollars a year is low.


So, if most of us would be happy making even just a couple thousand low-effort dollars a month, is there any truth to these claims?

What is YouTube Secrets?

YouTube Secrets is an online course that teaches you how to make money on YouTube by sharing other people’s videos. It is taught by a YouTube guru called Mike Williams, and it guides you step-by-step through his method.

How Much Does it Cost?

It costs $27 a month with a $1 7-day trial.


Is Mike Williams a Real Person?


Possibly but his video spokesperson definitely is not Mike Williams. As you can see from the below image this sales video has been created with a Fiverr gig and is not the real Mike Williams.


Not putting your face behind a product you created is not a trustworthy move especially when you are recommending people purchase this product in return for them to trust you with teaching them to make money online.


If I had seen this before I bought youtube secrets it would be a big red flag for me.



How Do You Make Money with the YouTube Secrets Method?


You make money by repurposing other people’s videos, editing them, and reuploading them on your own channel.


The money comes through advertising – though more advanced YouTube courses could tell you other ways to capitalize on your view count.

What’s in the Course?


The site was created in January 2016, and once inside the members’ area you will have access to 31 video tutorials and some other resources. 


However, it doesn’t look like the information has been updated at all in those three years – which in YouTube years is about a decade! The digital downloads are even older, the oldest being from 2011. 


Some of the content is evergreen so going through it all isn’t a waste of time, but you should be aware that not all the information is still useful and some of it isn’t even still available to view.

The Problems with YouTube Secrets


The first big problem with YouTube Secrets is that it sounds at first glance like it is a get rich scheme that requires no effort on your part. 


This is not actually the case – the course gives you no magic formula for increasing a channel’s popularity or to avoid creating a channel of your own. 


It takes exactly the same amount of time to grow your channel as it would if you created one with original videos.


The next big problem is in the way you get around creating your own videos because his method is to – essentially – steal other people’s videos. 


While they don’t recommend you take one of Jenna Marble’s videos and simply re-upload it, you are still editing and uploading videos largely created by other people.


All you’ll have to do to get caught is take a video from the wrong person at the wrong time, and this risk will only grow as your channel does. 


Essentially, you are building your income stream on a foundation of Pringle tubes instead of bricks. I don’t know about you, but I’m not looking for an income stream that may collapse and land me with a copyright lawsuit.


The last issue is that (at least at the time of writing) a lot of the advice given in the course is outdated and some of the downloads are available for free elsewhere, so the value of the course is somewhat invalidated.



The course is cheap so if you want to take a look inside you won’t have a lot to lose as long as you cancel your membership. 


However, there is one one-click upsell (as in, if you click on the button you buy it) which is a $28 extra about… becoming a Social Media Manager… what?


Why, if you’re looking for a low effort way to make money on YouTube would you be interested in becoming a Social Media Manager for other businesses (which is a very hands-on business)? I don’t know – but it’s an odd afterthought.


Testimonials on Youtube Secrets


I used Google image lookup for one of the testimonials used on the main sales page of Youtube Secrets and found out that the girl supposedly named Kirsty Lynch is fake.

Who is the real Kirsty Lynch?


Her name is actually Danielle Lilly and she runs a lifestyle and travel blog over at https://www.whileimyoung.com/first-days-dubai/ 

Would I Recommend?


No, I wouldn’t. While YouTube Secrets is not a scam – it is lying to you about how much money you will make, at least within the next year or two. 


It is also lying about its customers testimonials and who the main spokesperson really is on the sales page, both big red flags for me and fairly untrustworthy work by the so called product creator Mike Williams.


It also seems like a great way to land yourself with a copyright lawsuit in your lap. The method of taking other people’s videos (even under the protection of fair use) may have worked three years ago, but it just seems too risky now.


If you want to try it for the good information that is in there, buy-in for a week or a month and cancel as soon as you’ve made it through the content. 


If you want to make money on YouTube in a method like this, why not make videos that simply don’t require your face to be on camera? 


There are popular channels that don’t even feature someone’s voice, so if you’ve got a niche you want to get in to, you don’t necessarily have to do on camera tutorials or vlogs.


There are plenty of copyright free video clips available online which will take less effort than finding YouTube videos and using a third-party site to download them, as outlined in this method, and plenty of free information available online for creating a popular YouTube channel if you’re willing to look.


Click here to take a look for yourself.


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