Paid Social Media Jobs: Too Good to Be True?

paid social media jobs review
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There can’t be many people online who can honestly say they have never searched for “ways to make money online” 


– we’re all looking for more money and a much better lifestyle. 


Paid Social Media Jobs is one of the sites that you may stumble across on your search for legitimate sites who are willing to reliably pay you for work you complete. 


Problem is, not all sites are as honest as they claim to be – is Paid Social Media Jobs one of them?

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Paid Social Media Jobs is essentially a job board for various social media tasks for different businesses. 


Essentially, you are, or become, a freelance social media manager who helps companies manage their social media accounts.

What Kind of Jobs are Posted on Paid Social Media Jobs?

The kinds of jobs listed vary, but you’ll find jobs for small tasks, like:

– posting on Facebook, 

– setting up a new Instagram account

– engaging with and replying to comments on their Instagram or YouTube accounts


– helping them grow the number of followers or likes they have.

Does Paid Social Media Jobs Provide Any Training?

Yes, they do. 

There are 4 main modules once you join, covering the basics of understanding:

– what a social media manager is

– how to set up social media accounts

– how to find clients (though they don’t actually provide much information on this, because they want you to use their platform),

– “Advanced Training”, which offers you some eBooks and blueprints to learn Facebook marketing strategies. 

Generally, the training provided is very basic and doesn’t really teach you how to do anything most businesses cannot do themselves.

It’s broken down step-by-step so it is incredibly easy to follow. 


They will also offer you a course called Social Media Arbitrage for $37 after you join, which teaches you how to earn more by doing less in your social media jobs. 

Is Becoming a Social Media Manager a Good Idea?

If you love social media, are good at it, and have an interest in managing and growing business’s accounts for a living, it is. 


It’s a solid business model based on a growing market. Social media isn’t going anywhere any time soon. 

Is Paid Social Media Jobs Free to Use Like Other Freelancing Marketplaces? 

No, it’s not. It costs a one-time fee of $27 to join unless you try to exit, at which point they’ll offer you access for just $17 


Because there’s a special offer going on in your area. (Funny how that seems to be everywhere in the world, isn’t it?) 


Paid Social Media Jobs is a ClickBank product, so you are protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee, so if you decided to join and later changed your mind, you are entitled to your money back.

Is Paid Social Media Jobs as Good as Other Freelancing Marketplaces?

Again, no. See, there is very little reason for businesses to go to Paid Social Media Jobs to list what they need.


There are much better platforms out there for finding freelance professionals out there, such as Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, and Worksome. 


On these sites, companies can read reviews and see how experienced a potential collaborator is. 


Because these other platforms take the lion’s share of job postings, Paid Social Media Jobs is left with very little activity.

Are There Any Red Flags?

Paid Social Media Jobs doesn’t raise any major red flags until you start digging deeper into the information on their site. 


If you read through the information, you will find a “Breaking News” section.


They talk about how eager and willing companies are to throw money at social media managers to take care of their accounts


 Paid Social Media Jobs is mentioned by name. This news report is fake – it was created by a (talented) freelancer on Fiverr. 


It’s also likely that the income proof has been faked, as the name on the site and the name on the screenshot differ. 


Since the site is essentially a freelance job board, it seems strange that they would need to put “income proof” on the sales page.


The jobs vary and professional social media managers are getting their income from a number of different sources, not just one site. 


Another thing about their site that feels “scammy” is their income calculator, which is an arbitrary calculator where you can essentially manipulate the numbers to get it to say whatever income you like on the other end. 


These calculators are a signature sign of sites that are out to manipulate you – so be wary when you come across them. 

The Verdict?

When you consider all the other legitimate freelancing marketplaces and job boards out there.


Why would you pay even $17 to gain access to this one which isn’t anywhere near as busy as the others (which are all free)? 


If you are serious about learning how to become a social media manager and starting a business of your own.


Read some articles, books, or take a course from an experienced guru on a site like Udemy, and then get started on your own on a free freelancing site. 



The fact that the site throws up a lot of red flags and mimics a number of other sites claiming to offer their users similar online money-making opportunities.


Opportunities that have the exact same prices puts even more against Paid Social Media Jobs, and it simply isn’t worth the money. 

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