Project Profit Academy Review: 24K Guaranteed Income?

project profit academy review
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Project Profit Academy,


Welcome to my review of Project Profit Academy.

In this review we will find out who created Project Profit Academy and are they trustworthy, what Profit Academy is, and more information about the product.


Is it worth the high-ticket price tag of $1997 ?


You will soon find out.


This article will provide you with the right information to make an informed decision.


I know for me it was pretty clear what my decision would be after spending the time finding all the facts about Project Profit Academy.



Who is Brendan Mace?


Brendan started as a high school teacher in Canada where he worked long hours for little money.


He accumulated 40 thousand in school debt and learned life lessons that come from earning little money for long hours and what effect that has on a person.


Giving up this job he decided to go travelling with a ton of debt and no real direction.


That is until he found the lucrative world of internet marketing.


He created his first online product and launched it marking $18,000 in revenue.


Revenue is the key word here, a lot of online marketers boast about their revenue figures but in fact profit figures and revenue figures are completely different.


Profit is revenue minus expenses which in some cases can be 50-70% less than the revenue figure.


Considering his first product launch a failure he revisited his strategy and found ways to improve his next product launches chances of a more successful return.


The key for Brendan was getting other affiliate marketers on board to drive customers to his offer and in turn drive more sales of his products.


This process required networking with other authority sellers on Warrior + that in return for money would send their email list subscribers to Brendans new offer resulting in more sales.


These kind of relationships are invaluable as Brendan discovered, he has mastered the ability to profit off of new products he launches and at the same time.


Building a higher number of email subscribers within every launch with effective landing page campaigns.


Through his online following on Youtube (50k subscribers) and connections he has made within the affiliate marketing industry, Brendan has managed to launch a number of successful digital products that have made him thousands online.


He specialises in creating sales funnels that convert cold traffic into customers by capturing their email addresses and building your own custom email list that you can sell products to.


You can find him on Youtube here:

What is Project Profit Academy?


Project Profit Academy is a program that includes:


-All Brendan Maces Digital Products

-A license to use all his email templates

-A lifetime membership

-A high converting landing page

-Training Materials

-Profitable Landing Page



Video of Brendan Mace




Brendan Mace Video Interview




Are there any success stories from Project Profit Academy?


Anthony Mancuso


I found a youtube video of a guy named Anthony Mancuso who has used Brendans methods to launch his own product over a 4 day launch and made $18000 in revenue.


He admitted that 50% of the launch revenue was paid to his affiliates which he disclosed in his video.


This shows at least he made the cost of the Project Profit Academy course back and some money to reinvest afterward.


So if the course costs $1997 and he made $9000 in profit he’s left with a little over $7,000 for his efforts.


Receiving data from his first launch to improve on the next product launch he undertakes.


Robin Palmer

Also a Youtuber who had created a video around his results from the coaching received from PPA and made $4826 in around 4 months since purchasing the product and going through the training


Another recent video he has made shows he has cleared just over $6000 in revenue in 1 month.

Jonas Lindgreen


Jonas is friends with Brendan Mace and has been promoting Project Profit Academy over the past 6-12 months he has results to prove the system makes money and has even made a Youtube video showing his account balance on the Warrior + platform.


Again he has made back the cost of the course and more from implementing the teachings from Brendan Mace.


This was reassuring as well that the course material was actually helping people make legitimate money from affiliate marketing online.


What is Project Profit Academy?



There are 3 main trainings within the PPA dashboard:


-Affiliate Academy


-Launch Academy


-Expert Academy


Now what’s within these individual academies you ask?


I’m going to show you



project profit academy

Affiliate Academy


When you capture leads with the landing pages provided by Brendan you need to start sending follow up emails to those leads with an email follow up sequence.


This sequence is series of emails tailored to keep in contact with your leads and talk them into buying Brendan Maces course or your own digital product.


You can download the entire list of 243 emails that Brendan sends out to his own individual list.


Meaning your subscribers will receive an email once per day for the next 243 days straight.


I don’t think i would appreciate  being emailed every single day but thats just my personal opinion.


Through testing this email sequence Brendan has obviously had a great conversion rate with this strategy otherwise he wouldn’t have made it 243 emails!


Other online marketers generally space their emails out more to keep in touch often enough (once or twice a week) as to not be forgotten by their subscribers but still be in contact enough to be remembered and provide them with some value at the same time.


These emails are tailored for Brendan Maces list so you have to take the time to go through and personalise them to make them your own.


Personalising them by changing out Brendans affiliate links with your own.


That’s going to take you a considerable amount of time when you think about the scale of the email sequence he has setup.


Let’s say each email takes you 15-20 minutes to personalise and make your own, thats up to 60 hours of work right there! Maybe look into outsourcing this if you have the money available.


Launch Academy


Launching digital products has been the main game plan Brendan has used to create his wealth.


Within Launch Academy he passes on his knowledge of what he has done to launch his own products successfully.


Brendan gives you the opportunity to launch a product with his influence attached to it.


He doesn’t guarantee this, however if you create a quality product he will be on board.


I’m sure he wouldn’t want to be associated with a product of low quality.


Expert Academy


There are just 2 videos within this module, how to promo like a boss and High Ticket Webinars.


The information on webinars is useful and is how he actually marketed Project Profit Academy to people with a higher conversion rate.


Webinars are so effective because people get the chance to get face to face with the product creator and see whats on offer.


It’s also a personalised method that creates a sense of connection with your leads to show what kind of value or problem solving strategies you can offer.


If you create a webinar the right way it can lead to a high injection of sales very quickly when launching your digital product.


A lot of the top marketers record their webinars and just set them on repeat to keep capturing sales without having to show up to the webinar.


Project Profit Academy Funnel


This is basically a list of Brendans products that you apply to become an affiliate for through


He then adds your affiliate link to an email campaign and sends 300 visitors to your affiliate link.


Zero Hour Elite


Within the Zero Hour Elite section you receive affiliate campaigns that have all aspects of them done for you, well almost all done for you due to you having to switch out your affiliate links before using them.


Brendan runs emails through a set of tests, finds the highest converting and then uploads these emails to the dashboard for you to use.


Like the 243 day email follow up, you need to go through these affiliate campaigns and edit the emails to insert your own affiliate links and personalise them to your own words.



This is like an address book of Brendans contacts he uses within his own business.


Graphics designers, Virtual Assistants, and his Copy Writer he uses for all his affiliate campaigns and product launches.


Monthly Mastermind


Brendan holds a webinar monthly where you can ask questions and get answers to anything you’re struggling with.


Brendan Maces Coaching Revenue Guarantee


Brendan made a guarantee that you will make at least $24,000 within the first 3 months of using his system.


Yet doesn’t give a money back guarantee on Project Profit Academy, go figure?


You have to show that you’re taking consistent action and if you haven’t made it to 24k he and his friends within the affiliate marketing industry will help you get there.


Note they won’t just transfer you the cash, they will help you get the required sales by sending you leads from they’re email lists.





PRO #1

Real proven results from people who have purchased the course.


PRO #2

High quality training


PRO #3

Done for you email campaigns (minus the work required to customize them)




CON #1

Very high cost for program of $1997


CON #2

Non refundable once purchase is made.


CON #3

There is no mention of the knowledge required before you buy a course like this. There’s a lot of elements to learn first that aren’t covered.




Assumptions are made that people are prepared to pay for the added costs on top of the $1997  to actually use the product


Who is Project Profit Academy For?


People who have had some experience with marketing but have not yet had success online.


Marketers who are interested in focusing on paid advertising, from researching the methods used within this course there is a high focus on paid advertising.


People who have $2000 to spend on a course and have complete trust in Brendan Mace.




Who is Project Profit Academy Not Suited For?


If you’re completely new to affiliate marketing, I wouldn’t recommend Project Profit Academy.


I recommend you start with a trusted affiliate training course that has many years of experience and trust associated with it.


The training that I have used is called Wealthy Affiliate.


It has over 1 million members, has stood the test of time, remaining active for 14 years and is run by 2 very successful internet marketers.


The training starts off free and allows you to slowly build up a website that will earn you passive income after a considerable amount of work in the beginning.


You can easily turn a topic you’re passionate about into a profitable business with Wealthy Affiliate.


I wouldn’t recommend something I don’t use myself, this is why I’m comfortable recommending Wealthy Affiliate to you.


If you would like to try it for FREE click the button below to start now.


I will be your coach if you sign up through any of the links on this page or on my website.



Project Profit Academy Tools & Training

The course comes with the following training included:


  • Done for you profit funnel. Brendan claims this funnel is guaranteed to bring in $1000+ commissions on auto pilot.
  • Brendan Mace’s Coaching Training: video trainings that reveals every trick that Brendan has discovered to run his $40,000 per month business.
  • High Converting Landing Page: Designed to build your email list
  • License to use any emails Brendan sends out to his email list
  • All of Brendans past and future products
  • Bonus Vault
  • Facebook Community group only available to PPA members
  • Live Q&A Webinars

Project Profit Academy Community


There is a facebook community for members who have purchased the $1997 product currently sitting at 418 members.


project profit academy


Project Profit Academy Support


 As part of the program Brendan offers access to him by skype and email if you are having trouble with the course.

In addition to this you can always reach out to him by social media, I think skype is your best option here though.

The program has been available for over 6 months so other members through the facebook group would have some tips and answers to questions you might have as well.




Project Profit Academy Price


Cost: $1997


Additional Costs:

Website Hosting: Bluehost: $3.95 per month

Domain Name Cost: $14 per year


Aweber Free 30 days (affiliate link)

$19 p/m 0-500 subscribers

$29 p/m 501-2500 subscribers

$49 p/m 2501-5000 subscribers


Paid Traffic Advertising: $100 and up


Comparison Chart




Project Profit Academy offers you a lot of lessons from a successful marketer who has put the time and money into marketing techniques that do deliver results.


What makes this product enticing is the results that some people have already had with it.


His strategies obviously work, it just comes down to how much work you can put into it and how much action you can take on his advice.


Keep in mind before you purchase PPA the added costs and base level of knowledge you need before you can really make use of this kind of training.


If you’re comfortable with these added costs and know there will be a steep learning curve and cost associated with it, go right ahead.


However I don’t recommend this product for people looking to get their feet wet for the first time in affiliate marketing.


Try Wealthy Affiliate if you are completely new, to learn a solid foundation of knowledge you can apply to earn money long term.


Not having to spend thousands on a course while you’re still learning is the smart way to start your journey.



  1. Mark

    Wow, sounds like there are definitely multiple paths to success out there. Like they say, you gotta spend money to make money. The results those guys got is amazing! I wonder how typical those kinds of results are?

    1. Will

      well out of 400+ members of Project Profit Academy I could only locate those 3 published results online. There might be others but none others who have shared positive returns. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Sandra Victorine

    Hello Will,
    Nice article , it does give people another way to make money, I’m just starting out with wealthy affiliates, I did notice it works the same as WA just alot more detail.

    1. Will

      Hi Sandra,
      Thanks for the feedback, i wish you all the best with Wealthy Affiliate, its a great way to earn money online 🙂

  3. Russ Green

    Great post Will, I think a lot more people are turning to the internet to make some extra money online or in many cases a sustainable passive income, personally I would recommend wealthy affiliate but there are many other opportunities out there, thanks for sharing Will.


  4. Alexios Papaioannou

    Thank you Will for the great post.
    It seems that Project Profit Academy offers a quite effective technique to succeed in online business. However, there are numerous programs and software that actually promise you online success. The truth is that no one can be too sure if they haven’t tried it themselves.
    So, based on my experience, I would suggest Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best online training platform dedicated to affiliate marketing that will help you succeed online.

  5. John

    Excellent review of Project Profit Academy, Will!

    Funny that you should be reviewing this product as I actually joined myself a week or so ago and have been going through the training.

    The reason I bought this program is that I have been following Brendan and his business partner Jono Armstrong for a while and I have been getting good results with their training so for me this is a natural progression.

    With that being said, I wouldn’t recommend it to total newbies… I began with Wealthy Affiliate myself in 2014 and I think that is the perfect place to start to learn the ropes about affiliate marketing.

    I do recommend PPA, though if you are at that stage of your development and if you want to head in the direction Brendan teaches.

    Hopefully, you can add my success story to your next review of PPA lol 😉

    Great job!

    1. Will

      Hey John, thats really interesting!

      I would be really interested to know how your product launch goes after completing Brendans training.

      He definitely seems to know a a great detail on how to launch a product successfully.

      Yeah I think you’re right in terms of a natural progression, good to get a base knowledge before taking a product launch on.

      I look forward to seeing how you progress!

      All the best

  6. George

    I like your detailed review here. In my opinion there is not enough proof of success. I would recommend someone to your alternative, Wealthy Affiliate, which is a great program that offers tons of training and support. Thanks for the review.

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