Sqribble review: Worth the Money?

sqribble review
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If you’ve looked into ways to market online for even just a few minutes, you will know that lead magnets (in the form of free digital downloads like PDF guides and eBooks) are one of the best ways to get email signups and new leads.

Not only that, but eBooks are a fantastic way to make money by selling them on your website.


The only problem is, creating these lead magnets can be timely, both in writing them and designing them and if you don’t have an eye for design you will end up with a subpar design or paying out for someone else to do it for you.


That’s why Sqribble was created.

What is Sqribble?


Sqribble is an online tool designed to automatically generate eBooks, reports, and guides in as little as five minutes.

How Much Does it Cost?


The basic Sqribble is $67.

What Can Sqribble Do?


It can automatically generate a table of contents, headers and footers, content, it has drag and drop design elements, you can add your own media, choose from over 300 Google fonts, and there are 50 eBook templates in 15 niche categories.

Who is Sqribble For?


Sqribble is best for entrepreneurs who make a lot of free content for their audience or freelancers who create low-level custom content for others. If the latter is you, it’s best to use it as a tool in your toolbox, not as your only tool.


When paired with Adobe Suite and Canva, however, it makes a good one-time purchase as long as you get the $67 price point.

Who Created Sqribble?

Adheel Chowdry created Sqribble and has also launched other software products in this space.

Other products he has created include:

Pixel Studio FX: a product that makes it easier for you to create ebook covers

Social Studio FX: software that creates designs for social media and marketing purposes

Sqribble Upsells

As with most design software, the best stuff is hidden behind a paywall. With Sqribble there are a few different levels to choose from:


Sqribble Professional – $97

This allows you to unlock 150 new templates, graphics, and autogenerated content.


Sqribble Prime – $47 a month


This monthly membership gives you 15 “limited edition” new eBook templates each month.


Sqribble Fantasia 3D – $77


This gives you a 3D cover creation tool (puts your books onto a “real” book for use in ads and graphics) and a flipbook creation tool. Flipbooks are, in this case, interactive books that turn animated pages as if in real life.


Auto Job Finder Software – $197


If you want to use Sqribble as a means of working freelance, this software looks across various job boards and shows you the jobs you could fulfill.




What’s to Like?


Client Management Features

Unlike other design software, Sqribble has a unique feature in that it has a client management area where you can communicate with your clients and they can make comments on the design you are doing for them – which is ideal for avoiding a long back and forth before completing the job.


Color Palettes

They offer 20 color palettes you can apply to any eBook so you don’t have to waste time trying to figure out what colors work well together on the design, though if you are branding your templates in a certain way this may not be helpful to you.


Integration with Google Fonts

The integration of Google fonts makes for a huge amount of customization – though Canva does this too.


Good, Fast Customer Service

Users report quick and professional customer service.


30-Day Money Back Guarantee


A guarantee is always a good sign, and if you buy it and then change your mind you should be able to get your money back without an issue.

What’s NOT to Like?


No Autosave

Sqribble doesn’t autosave. Unlike Canva (a major competitor) Sqribble does not save for you but instead provides you with prompts to do this manually every five minutes or so.


Sly Sales Pages

The information they offer you prior to purchase talks only about how amazing the tool is – nowhere do they mention that some of the features are closed to you with the basic Sqribble.


Once you’ve bought-in there’s a big shift in tone from “this is the best tool for you!” to “to get the most from this tool, buy this upgrade”.


With the basic purchase you only have 2 of 6 features unlocked, which feels very underwhelming when you’ve just dropped $67 on an online piece of software. If the basic was half the price it wouldn’t feel like a slap in the face, but at the $67 price point it does.


No Undo

This is seriously frustrating. You can’t just try something to see if it works – every change has to be a commitment. Again, at this price point an undo button should be essential – Canva has it on both their free and pro options.


Doesn’t Play Well with Others

You may encounter problems with Sqribble simply due to the browser plugins you have, which you’ll only discover if you have an issue and reach out for support. You will then have to delete your apps and plugins or – more likely – use a different browser specifically for Sqribble so it will work properly.


Design Limitations

The fact that it is so easy to use also means there are fewer designs to choose from, especially if you haven’t bought any of the upgrades. You also can’t upload custom fonts which may be a problem if you are working with an established brand.


Limited Storage Capability

They don’t have any cloud storage, and users report really only being able to store 20 eBooks or fewer.

Verdict – Do I Recommend?


If you work on a lot of eBooks for clients and desire more flexibility, or if you make a lot of freebies for your audience and want the creation process to be as fast as possible, try Sqribble.


If you aren’t one of these people use the free version of Canva, their premium level, or pay a designer to do it for you. There are plenty of designers using tools like these (or ones within the Adobe Suite) who know them inside out and can create what you need cheaply.


If you want to check out Sqribble, you can do so here.

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