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Top 5 Simple Setup Tips for New WA Members

My #1 tip for success in any new online business venture, especially as a beginner, is to ask questions and don’t be afraid to ask help.


Back in 2012 I knew NOTHING about online marketing. Literally nothing.

Then I saw one forum post saying that people who ask questions have a higher chance of seeing success. I don’t know who wrote it, but I really want to thank that person!

I follow their advice and forced myself to ask questions every week, even if I thought they were dumb questions.

Well, look at me now! I’m a full time online marketer. So I guess the advice was good, and I’m passing on that same advice to you.

Here’s how to ask questions:



LIVE CHAT is also an option, but we’ll cover that in next month’s bonus.

Asking for help is crucial for your success if you’re feeling stuck…

Let’s begin with some general tips and advice about starting out.


Setting Up Your Website

Two main sticking points for setting up your website are:

  1. Choosing a niche
  2. Choosing a domain name

Choosing a domain name can feel like a stressful situation, but it’s not that big of a deal. You can brand yourself anything at all. Don’t worry about keywords.

ManlyEngagement.com is just as good (or better!) than EngagementRingsForMen.com

How To Choose a Good Domain Name: https://passiveincomeseeker.com/website-domains-website-hosting-for-affiliate-websites/

Want feedback on your domain? https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/website-development-programming/how-to-choose-a-proper-domain-name/a_aid/939b9b1e



Many of you may have selected your niche already but if you haven’t heres a few suggestions to help you find one that suits you:

Almost any niche can make you money, so don’t worry if you think your niche won’t be profitable. The article below explains it perfectly.


If you think your niche is oversaturated and too many people are doing it already, that necessarily isn’t always the case.


More people in that niche means there is demand for information on that topic. It also means you can make money from it too.

New products are released all the time building more and more opportunities for niche websites to monetise these new additions to a niche.

If you provide more valuable information within a niche than an authority website, guess what you can make strides in that sector.

Ask yourself this question…

What do I want to make money with?

What are your hobbies, interests, what are you passions?

Is there something that you get really interested in and would research and write about it without hesitation?

How can you help people with a topic you might have valuable information to teach them?

Finish this sentance…. “I want to help people _____”

Helping people by informing, teaching, educating them is the best way to make money in business.

If your still stuck pick something that grabs your attention and fascinates you.

Tip #1: Ads

Lets face it, people find Ads really annoying.

If you smother your website with Ads when your just starting out, you’ll lose a lot of readers early on and this is not a great idea.

Focus first on building a stream of traffic…. How you might ask?

Wait until the Wealthy Affiliate training prompts you to do so.

This comes in Level 3 for a reason! No traffic means $0.

High traffic with no ads has the potential to be very profitable.

Take the time to build your website to this point though, don’t rush into it.


Tip #2: WordPress Themes

Many new website owners want to install an e-commerce style theme for their website.

I’ll let you in on a secret, this is a bad idea.

Simply because your not aiming to be the next Amazon, or Ebay

You’re aiming to be a really helpful website that delivers CONTENT around products and services first and foremost.

Content will be what drives people to your site, it’s through helpful content that will impact peoples purchasing decisions and create sales.

Extra Training on Theme Selection: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/training/wordpress-dashboard-tutorial-themes/a_aid/939b9b1e

Another common mistake is to take an extremely visual approach with lots of pictures downplaying the writing and content on your site.

This can really overcomplicate the setup of your website and to be honest is a real time waster! (know this from experience)

Simplicity is the direction you should aim for, a plain website with helpful content and entertaining content will outperform a flashy, over complicated design every day of the week.

Think white background, black text, educating, entertaining content. 🙂

Tip #3: Menus

The scope and options for designing a website can reach extremely far and wide.

A basic wordpress theme will take all the guess work out for you.

There are 2 main visual elements that you should prioritize:

-a menu

-a sidebar

Custom menus can be a little tricky for some people but it’s essential for user experience and navigating around you site.

This process has been explained really well in this tutorial:


You can also play with custom menus for your side bar.

If this interests you, my advice is to check out the tutorial below:


Keep in mind that populating your menus with heaps of pages that actually don’t have content can hurt your rankings, so make sure they have at least some content on them first!

Tip #4: Pages VS Posts

A lot of new members get mixed up with the difference between a page and a post.

Generally pages are for static content (doesn’t change) like a Privacy Policy and the About Me page.

Posts are for publishing your new content which can be revised and changed as well.

For further explanation check out this training on the subject:


Tip #5: SEO + Meta Descriptions

A plugin is pre-installed on every website you create through wealthy affiliate named All in One SEO Pack.

The basic training helps you set it up correctly by changed the main settings of the plugin on your dashboard.

Activating the plugin adds a section at the end of every post that includes boxes to add a meta description, meta title, and meta keywords for the content you have written.

You do not need to worry about these.

Leaving this section at this point is in your best interest. Why?

There is a valid reason it’s there, and a correct way to use it but it’s not going to make or break your website if you haven’t filled in all the boxes.

Keeping it simple for now is the best moving forward.

My best advice at this stage is to not look at it. You can disable it by going to the top of your screen and clicking on the drop down for Screen Setting > uncheck All in One SEO pack.

It will still be active but you no longer have to look at it.

If you wish to learn more about it later, send me a message or post a question and I’ll send you a link which shows you exactly how to use it.

Important Training!

Managing images on your site is really important, they can easily get out of hand and slow down your site if there is too many and they aren’t optimised for the web.

You only have to set this up once and you’re all set.

Please do the training below it will save you time and issues later on.


Do this after getting your website setup.

I do this with my own websites i recommend you follow suit.